Monday, July 6, 2009

Here is the Article!

The article about Etsy we are featured in is up now at CNN money!

Our little Secret...

A few months ago we were approached by a writer working up a story about Etsy. They had been looking at the Etsy and somethings weren't adding up. They looked around some more and found us - and didn't find us so far off the mark. We agreed on many many things!

That writer was with Fortune Small Business Magazine. And that article is now out on newsstands (sorry, not online right now, should be in a week or so over on CNN Money as FSB runs it's content there online). We were holding off saying anything till it was actually out online, but the first review came in (in form of a comment on the last post) and we are busting out to share!

Just found out about this blog from the very funny IMHO article about Etsy in the latest issue of Fortune Small Business. The article is called "Can an anti-corporate website survive commercial success?" -- I'm sure y'all know about it... anyway the people who run Etsy appear to me to be, in a word, priggish, and exactly the type of folk who deserve and anti-website. Keep it up.

That's a GREAT review! Run out and get your copies! We are! If you get a copy please tell us what you think!