Sunday, July 6, 2008

New poll!

Vote on what you would do if you had the power over DanilleXO's fate at Etsy. This should be good.


jodie nicholson said...

I'd make her test everything Brepettis...ahem...creates.

eclipse said...

If this was only based on her behavior in February, I might have said forgive. But the fact she is continuing to pull the same stunts, as recently as last week, it really seems like a hopeless case. She's already been reassigned to 3 different teams on Etsy. They can't seem to find a good fit for her. The only team left is engineering and I don't think she's qualified for that.
So what is that line Donald Trump says?

Vige said...

Someone should put together examples of her behaviour and forum post and email them to Jim Beyer and tell him this is what your 27 million supports.

Danielle Hater said...

"I will not have fear mongering on the forums. Consider this a warning."

Her favorite line.

The Kinky One said...


Are you referring to the Vanessa "charming little ild ladies" thread or another with Danielle?

your mom said...


~B.Z. said...

You didn't put up enough choices on the poll !

I wanted to vote her DEMOTED to Etsy lab janitor ;>)

Since so many others have had to step in and clean up HER messes, it just seems fitting that she clean up after theirs now.

Heather said...

For those with short term memory loss...what was her behaviour in Feb? Or last week?

I think she should be demoted because her avatar bugs me!

el-stinko-armpit said...

eclipse said...
The only team left is engineering and I don't think she's qualified for that.
So what is that line Donald Trump says?

In real life (as opposed to fauxreality teevee): I want you to have my baby?

She embodies the spirit of Etsy, not as it might have been but as it is today. The cupcake queen!

di said...

I must have missed something. When did Daniellexo run amok, and how?

I don't expect specific examples.

impetuous said...

I don't give a fuck about this DXO chick. You guys really seem to hate her and I agree she's not someone that should have a public voice for Etsy. It just seems like you guys have something personal going on here.

After Maria's bashing comment I have lost hope that Etsy will ever manage to polish up their image. They have this idea that Etsy can have an unprofessional front and a corporate skeleton.

They want to have their cupcake and eat it too.

I don't think it's possible to be as unprofessional and unstructured as they are and go very far. Time will tell. Maybe they will reinvent the wheel after all but how many will hang on for such a bumpy ride?

impetuous said...

now that etsy angels are dead, etsy itself must suck the hairy ball.

jodie nicholson said...

It just seems like you guys have something personal going on here.
I have nothing personal against DXO. I just think she's the most unprofessional person on staff....and that's saying something.
She is rude, unprofessional and often out of line in the forums. She convos members to try to shut them up in threads and she's just generally unpleasant.

Hi to any Etsy Admin reading this...go on, tell me I'm wrong.

The Kinky One said...

Anonymous at 5:39,

You have to pick a name, any name, in order to post a comment. Since your comment was on target - I'm reposting here:

"I wouldn't mind seeing her, well... not seeing her at all."

The Kinky One said...


Here's a UEN story related to the "rampaging through the forums" by Dani back in February:

impetuous said...

For me. It's the whole lot.

The problem is there is no one capable enough to know how to manage these people or WORSE this is how they intend their front line deal with it's customers.

It is not clear at all. It's just like with Maria's bashing comment. It seems more in line with a twisted philosophy that they have about public relations than anything else, it has to be, she's the coo.

I don't care what each individual thinks because I can't stand to face the reality, that they may in fact represent exactly what Etsy wants to be.

Then DXO hardly matters. She's only one rotten apple in a rotting bucket.

eclipse said...

The Kinky One said... Eclipse,
Are you referring to the Vanessa "charming little ild ladies" thread or another with Danielle?
Yes to that thread, and to the threatening convos that were sent to people who commented in that thread. She should not be allowed to initiate unsolicited contact with customers.

Heather: she was briefly put in charge of the forums in February. She is not suited to that position, to put it gently. She might be a lovely human being in person, I don't know, but her performance in that job was a disaster. The authority turned her into a Jekyll/Hyde personality that even her own co-workers were shocked by. Matt had a huge cleanup job and replaced her with Robwhite. (SO much better)
Now all that would be bygones, I think 4 months is long enough to let go of grudges. BUT she's started up the same shenanigans again.

di said...

thx, kinky.

Grace said...

ZOMG, y r u guyz so MEEN?!

ur going to make her CRY!



peacekeeper redux said...

I would love to see Rokali go back to mowing lawns to pay for his bed room but I am just dreaming here.

He is set for life financially, from ripping off 150,000 women he abuses every single day. I have multiple personal experiences email communicating with him, because of one of his transgressions against me.

Our emails are neatly printed out and in a file for when I end up in paupers prison and have time to write a book about 40 years of selling crafts, one chapter of a book about women being trashed.

He thinks I am "bitter".

Heather said...

Thanks for the explanation and the UEN article. I sort of remember all of that...but quite honestly the idea of shops being closed and people being muted for no reason scared the crap out of me so I just stayed out of the forums for a while.

I've got my own website in the works now...I suppose I'm feeling braver, lol.

YarnGirlStuff said...

I do have something personal against Danielle. I made a comment in a thread on day about Rob. I received two convos from her about it. Both were rude and plain out mean. And I know I'm not the only one she's done that to.

my2cents said...

? my post was deleted or not allowed?

TheSneakyOne said...

my2cents, I don't see it in the list of comments we've received at all. Maybe Blogger had a glitch and didn't send it to us, but you're welcome to post.

rollingstone said...

Hmmm....only 11 people have voted to crown her the Cupcake Queen. Guess the rest of the staff must be on vacation.

The Kinky One said...


If you posted anonymous yesterday afternoon (July 6th), I was the one who rejected it with an explanation here and quoting you as well. (See my post at 6:47pm July 6th).

my2cents said...

I always post as my2cents or similar.

My fear is that all the (well deserved) public discussion of DXO's ineptitude will probably assure that she continues to work at etsy for a long time.

Since when does Etsy do the right thing? They sure aren't going to start now by dismissing an unpopular admin who is maligned on several sites and on their forums.

Kalin&Co won't give us the satisfaction and let us declare "we told you so (she sucked)."

Unless Maria has already decided DXO sucks, too.

DXO is a liability, Etsy. Wake up.
Keep her in a dark corner without internet access and away from your customers.

Peldyn said...

I came back from vacation just in time to vote! I am sure Etsy will take no notice of this poll, unfortunately.