Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quotables: In Summary

Sad but true

etsy = going to hell in a handmade (maybe not) handbasket


possumblossom said...

LnC = gunning for a spot on the cupcake committee

The Funny One said...

Etsy = let's level the playing ground playing field.

Etsy: Please tell us your suggestions for _________
Sellers: NO!

Etsy: Please try out our new voting system for ________
Sellers: NO!

Etsy: If you get a spam email from a company outside Etsy asking for personal information and __________________
Sellers: NO!

Etsy: The Showcases go on sale at 3:03 AM in Tanzania on August 34th for________________
Sellers: NO!

Etsy: Co-Op Ads in the Doggie Doo Digest go on sale at 2:22 AM on August 34th for ______________
Sellers: NO!

Etsy: We do suggest that you renew and relist and do it at least 200 times per month because we like the $_________
Sellers: NO!

Etsy: You will get your monthly bill at 12:01 AM on the first of every month and if you don't pay we will ___________
Sellers: NO!

Etsy: Why, yes, we do expect you to advertise our site for us for free and you can even BUY all the pr doo dads you need at our Etsy Store (and don't forget to shop in ALL OUR EMPLOYEE STORES while you're at it because many have more than one!) We expect all of you to buy $_________ at least once a month.
Sellers: NO!

Etsy: "Dear Sellers" We all luv yuz guys, ya know that, ya know, love ya! And thx fer yer suggestions, but our round filing cabinet is full, but, love ya! xoxoxoxo_________
Sellers: NO! Ewwwwwwwwwww!