Friday, July 25, 2008

We Updated the Rules for Report This (Forum) Post

Dear Etsy Admins,

We think the REPORT THIS POST in the FORUMS needs a little revision, a little tweaking, to meet the urgent needs of your Dear Readers. We are just trying to pitch in and help shorten the rollouts and revisions from 18 months to 1 day. Oh, and bring some sense of "organization" to the Forums, which currently = chaos.

So, how about another edition nifty thrifty changes?

Why are you reporting this post? (Etsy Bitch Suggested Revisions)

  • Thread is in the wrong section of the forums. It belongs in the classifieds on CraigsList, your local PennySaver, a personal blog, or in an email to your mother

  • Post discusses private matters that have nothing to do with Etsy, business, ecommerce, stores, handmade, swimmy, hammock-construction, the right color for cupcake icing, or anything of actual interest to others anywhere

  • Post is not abusive or insulting enough and no one is boo-hooing because their feelings are hurt

  • Post is deemed to be negative and we do not like negative people, they give off bad vibes and are really yucky. Don’t make me scold you again! Don’t forget, we can mute you in a NY minute!

  • Post, topic, and thread have been moved around so much we forgot what it was about. But we are so sorry that happened to you! Congrats for being so un-definable!

  • Post is from an alternate or "sock puppet" account set up for the purpose of making a point or begging for help because the last 29 requests have been ignored, moved to another topic, locked, or disappeared from print.
Any additional comments?


Morrigan said...

How about "This post includes too much TMI. There are aspects about your physical/mental health that none of us need to know about."

sherry said...

This post came at a mighy fine time, EB. Please remember that should you start a post, especially in ideas, that asks thought provoking or meaningful questions, that in some way might question etsy's actions, it will sure as I am standing be closed down.

Please excuse the run sentence, as I am in need of medical attention from my head banging on my bench so many times.

You'd think I'd learn my lesson by now and stop asking questions.

The Kinky One said...

Shut down, or sent first the ETC in an attempt at burying it, THEN locked.

*gives Sherri an icepack for her head*

sherry said...

thank you, much appreciated. In three minutes it's cocktail time where I live, so I think I'll be ok.

Carry on the good fight, it is much appreciated.

As an aside: There are so many EB lurkers that will never post, but read. How do I know? Because the hits on my blog have increased by 40%. ( I have stats)

Jo said...

*snickers* This post is great!

*reminds herself repeatedly that she is a cupcake....not a bitch!* ;)

Lori Anderson Designs said...

That's hilarious, Sherry!

WindysDesigns said...

How about a good, simple one:

This person is a loser.

caethes said...

* Post is from a user who has no idea at all about business or ecommerce. Please remove them from the forums (and Etsy) until they have mastered Paypal and basic math.

Closed Threads said...

Sherry - I'm not a lurker. ;)

(I've clicked.)

So-sorry-this-happened-to-Etsy said...

All posts that have titles like 'Do you like vintage', 'Please be kind to vintage', or 'Why do you love vintage' etc etc etc should be bounced directly to Promos, do not pass GO, do not collect one month's relisting fees. These threads will turn into shameless promotions in short order with vintage sellers either posting links to items in each other's shops or simply 'bumping' the thread. Oh, and a post about asking any random vintage seller for an online appraisal of family heirlooms goes to Etc. This is not a site-related matter, a business matter, or about techniques and materials.

Will no one rid Etsy of this meddlesome vintage? Sorry EBs, could not resist. I've got some deodorant now, and changed my nick.

Ivydee said...

[ ] Shit-stirrer on the loose in thread.

[ ] Legal advice from moron being freely distributed as fact.

eclipse said...

( ) post uses "sell" as a noun

just bitchy said...

[ ] OP receives an accurate (shock!) response and dismisses the accurate response thereby negating the need for the post in the first place since all they really wanted was for as many people as possible to agree with their wrong position.