Monday, June 30, 2008

The Day in Quotes Monday, June 30th


i think dawanda watches what etsy does and then learns from it

Signs of frustration
I have been an Etsy member since the end of 2006, and it's really only in the last two weeks I have been driven to start posting in the forums, which as well as being time consuming, is also very depressing. 'Badgering the management' was not something I expected would need to be included in my daily timetable. If this is still intended to be a business site (and that is something that seems to be up for debate) it really does need to be run in a businesslike manner

Sums it up
the etsy staff has lost control of the site, if they ever even had it


el-stinko-armpit said...

I read that Etsy Forum thread last night -- well worth the time. Hopefully Dawanda learned from Etsy to keep unaltered vintage items off their site. Inviting any kind of factory made items on a handmade site opens the door for the resellers.

Maybe you should do a blog entry on another forum thread I saw today about vintage sellers taking a pledge that they are selling items that are truly vintage -- 20+ years old. That's kinda funny to me because many vintage items on Etsy are tagged with a decade (like 1950s vintage) and are off by 20 years or more in one direction or another. I smell a vintage vs. vintage brawl in the wind as the resellers (which are allowed and encouraged on all vintage/antique venues but one) begin to invade their piece of Etsy turf.

Etsy needs to act quickly to regain control of their site, if they can. I haven't a clue how they could fix things at this point, but the conflict makes a great show.

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