Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Weekend in Quotes, July 6th

Stand up for yourself

I find a firm "fuck you, asshole" works wonders.

I refuse to flag an item
A. I still see it months later
B. I am not an employee of etsy but rather a user
that is paying etsy to list items and a
commission on my sold items.
C. As a seller I am etsy's customer. In a brick
and mortar I wouldn't ask my customers to
grab a broom and give my shop a little sweep.

I keep a text file of asshats, like god intended.

If you were quoted, congratulations and thanks! You can find your
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Ladies Auxilliary said...

Ah, now see, I wouldn't ask a customer to sweep either.

I also don't post obnoxious crap in the Forums, because it would be like bitching in the front of the B & M. And yet...the Forum idiocy goes on and on.

Ladies Auxilliary said...

Oooh, clarification: I mean Forum IDIOCY...not constructive bitching. Of the like that the 'bitches link with regular wild abandon, because it's just so plentiful.

Elizabeth said...

Interesting quote from that thread:

To be honest? I'm afraid that if I flag too much, I'LL be seen as the nuisance, not the person who needs to be flagged, and that will hurt me when it comes to "garnering Etsy favor," as in they'll never pick me for featured seller because I'm a "problem."

Know what I mean?

di said...

Sadly, I don't flag because I'm worried about being perceived as a nuisance too.

It makes me sick to feel that way. But hell, it's not my job to manage the site's content. I've got my hands full trying to go full-time with my business.

WindysDesigns said...

For those who are afraid of flagging and being looked at as a trouble maker, stop and think for amoment. Etsy should be overwhelmingly grateful for those that do flag because, in effect, they are helping keep the site pure. I'm sure they couldn't possibly keep up with all the mis tagging and resellers if we didn't help. The only time they should get annoyed at all, and you might fall out of favor, is if you continuously flag the same items or shops multiple times.

If they didn't want our help, they wouldn't have the [flag this item[ button in each shop.

Grace said...

I LOVE the idea of making a treasury of mass produced carp. Maybe if we got a whole bunch of people to do it, admin would have to pay more attention.

cheeseNpickle said...

Well, all I know is a seller on Etsy is making BY HAND, mind you, the "largest range of pet i.d tags in the world."

Pretty good for hand made. She must be working night and day from her family room studio.

Funny, tho, when I Google the product, a lot of other people are making and selling them, too (but, of course, they copied her) :>P