Monday, December 8, 2008

Matt writes Members

Since I know many people do not get Etsy emails, I am posting this, hot off the presses as it were:

Dear Friends,

Etsy Teams are part of Etsy’s foundation, and we are committed to working more closely with all of you to help promote our joint goals. Since I created the Teams idea three years ago, over 450 Teams with 20,000 members have formed around the globe. It’s time for Etsy to take a closer look at how we can better support Teams and your needs.

Over the past few weeks, I have spent a great deal of time speaking with Teams and working with Maria to look at what Etsy is and isn’t doing with the Teams program. As part of this examination, I recently made the difficult decision to discontinue the role that Sara Selepouchin currently holds at Etsy. (For those of you who do not know Sara, she is the friendly lady who has been running the Teams program.) This decision is in no way a reflection of our commitment to the Teams program.

On the contrary, I see it as a first step to better aligning Etsy’s resources to meet growing needs of Teams. I will be creating a new Brooklyn-based position to work closely with me to develop and implement new tools, collaborative promotional, and branding opportunities for Etsy Teams. New Team profile pages, private forums, and more are among the top priorities for the first part of 2009 as mentioned in Maria's Storque article.

Sara will continue working with Etsy until the end of the year. She will be meeting with a couple other admin, including me, to pass on her tasks, information and ideas so we can continue to provide support to Teams without any interruption. In the new year, Danielle (Etsy admin daniellexo) and I will be available and actively involved in handling Team page changes, questions, and content. We now share the teams@etsy inbox and are committed to keeping your Team information up to date and helping to facilitate your Etsy Teams in any way possible.

Organizational change is part of the natural, sometimes painful, process of building a great and lasting business, and with it comes great potential but also some hard choices. It is never easy when someone loses her job, and I can assure you that this decision was not made capriciously. We are all very grateful for Sara’s contributions to Etsy. I thank Sara for her one and a half years at Etsy, and I wish her the very, very best luck in her future endeavors.

I remain more committed to Etsy Teams than ever. I see the incredible role they play in our communities and want to make sure that Etsy Teams receive the attention and resources they deserve.

I appreciate your understanding and compassion in this matter.

As always, I am available at

Please address all Teams related inquiries to


Matt Stinchcomb, VP, Communications-
So they are eliminating Sara's job to replace her with... the same job... only in Brooklyn. Where was she? Etsy has 27 million but too cheap to pay relocation? And more importantly WHY THE FUCK DOES DANIELLEXO HAVE A FUCKING JOB??? WHY does the CLUELESS NIMROD that many many sellers despise still manage to keep her job and the one most seemed to like, one that seemed to try at least to be helpful, gets cut?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Layoffs at Etsy?

sarawearsskirts, the admin that grew Etsy teams and the Etsy promotional workhorse that teams are has been laid off from Etsy. Her last day is at the end of December. How nice of them to tell her right before Thanksgiving.
From her blog, girlscantell:

"moments before my parents arrived to spend the thanksgiving holiday at our house, i learned that at the end of the year, my position at etsy will no longer exist. "
"it's no secret that i love etsy, and gave working for the teams everything i could, despite never receiving the tools or resources the program really needed to flourish"

Like Etsy corp did with sellers, once you've promoted the hell out of the site, go fuck yourself. BTW, could it be that Etsy has no money for teams anymore? Maybe this is why they need more listing fees coming in and redid the search pagination (oh yeah we heard about this, more to come tomorrow)

We also heard (from HeyMichelle regarding GG appearances) that kfarrell is no longer working at Etsy.

Our question is: Why is DXO still fucking there?????!!!!

Of course none of this was announced by Etsy, it's information gleaned from Twitter, Blogs, and incidental communication with admin about other things - just another day in the Etsy neighborhood.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another one bites the dust

Seems life at Etsy was not so wonderful for admin WonderAmy.

thankfully no longer an etsy admin. come visit me at!
Female, Born on June 5

Tsk, tsk, Amy. Profiles are not allowed to express disputes! Be careful or you're cruisin' for a mutin' from your former colleagues. Oh, and we'd like to order advance copies of your disgruntled tell-all book, please.

Why is the admin badge still on your posts, by the way?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't Let the Door Hit You In The Ass On Your Way Out!

Today it was announced in the Storque that founding Etsy members Haim Schoppik and Revolving Dork, a.k.a. Chris Maguire, are leaving Etsy.

"Leaving"? Leaving in the same way that Rob Kalin was moved demoted from CEO to Chief Cupcake Officer? Spin it, boys, spin it.

Goodbye, Chris. You'll have to find another company to vandalize the wikipedia for and other news editors to impersonate.

Goodbye, Haim. We're not really sure what you did, other than be on fire.

Three down, one to go. Worried yet, Jared?