Friday, October 30, 2009

Same ol’, Same ol’

Oh crap, marymary has decided instead of actually taking the long list of terrific seller suggestions for NEW PROMOTIONS on the site to replace those much hated WEEKEND DEALS, she’s going to let us SUGGEST Etsy Finds for the month of November! Wow!

Digging deep into Etsy’s own, old, tired, repetitive and overdone promotions, here’s a list of November Find topics (ho-hum) for sellers to "review" and "suggest" or, in Etsy Lingo — give us that rubber stamp sellers, we’re gonna do our own thing anyway!

  • Suggest fresh, new, and emerging shops (isn't that Finds already?)

  • Suggest Team Events and Happenings (shoppers care about this?)

  • Suggest unique gift ideas under $50 USD (the promotion every retail site is using this year!)

  • Black Friday through Cyber Monday Free Worldwide Shipping***
***Oh goody, another wacky promotion that takes more out of sellers’ pockets with free shipping! Hey, that’s kinda like Weekend Deals = sellers pay (and pay dearly) in the end!

The Announcement ends with the usual bull: "Thanks in advance for your suggestions and participation, Mary" oh right, sellers’ suggestions ----- right, Etsy, like you’re suddenly listening to sellers! Suprising? No. Insulting? Yes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Etsy Holiday Gifts Trendsetter? NOT!

Just as EB predicted, all that maintenance downtime on Etsy has resulted in a new blog post by tag-errific emilybidwell with her collection of Etsy’s pre-season picks for the Holiday Gift Guides,
which are delightfully described in her words as: "....a small selection of the captivating gift ideas you'll soon be drooling over..."

While we wait in drool-drenched anticipation for these same items to show up on the front page (again) day in and day out in December, anything else in that "distinct Etsy style" you want sellers to start making priced below cost?