Saturday, July 5, 2008

EB Comments of the Week, July 5th

Simone said...

Dammit ... I knew it was going to be all my own stupid fault somehow! I'll just go outside and shoot myself.

forum rubbernecker said...
Here are a few more names for admin that I sometimes am just itching to use:

N. Competent
N. Experienced
N. Sensitive
N. Ept

You get the idea.

are-they-serious said...
I don't think I'll mention what thread it was though. Some things are better left dead, buried, and locked.

lurker said...
Maybe Matt needs to conduct workshops for Etsy employees.

Repeat after me:
"I made a mistake. I'm sorry."

And then the group can do the equivalent of writing phrases repeatedly on the chalk board --- no cut & paste allowed.

"Now, fellow admins, open a new document on your desktop and practice your forum typing apologies, 50 times.
Ready? Begin.
*I made a mistake, I'm sorry.*"

Matt can teach them; I have faith.

panik said...
funny...and all this time i thought buddy holly died in a plane crash along with the big bopper and ritchie valens. i guess i was mistaken. apparently he borrowed a sewing machine from his grandma (hey - does she live in the midwest and make "traditional crafts?...if so - let vanessa know), attached a fey label on it saying he would "rather be riding a unicorn" and fell to his death between two shoddy street signs on a brooklyn sidewalk. when will they learn? "that'll be the day ay ay when they die"

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godot said...

Great quotes, but I've been distracted reading the "cupcake crafts" article in the Storque.

The boys and girls of etsy admin must be super duper talented.

Good thing they don't have to use the site to sell their crafts.

Peldyn said...

Wait, Etsy admin do crafts? Are you sure about that?

The Righteous One said...

oooh those are some great quotes!

Matt might be in over his head though teaching 40+ people how to be human.

are-they-serious said...

OMG, I'm a quote of the week!!