Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's Play a Game of Find the Admin

Funny that this forum thread appeared recently, I've spent the last few days combing Etsy for information about Admin usernames and bugging my other EB for help. Why help you ask? Because the About page, Storque About Us series, Storque authorship list, and the wiki don't contain all the information. And not a single one of those sources has the exact same information as the others. I still can't track down usernames for 7 admin listed on the about page, but they're engineers so I guess that's acceptable - they mostly use shops for test listings.

Talk about confusing. No wonder you all asked! It's like finding Waldo.

Anyway, here is a list of Etsy admin usernames, shops, associated collaborations, and relatives. From my count, 23 admin (more than one-third) have 34 shops and Admin hold a total of at least 95 IDs. Day-umn. Talk about bloating the registration figures! (Edit: Nov 3, 2009 These numbers are much higher now than when this article was originally published)

December 23, 2009: Admin are posting in a single forum thread with the ids they use in the forums.

August 27, 2010: Rokali claims 125 Etsy employees and still hiring


Chief Executive Officer (again) as of Jan 1, 2010 (formerly CEO and then Chief Cupcake er Creative Officer (CCO)): Rob Kalin–rokali (the “founder of Etsy” and

Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Chad Dickerson - chaddickerson

Chief Operating Officer (COO): Adam Freed - adamfreed (joined Aug 27, 2010)


Head of ops: MCR (only initials were given by saralouhicks in Storque article, his wife just had a baby)

Consultant: johndmc

Business Development: Jesse Hertzberg - eetzee, gonzo- no disclosure in that profile)

Accountant: Sinohe Terrero– sinoheterrero

International Development: Liz Wald - muka

Finance: Carrington - cwilly3

Lawyer: Sarah Feingoldsarahsays, attorneysarah, feingoldjewelry

Office Ecologist: Petepetercorrie(shop and main admin account, married to Anda) also known as tubularist, aeiou (closed), librarycopy, petecorrie

Holly - hoanko


VP of Product Management: Sara Hicks - saralouhicks

Design Director, User Experience: Michael Craig - mcraig71

Categories and Taxonomy: Amy DeCicco - amydec

UI Designer: Jen - jendoo

Prototypes and Mockups/user experience: KC - okaysee

Finance and Operations: Beth Ferreira – bethela, beyondthelens

Product Managers: Sean Flannagan - sean11, Tom Kutter - kutty, Eric Stephens - ericds

Design Team: Mandy - aworkinglibrary (Creative Director), Randy J Hunt - randyjhunt (also CitizenScholar), Jay-thinksauce

Software developer: beamrider9

Labs (EtsyLabs has moved from Gold Street – formerly known as Community and Labs, Community is now part of Support)

Etsy’s Official Store: etsystore (formerly etsylabs

Office Manager: Sarah Starpoli - rockstarpoli

Danielle – daniellexo, preciouspups, Secretmade (closed), daniellemaveal

Juliejulieincharge, yoursecretadmiral, familyties (with mom),
fibercontent (mom), lotsofiber (mom)

Anda Corrie(married to Pete) – anda, stopsandstarts, boosterseat, mrscorrie, orphans (closed), babystops (closed), foroneanother (practice/assignment account)
her mom’s shops: thebirdsandbees, appalachia

Screenprinting intern: Morgan - neonmorgan


Vanessa Bertozzi - vanessa (Moved to Director of Community and Education June 29, 2010)

Editor: Alison Feldmann – teenangster, goldgrass

Videos: Taraweirdwolf

Videos: Eric Beug - Objecked

Storque intern: Michelle - mtraub

UK Blogger (new Jan 2010): Amity - allthosethrees

French Blogger (new Jan 2010): Amelie - foley

Editorial Director (new June 2010, took over for Vanessa): Juliet - julietgo

Support and Forums

Head of Customer Support: Bernadette Sweeney - bernsweeney

Manager of Policy and Site Content: Lauren Engelhardt– stellaloella seller prior to employee, onmysleeve, etsyjournal (closed), used to collaborate on Etsylou - The Saint Louis area street team (closed)

Tim Pence – Dillinger

Claire Beaudreault– mermaidclaire, onceinadirtywhile

Erin HaldrupErinHaldrup, desirest, ErinOrleans

Lori – chillionaire, WreckReation

Jim Chesters –jimchesters

Matt Fordprojectmattnyc

Amber Dubois – adubois

Adrian Nivola –Adrian1

Jason Seger- jasonmseger, JSeger, Smuttons

Caleb – calebwalt,

Joejoethebeard, deepinthewoods, thelostplayground (collaboration with Christine listed below)

Rob WhiteRobWhite and TastesLikeGood

wife’s shop: xiane

LisaJune - theradicalartisan, temporarily used EtsyTrainee, also plays under lisasroommate

Michelle Spaulding– HeyMichelle (Works community@etsy late nights), reconstructionist, dreamsandoutfits

Meesh - loosewire (known better as loosewirestudio, loosewiresupplies), MichelleBarlow

Sebastien - s3bastien

Corinne, Brittany, Noah, Kim

Nickey (forum moderator) - knickey, nickeyvintage


Matt Stinchcomb (Etsy Founder)– matt, pigeon; wife (also admin) Benedikta

Adam Brown - adam

Christina Batch-Lee (Founder of Adorn Magazine) – missbatch, artobject

Emily Bidwell – emilybidwell

Web Analytics Manager: Neelam Hasni -neelam12

Director of Marketing: Nizzi Renaud - missniz, sweetniz

Mailing list: Mike Becak - mikeynice

Merchandising: Christineiheartmoustaches, jackrabbit, christinedomanic, TheLostPlayground (collaboration)

Merchandising: MaryMaryMary, contrary, unelephantrose

Barbara - barbs99

Engineering and developers (? = no information in profile to confirm who it is but username is provided in Storque articles, forum threads, or test listings)

VP of Technical Operations: John Allspaw

Dottie the dog (which explains a lot!!)

Eric – likeomg

Bryan Schwab - bschwab

Chris Bohn (CB) – longhaul ?, etsybozo

Dan McKinley - mcfunley

David - davidgiffin

Public API: Justin Sheckley - Stunji

Kyle - twokb

Steve Andrews - sa451, possibly sajandrews (no disclosure that it's admin, RobWhite said it is but not which admin)

Ian Meyerimeyer


Flash guru and Etsy Founder: Jared Tarbell - Jared
Paulie - OhPauleez

Jakob von Eichel- vonmilan

Rebekah Hodgson - bekness

Nicholas Cook - nicholascook

EtsyHacks, also known as Ian - indec, ehax, indecorous

Wife: Sarah of twolittlewrens

SEO specialist with SEOmoz: Rand - randfish

Chris Munns - munns

George - Georgyo ?

Tabo ?

Alex – alexandersomma ?

Bob - fumanchu ?

Paul – pasilveira ?

Alec – scaramouche ?

Test accounts: Samusaran ?, rbaboom ?

Rachel - rachelv111

Gerry - TheRealMackenzie

Wil - quiiver

Mike - mikebritts (mikebrittain)

The 5 guys from Adtuitive, including: Isaac Oates - ioates, Greg Fodor - gfodor, Jason Davis - jasondavis, and Matt Walker - mattwalker

ahashim ?

kastner ?

etsyfoo ?

mrembetsy ?

efixler ?

stefankarpinsky ?

No username or information provided but listed on About page as Engineers, might be some of the unassociated usernames above:

Rob B, Erik, Kristian, Ahmed, Eric, Vincent

Admin also hold:






TheEtsyCollection (manned by Pete Corrie)

And use the following as non-storefront/profile pages:

Developer (the API interface)

Community (the community hub page)

Former Admin:
Bre Pettis (The Hammock Guy)– brepettis (left Etsy October 21, 2008)

WonderAmy (left before Winter 2008)

Chris – RevolvingDork (gone Summer 2008)

Haim (summer 2008)

Kelly – kfarrell (gone Autumn 2008)

Sara – sarawearsskirts, girlscantell, chickenbutt (laid off December 2008)

Ashley – AshleyJacobsen, ashleywhitejacobsen (seller prior to hire, no longer at Etsy as of Jan 19, 2009)

Dave Lifson – CaterpillarCowboy (no longer with Etsy, but still known for making rude comments about Etsy sellers in public)

Jorge – jorgelo (no longer working for Etsy as of June 24, 2009)

Jay (closed) (wife: lollibomb)





Statistics/Strategic Planning: Charles Smithwinenutnyc

Former CEO (1/1/2010) Maria Thomas - pesmou

We will keep this list updated as best we can, if you know of others, post them to the comments so they can be added as well. So you can find this quickly, it is now in the "Etsy Links" section in the left sidebar! Now your DNBF list is complete! *Last updated Sept 13, 2010.


sugarstreetcafe said...

whoa. I wish you hadn't posted this. I asked this question before thinking there are only 7 dudes that run etsy admin. I STILL didn't read the about us. There's a WHOLE engineering team? And all those people work for etsy? Did i read that right? Well fuckkidy fuck fuck. Wtf do they do?

godot said...

You know what is so great about those 95 shops? They all can operate those shops with the stats etsy has but won't give sellers.

And Maria thinks that's ok?

Obviously she's been hypnotized by Jared's mandala. Other wise the sellers would have stats, a search, vacation mode, less trolls, advertising.....

give me a break said...

godot, how do you know that those 95 shops have stats? Hell the majority of them are empty, did you even bother to look? Geez.

I am not a fan of etsy, but shit, at least bitch about something that is true and not speculation.

burvbvc said...

I know, having visited Etsy labs and interacted with the admin as they went about their jobs, that stats are avaialable. Shit, my tiny little website has stats available. It's not super complicated or super fancy, it's basic crap that comes with just about any site via the webhost. They just don't care to give us the info.

The Funny One said...

Lotta work and well done EB!

And the Forums will be filled with those threads again, Commenter: "Do you have sellers you don't buy from on Etsy?" 129 Commenters to the Commenter running over 60 pages: "Yes, I do, especially if I think I don't like them, or I think their avatar doesn't look like I think it should, or I suspect they are an Etsy employee, or I just think their stuff looks suspciously my stuff!"

Uh, oh, now my sticky post-it list of sellers I won't buy from has taken over the whole left side of my desk................."Dear Etsy, Do you have a list of other retail sites that have employees with stores and isn't that, like, you know, a conflict of interest?"

Love, hugs and little baked goods, Seller #169,999. I know, I'm just a number to you, dear Etsy.

do they even read their own terms? said...

Acording to the terms of service or the "do's & don't or we'll tell list", all sellers are required to disclose their alternate shops in each of their shops. Many of these people aren't-- I've been looking at 'Contrary' for some time before i knew it was MaryMary. I'd like to know if it's an admin's shop cause, you know, they're all on my Do Not Buy From list :) jk.

And to think she's the one that's supposed to be customer service-- she doesn't even know the rules and neither do most of them.

Can anyone say cluster-fuck??

patmccrotch said...

I have always been upset about people taking a charm someone else made and putting it on a chain, someone else made and then selling it in their store as handmade. The handmade took them about oh 2 minutes. And that is just my hang-up about that one little type, a charm on a necklace. Now I go to Marymary's shop and she is the queen of that style of jewelry. However I learned a new term, collected and assembled.. so now I understand the absolutel detail it takes to make that type of item. You must collect and assemble. True it takes an eye for that and true that is the talent. I'm just floored at the 2,000 plus sales for collected and assembled jewelry when there are so many talented jewelry artists on etsy that can't even get their first sale.

I'm not so against admin having shops, I think it should actually be a requirement so they know what each seller goes through, I am livid that they don't openly disclose their shops!

Well, from now on, I'll be able to add collected and assembled items.

dontremember said...

With all those shops to look after, it's no wonder thay can't get their work done.

Julie said...

Does anybody else find it sorta funny that the official Etsy stance is:

"Well, we won't prevent you from having more than one shop, but we don't like it, and we don't recommend it, and we don't approve."

And several of the admin have several shops?

It's like even the people working for them aren't satisfied with the complete lack of organization tools available with one shop!

The Righteous One said...

Correct, not all ids are shops

Those with are shops, the others are just usernames used by the admin so everyone is aware of who has 'authority' when buying, convoing, etc

Ivydee said...

I'm amazed by the number of staff they have and yet still be that ineffective.

And they actually have a Marketing department? What the hell do they do??? They don't run print ads, they don't run any kind of web campaign, they don't write press releases, if they DO any craft shows they're obviously thrown together with little or no strategy or thought. What the hell do they DO???

The entire point of Marketing is to create brand awareness and generate leads-in this case, that would be traffic to the website.

I don't see them doing any of that, so what the hell do they do all day? Write effin Storque articles that have absolutely no impact on anything?

forum rubbernecker said...

dWell hell's bells, I have sold to admin, twice even....!
Thank you for this list, I am going to keep it--and peruse. I did notice that one admin had sold a necklace named after a celebrity and she had sold many of them. Interesting....

impetuous said...

These shops have inside information. They know how the site operates better than we do. They know when more people are online. When is the best time to list and all of the things we would love to know to help run our own businesses. Maria needs to start drawing some lines and creating some boundaries where employees are concerned. Where does their personal connection end and their professional one begin?

another one said... is another shop/user name held by pete

Pandora said...

Whoa! I had no idea we had this many "admins"! I was only aware of maybe 8 of them. You're telling me they have this many people allegedly dedicated to the site, and they can't even fulfill the simplest request after several years, like a vacation mode??? Jeezus.

Fed Up said...

I don't know if it's prudent information or not... but people more "in the know" could probably verify this as well. Jim Chesters and Danielle are "partners".

The Funny One said...

impetuous, you are so clever, as usual! There lies the seed that was planted when Etsy racheted up to 63 people - they never drew the line between personal and business.

That's why Etsy talks and writes to the sellers like their best buds, even picture themselves as just-arrested, or just-committed, run around spearing sellers they don't like with their little Etsy-zingers, and they really do believe Etsy is their own personal blog, store, experiments, and midnight snack!

If having a store really gave even one of them real insight about how to be a seller, it hasn't happened yet. And unless some serious housecleaning is done, it ain't gonna happen with that roster of First Name Only Mugshots in B&W on the About Page.

Old Hippie Bitch said...

I only looked at a few shops on your list, then became disgusted that they few disclose they are etsy employees in their Shop Announcements. Even the lawyer doesn't disclose it. Geez.

Impetuous is absolutely right about these people having "inside information."

I'm not against them being artisans and having shops, but there should be a clear policy that they NEVER appear in a free featured position, such as gift guides, front page, etc.

Gee, I wonder if they have such a policy? Pfffft. Silly me. Concepts like integrity have no place in the Neverland that is Etsy.

Aside: Ebay employees have purchased from me over there, and clearly state their status in "About Me" and before, during and after the transaction.

junkmostwondrous said...

Oh hi, I started that thread. I actually emailed you guys about it the other day but got the auto-response, figured you were busy with bigger things, and decided to ball up & ask it myself. Pretty amazing list...

ebbandflo said...

reading all the feedback is also quite illuminating, now i know family members don't need to identify themselves as such in mine

do they even read their own terms? said...

Someone over at Etsy keep a close eye on the EB cause MaryMary has added a "P.S." to disclose her as an admin and other shops into her profile.

Hmmm. Now if they'd only act so fast on other requests... :)

yeah you right said...

I love how they are pictured, modeling clothes and probably listing them while hard at work at the etsy labs.It makes perfect sense that nothing gets done and that we are the real fools for even considering they would be working at all. Hope their shops and record keeping are all getting audited too. They probably buy all their supplies with the etsy labs money too

the stinky one said...

Isn't that lollibomb chick married to an etsy admin? Jay or somebody? That's the reason she got to transfer all her shop info from her old account to her new one?

foxaz said...

I did a treasury with a bunch of them once. Just so people could see 12 of them.
Maybe making a bunch of treasuries with titles like ADMIN RULZ and CUPCAKES FOREVER might be fun? naaah....

melissakate said...

I just realized that I bought something from an admin - and she never left me feedback :P

Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

foxaz, great minds think alike I guess. I already have a poster sketch ready to go. :o) I just need a catchy title.

Always a bride's maid said...

And how many of these shops and shops of their relatives have been heavily featured? Some have been featured sellers and other get regular mentions in the gift guides and storque. Damn annoying, especially since most of their "work" is far FAR from being fine craft. Or even good craft, for that matter.

embellisher said...

Personally, I think Admin should not have shops. It should be given up as a part of the job, for the very same reasons this thread is listing. It's a confilct of interest, and whether perceived or real, has a damaging effect.

You know what? Who is the ADmin for the Admins? IS everybody running around doing whatever they want to do? Here's to hoping Maria takes a big stick and doesn't walk softly, because a meeting with each and every one of them about this and other matters would be first on my list.

Then again, she's probably finding out about all of this the way we are: on the forums. Cheers, Maria! Don't envy you the job.

yeah yeah yeah said...

maybe they will feature marymary when she gets to quit her day job (from etsy)

qb said...

the stinky one: lollibomb was allowed to change names due to litigation issues. The old name was too similar to a larger name in the same field. Etsy will change names in those situations, but tries to keep it quiet. So this situation is not as sinister as it may appear :)

life-during-wartime said...

Interesting, but yet again, not unique to Etsy. Quite a few multi shop venues I know of (and I've had a shop on some of them) have owners, admins, or employees who have a shop and this is usually not disclosed in the shop. I could list examples, but decided not to because they do not have dogs in this fight.

One site actually had a kind of 'star chamber' made up of original shop owners with a private discussion area for determining site wide policies away from the public view (and the view of non-founder shop owners). Sometimes these sites enforce (or even revise) their own 'dos and don'ts' for the business advantage of their shops, families, friends and etc. And, yup, it sucks stinky ungroomed balls. So, please EBs: get real. This may not be the way we sellers would like venues to operate, but Etsy isn't the singular evil online empire in this regard.

dismayed said...

Check out the feedback for both of Daniellexo's shops! Some of those comments are pretty enlightening.

I ESPECIALLY don't think that admin should be allowed to have shops if they get negative feedback for not communicating with customers and failing to send out items! Sheesh!

TheSneakyOne said...


I think you've missed the point. Its not easily accessible, and not all admin disclose their shops in all of their accounts. We're required to, so they should be as well. They are not above the rules. Double Standard, yep.

Clearly, this causes enough people concern to start a forum post or e-mail us about it. We've answered a question a reader asked us via e-mail and also found the thread also asking for it.

We're just making the information easily accessible. Unlike Etsy.

Also, we never said they were the singular evil empire in this regard. We're just saying it stinks like Limburger cheese. Your inference of our views are incorrect.

eclipse said...

It's true the Etsy wiki has not not been updated since sept 2007, so some newer staff are missing
But, anyone can edit the wiki so anyone could add the newer staff members to the list. The wiki is only as complete as we (the users) make it. I was adding names for a while but their hiring was so frequent I couldn't really keep up.

life-during-wartime said...

Hi, Sneakyone -- I agree that anyone on the Etsy payroll who has a shop should be required to disclose that in their shop. Actually, my feeling is they should not have Etsy shops. And it is just in-yer-face unethical to be allowed to break the rules you set for your customers (the shop owners).

I'm not sure how making this info public helps resolve the real issues on Etsy.

I mean, Maria in her goofy intro article mentioned her first Etsy purchase turned out to be from the (undisclosed) Etsy attorney person. Maria wouldn't have gushed all over that -- like she found a huge fire opal in her crackerjacks 'wow, she's the site's attorney and an artisan shop, too' -- if she thought the practice was in some way less than ethical. Nepotism, favoritism, politics, waiving the rules for employees, is simply the way business is done.

itstinks said...


Yeah, maybe it's how it is done, but that certainly never makes it right. Some of your comments come across as perhaps not approval, but resigned approval.

Apathy sucks.

I don't care if the whole rest of the world is fucked up. I do care that in my miniscule part of it, a venue that I did believe in once upon a time is being shown more and more to be a slaphazard bunch of children running it.

I want it changed. I can do nothing much about it, except know Etsy and their investors read this blog, so I'm going to say exactly how rotten the admin stink loud and clear.

ogcea said...

Isn't that lollibomb chick married to an etsy admin? Jay or somebody? That's the reason she got to transfer all her shop info from her old account to her new one?


No, that's not the reason. Lollibomb - formerly Lushbox - was about to be sued by Lush, so admin allowed her to change her name. I imagine they'd do it for anyone. To my knowledge, no one else has been sued or forced to change their etsy username by another larger corporation since then, but I bet if that were to happen, Etsy would do the same thing.

eclipse said...

twokb is named Kyle

more engineers:
George aka Georgyo
David aka
Bryan aka
CB aka

(yes there really is an etsybozo)

thewackness said...

And how many of these shops and shops of their relatives have been heavily featured? Some have been featured sellers and other get regular mentions in the gift guides and storque


The few that I recall being featured sellers were featured sellers long before they became admin. Etsy picked the majority of their first twenty staff members from among etsy sellers.

Personally, I don't care if they have shops. I imagine they'll be fired one day from etsy, seeing as the majority of the staff is useless, so it only seems fair that they'll have something to fall back on. 0_o

bizatch said...

You need to add this person to the list. Their profile lists another shop as well. Don't know who Annette is but here's the profile page and I saw in a Storque article the admin badge under her username (This username, so it confused me since it listed this was a test account) Whatevs, here's the info:

bizatch said...

For some reason, i have no idea why, I for the longest time thought Lollibomb was with that Chris programming hair monster. It was just that her flickr account looked that way with so many pics of him shirtless. Then when someone told me she was married to someone else I remember going through her Flickr account like a gossip mag and couldn't find many pics of her husband.

And does this look like a programmer that (fill in the blank)?

eclipse said...

annette does quality assurance

b&b lover said...

As far as admin and their families being featured, I can tell you that I myself never saw ANY make up on the front page or in the gift guides except Coffincolor (Rob's wife's shop).

They were in the gift guide 2 and 3 places at one time, for many months, until the big unrest regarding admin being in the gg's.

I thought that was all the make up that was on Etsy. When it clicked and I did a search, I was shocked that so many make up sellers were on there and none had ever been featured anywhere, except Rob's wife's shop.

Yeah. So much for fairness.

the stinky one said...

I realize that lollibomb had legal issues with lushbox, but prior to that specific episode, the rules stated that you couldn't transfer feedback, etc over, that you had to start a new shop. Her specific episode and her relationship to an etsy admin was what allowed her to do what was in direct opposition to what the rules stated, and when that leaked out, the rules were adjusted to include that little blurb about legalities.

And the fact that she was warned, time and time again on craft blogs not to use the lushbox name because of the Lush name, and went ahead and did it anyway. She should have had to start over and forfeit.

eh said...

I realize that lollibomb had legal issues with lushbox, but prior to that specific episode, the rules stated that you couldn't transfer feedback, etc over, that you had to start a new shop. Her specific episode and her relationship to an etsy admin was what allowed her to do what was in direct opposition to what the rules stated, and when that leaked out, the rules were adjusted to include that little blurb about legalities.

And the fact that she was warned, time and time again on craft blogs not to use the lushbox name because of the Lush name, and went ahead and did it anyway. She should have had to start over and forfeit.


Obviously, admin hadn't had to deal with the issue before. Her situation was the first time it came up. I'm glad they let her keep her shop. If, for some reason, some huge company decided to lay claim to my name and anything similar to their company name, I would hope - and I really do think - that admin would do the same for me, letting me keep my account and allowing my business to continue on. I think it was poor planning on Etsy's part, to say, 'NEVER! We will never allow a person to change their name!', but I don't think it happened because Lollibomb was an admin's wife. I just think it happened to be that her situation was the first time it came up.

hmm. said...

I can tell you that I myself never saw ANY make up on the front page or in the gift guides except Coffincolor (Rob's wife's shop).


Huh. I see other mineral makeup sellers on the FP quite often.

eclipse said...

I noticed some of the engineers I mentioned previously do not say anything about working for Etsy in their profiles.
Georgyo, davidgiffin and bschwab are mentioned here

Chris Bohn aka CB aka etsybozo aka longhaul is mentioned here

There are also engineers named Dusten, Ian, and Joe P mentioned in those articles
I don't know their etsy names.

TheSneakyOne said...

eh and hmm. All of these posters are sharing their personal experiences. If you're looking for a fight, take it somewhere else.

Eveline said...

Wow, that is some list! Very impressive!

Looks like Danielle has a problem sending off her items in time. Didn't she do a video on shipping for the holidays last year?

eh said...

eh and hmm. All of these posters are sharing their personal experiences. If you're looking for a fight, take it somewhere else.


I'm not. I'm trying to present a different point of view.

the stinky one said...

Sorry about that. Obviously, I let my personal feeling about that issue cloud my perspective. It certainly is a good thing that the clause was added, however, the fact still remains she is married to someone on Etsy.

Elizabeth said...

eclipse loves research. :D

The Funny One said...

Let's see - if the Admins who have store(s) were to be muted on the forums for, let's say, 6 days, 1 fifteenth of an hour plus 2 thirds of a minute, plus one tenth of a second for not making any sense whenever they post (just made that rule up).............

then, some other Admin would have put them on the "Watch List" and then gone over their stores with a fine tooth comb, so they could send another 6 of those "Warning! You Have Broken Rule # ______! Warning! Beep! Beep! Beep!"

and then the Admins with stores would have hauled ass and fixed their stores----------------like the rest of us. Beep, beep......

EhHole said...

I realize that lollibomb had legal issues with lushbox, but prior to that specific episode, the rules stated that you couldn't transfer feedback, etc over, that you had to start a new shop. Her specific episode and her relationship to an etsy admin was what allowed her to do what was in direct opposition to what the rules stated, and when that leaked out, the rules were adjusted to include that little blurb about legalities.

I wouldnt go as far as to state that it's nepotism that allowed the swap as much as it is generally favouritism amongst Admin. There is an existing seller, no blood relation to any Etsy employee, who was forced to change her name after receiving a C&D from a retailer due to her old user name being too "familiar", whom was granted the same break regarding the transfer of her prior shops info. Surprisingly, one can view her favourites to see a hand count of admin hearts.

The Righteous One said...

Thanks, eclipse!

The engineers are where I got stuck, too. I can cross about half the names off my list now.

The comment about annette, she's on the list already and the other username mentioned in her profile is currently nto registered at Etsy.

soco creative said...

"Lollibomb" is married to Jay. But I don't know that they would jump to help anyone else in such a situation as quickly. You might have to jump through a few hoops, send many emails, and wait awhile if you ever get sued. This is just my opinion, of course, not a proven fact. But when the hell did etsy ever act expeditiously?

Juiced said...

I've had to change my username on Etsy due to legal reasons. All I had to do was produce a cease and desist letter. Done in five days. No hoop jumping, no favoritism, and I'm not married to an admin. So there goes that theory.

fez said...

"Lollibomb" is married to Jay. But I don't know that they would jump to help anyone else in such a situation as quickly. You might have to jump through a few hoops, send many emails, and wait awhile if you ever get sued. This is just my opinion, of course, not a proven fact. But when the hell did etsy ever act expeditiously?


Yeah, I think being married to an admin was in her favor as regards the time it took to get her name switched. Being in close proximity had to have helped. But I think that's about it as far as any preferential treatment with that situation.

eclipse said...

joethebeard aka deepinthewoods used to have a note in his profile saying "check out my girlfriend's"
It was there when he first got hired but is gone now.

Cb aka etsybozo also has the account longhaul

lone haranger said...

You folks do realize that all of the etsy staff are artist, right? Nearly all of them had shops before they were hired by etsy. Well, maybe not the Chief Cupcake Officer, but he's history anyway.

Will be interesting to watch the turnover now that Maria has her way.

The Malevolent One said...

Re. shop name changes.

Littlepies used to be TheChocolateLab. Her shop announcement says she had to change her name due to "circumstances" beyond her control. Probably name infringment.

TheTinyFig used to be Coonies. She posted extensively in the forums about her name problem - apparently she was told by several people it was offensive. So that change was apparently not a matter of legality.

I'm sure there are more.

eclipse said...

new employees

Sara Hicks- will lead the Product Management team

Vincent Walker-a new Flash developer will work with Jared

Bek Hodgson- new designer, etsy username bekness

Liz Wald will join Etsy full-time in the new year. some kind of international business development.

eclipse said...

also to add: is mispelled so the link makes it look like the account is closed, it's and still opem

saralouhicks- VP of Product Management.

The Righteous One said...

Thanks, eclipse. I'm working on updating now.

eclipse said...

Haim needs to go in the former staff section- he was canned at the same time as revolvingdork

Liz Wald, director of international business development

The Righteous One said...

Thanks again :) I was updating earlier today and missed Haim and got distracted and didn't finish Liz's link lol

eclipse said...

another new staff member mentioned here

Justin Sheckler aka Stunji on the Engineering Team. Involved in building the new public API.

I think he is also jaykayess on twitter, Chad had a tweet thanking him for work on the API.

eclipse said...

new staff?


robwhite confirms here that these are all admin accounts
most likely testing accounts, sometimes admins need to use "regular" accounts with no special powers in order to test how features work for members, since the functionality is different for admins.

eclipse said...
I work for Etsy as a consultant in Business Operations. I live in Westport, CT

eclipse said...

new part time forum moderator

temporarily using the etsytrainee account

The lisajune account is only 2 weeks old, so apparently she never used Etsy before she was hired.

eclipse said... Developer product manager Carrington (new Finance Admin) Jesse (new Admin for Business Development)
Amy DeCicco, a.k.a. amydec, joined the Etsy Admin in April of 2009. She comes to us via National Public Radio and brings her expertise as a librarian. Amy will be working on Etsy's taxonomy, specifically the organization of the Etsy Categories and how they relate to tagging

eclipse said...

New staff and department switching:

Bernadette: new customer service manager

and Emily Bidwell (the old CS manager) has been moved to Marketing
Emily is listed in Marketing section here, and has been writing some recent Storque articles.

other new staff:
Neelam: Marketing, analyzing web traffic

Morgan: Marketing intern

Jen: web designer?

KC: makes prototypes and mockups and does some QA,

They also have a dog working as an engineer.

I don't know the Etsy usernames for any of these new staff.

eclipse said...

Jorge – jorgelo
fired June 24, 2009

eclipse said...

Nizzi Renaud, a.k.a. missniz, recently joined the Etsy team as the new director of marketing.*

Neelam Hasni, a.k.a. Neelam12, new web analytics manager.

mikeynice -marketing department

eclipse said...

Sarah Starpoli aka
new office manager

eclipse said...

Admin Anda has a new shop:

her other shops and have been closed.

eclipse said...

Michael Craig a.k.a. - new design director focusing on user experience design- Product Team

eclipse said...

ErinHaldrup has 2 new accounts: - shop (not new, but newly disclosed) - new admin account, she has been switched part time to the forum moderation team

The Righteous One said...

Thanks, eclipse. You're making my (voluntary) job easier.

I'm currently working on better organizing this post and making sure the accounts are still active, disclosed, etc. I even located some of the missing usernames. It should be updated fully by this weekend.

eclipse said...

As the staff grows it does become harder to keep track of all the names. You almost need a spreadsheet or a table, something more sortable than just the plain text of a blog post.

ilovelistsandfulldisclosure. said...

buyer only account for etsy/Pete.

eclipse said...

Etsy Admin
Developer for Etsy

eclipse said...

new guy: John Allspaw, VP of Technical Operations
he worked at Flickr before, he starts at Etsy in January

eclipse said...
UPDATE: Charles has moved on from Etsy.

eclipse said...

new admin, barbs99
real name Barbara
Marketing dept

eclipse said...

Hmmm Barbara says she is "leading the Marketing team"
But Missniz still lists herself as "Director of Marketing" in her profile.

LOL the captcha for this post is "woring"

just missing the H for that marketing synonym!

eclipse said...

this is amazing how many of these people I have never heard of before. It's like they have a whole secret army.