Tuesday, June 3, 2008

IM a Bitch

Now you can chat with an EtsyBitch on a variety of IM systems.

AIM: EtsyBiatch
Google Talk: EtsyBiatch

Give a bitch a shout sometime!


Wendy said...

I just wanted to say how cool your blog is and funny too! I LOVE all the graphics and the bitchiness!

Magickal Enchantments said...

Love this blog! I was laughing my *ss off reading about the nonsense we go through as sellers on etsy.
Kudos to you gals!

Wearitagainsamvintage.com - Crap said...

Great Blog.
I too had to make the unfortunate Etsy experience.
Etsy is unfortunetly a place where crooks and criminals hang out and steal your money. Before they hung out at Ebay, today it's Etsy.


No but no one will take responsibility.
Not Etsy, Not Paypal...No one. Be warned. ! There are lots of stories similar on the net. If you leave a negative feedback for the seller because, as in this case, you didn't receive the goods paid for. Etsy will just delete your feedback because it doesn't want negative feedbacks; it's bad for their business.

Phoebs said...

I figured people here would enjoy this, soooo I figured I would post it here. It's my snarky sassy adiu from Etsy. The brainwashed folk there didn't like it too much. But I know someone here will laugh. <3

Dear Etsy,

I hate the way you lie to me and how you take my fees.
Pretending that you're helping me, while you spread your disease
Of renewing-itis and the broke-off-my-ass plague
While you laugh all the way to your created fake plush bank.

Your member created telephones are cute but, like you, useless.
We ask for help, your email robot sends us lame excuses.
Big Brother it seems you've become and nobody can see.
The way you manipulate us to be what you want us to be.

Make treasuries, renew renew! For what? So you can cross sell?
I go to my profile page and loudly cry "What the Hell?"
My page is selling other's stuff, and no doubt it is pretty.
But I came here to sell MY stuff, it truly is a pity.

Renew, renew, 10 times a day , 2 dollars in your pocket.
Then 3% (yeah that's 3 bucks) of my 10 dollar locket.
2 bucks times 7 - 3 plus ten, why that's still one buck more
That you've received, you thief of thieves, than what I got for my order!

Oh Etsy, we had such good times, and I did love you so.
But then you turned and treated me like some cheap Vegas ho.
So now I bid you my adieu, because it seems you hate me.
You shut down all my shops, you know, then muted, blocked and betrayed me.

But i had one more shop, it seems, that you never did find.
And I've come here with that last card to freely speak my mind.
Oh Etsy, whom I used to love, but now can't trust again.
Just don't be lame, like most guys are, and go screw my best friends.

Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to leave etsy. One thing though. I need someone to explain this csv file stuff to me. I want to move my inventory, but I need a step by step program that will show me what I need to do on etsy to get my csv (hey, more that just the word download is needed...I know where the tab is to find it, how do I save it, what do I do once I save it??)and then step by step how I upload it to my zibbet, artfire, ioffer, etc.. shops. No one seems to want to offer a service that would do that for me either. I just can not figure it out.

So there, you want to facilitate one to have the ability to strike etsy, then focus on this need. I am not the only one who can not figure out all this csv mumbo jumbo. Remember, step by step.

Tiffany said...

Love this Blog! I would hate to give Etsy anymore of my time and energy!! I saw an article about other places to sell but can't find it. Could someone point me in the right direction?!?