Friday, April 17, 2009

Enough with the bullshit about Treasuries

Most of you are just getting this in the latest Etsy news for sellers-email:

"In other news, we have clarifyied [sic] the Terms for the Treasury, a very popular site feature on Etsy. Because many Treasury lists are "promoted" in part or in their entirety to the home page of Etsy, this site feature is followed closely by many member of the Etsy community. Please note, nothing has changed about the functionality of the Treasury itself. Visit this post on Etsy's blog to read more about this. Additionally, we've also updatedthisa how-to article, How-to Make a Treasury: the Nuts and Bolts, that explains how you can curate your own Treasury list." (4/16/09)

Nothing has changed about the "functionality"??? Well, a lot has changed about the functionality of the treasuries since they started, Etsy.

First, the treasuries created by sellers are listed in the treasury queue, but they do not appear randomly; they are screened, picked and edited by the site.

Second, the treasuries have developed into a tool for those who regularly create them to continue to make them with Etsy’s heavy-handed editing pattern in mind. Treasuries are increasingly created to make sure they get picked by Etsy for the front page.

Third, Etsy has taken over 50% of all front page treasuries with their own picks. While this may look like it addresses the longstanding issue of "everything looks the same" and the widespread complaints about "same sellers all the time"--it means that the FUNCTIONALITY OF THE TREASURIES has changed, and changed drastically. Etsy picks or edits every item that appears in the front page treasuries.

Lastly, sellers who are eager to create treasuries and wait for hours for that tiny window of opportunity to add them to the very long queue have an even smaller chance of ever seeing them get to the front page.

If the seller-treasuries don’t meet the formula Etsy has developed for the front page, they will never get picked. So, why bother to spend the time and energy to create them?

Be honest with your sellers for once, Etsy. The treasuries have changed. And that’s why the complaints of "everything looks the same" and "same sellers all the time" persists.

Just read your own forums before you lock another thread--those same complaints appear week after week after week. The treasuries are for Etsy picked promotions, no more, no less. That's very different from the original concept behind the Front Page Treasury on the site.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Proof of Etsy Editing Post-Sale

One of the beadmakers whose beads were involved in the scandal of Etsy staff editing sold listings has put up screen shots on her home page for all to see.

Let's call this what it is. Complicity. Look it up.

(Thanks to her for putting it in a comment for us to present here since most of the other screenshots were unlinkable being private or on member only boards.)