Monday, June 30, 2008

Have you been quoted on EB?

You asked for more overlays to show off that you've been quoted on EtsyBitch, we actually listen to our customers.

Here are some more avatar overlays!

qoute overlay overlay Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket


are-they-serious said...

I wish I was quoted by etsybitch. This blog is hilarious.

Now, I have been bashed somewhat by etsybitch, but honestly, as I look back at my thread, I probably did deserve it.

Keep up the good work

The Kinky One said...

Ok, I'm curious - which thread?

We could always come up with a "EB Noticed Me" or "My Thread Was Snarked by EB" if you like. It depends on your sense of humor with these things.

Either way, thanks for your comment - we're not always bitchy ;)

are-they-serious said...

I think I will take the My Thread Was Snarked by EB. It has a ring to it. And chances are, if I was reading that thread and it was posted by someone else, I probably would have snarked it too.

I don't think I'll mention what thread it was though. Some things are better left dead, buried, and locked.

The Disgruntled One said...

How about "EB bashed me and all I got was this stupid avatar?

are-they-serious said...

disgruntled one, I love it!!

Seriously, it's hilarious.

Peldyn said...

I am still thinking about having t-shirts printed that say, "I gave Rokali a lap dance and all I got was this stupid shop on Etsy"

I used that as a sigline on a forum for a while and everyone thought it was a hoot!