Friday, July 25, 2008

Office Hours today!

You can chat with Matt today at 11am EDT, or with RobWhite at 7pm, in the Virtual Labs Treehouse!

We encourage you all to go and ask uncomfortable questions about shoddy copyright policies and be generally bitchy.


The Funny One said...

Thanks, EB, for posting info that Etsy should have sent in an email to all sellers announcing this meeting.

And there is a meeting later today about Holiday Plans.

Didn't Etsy recently PROMISE to send vital news to sellers in email announcements? We got a couple and then they stopped.

What, did you forget again, Etsy, what you promised to do for sellers to "improve" communications? What, you lost interest again? Got too busy writing things and making up odd craft classes and creating scary avatars?

No wonder sellers are fed up.

impetuous said...

anyone else having trouble getting into the storque this morning? perhaps they are busy altering articles.

Heather said...

Since I've "opted in" (thanks to EB for even cluing me into the fact that I had to "opt in") to those email announcements a month ago I've gotten exactly NONE.

But etsy encourages us to spam.


Fronch said...

how is being bitchy going to bring about the change you so desperately call for?

i've always heard "kill em with kindness" ;)

btw, if you don't want anonymous posts you should take them off as being an option in your setup.

The Cranky One said...

They don't read critical kindness as being critical. You have to have that bite.

Also, we want people to be able to post without having to have a google account, blogspot doesn't let you say "name/url but not anonymous" it's all or nothing. We can do google accounts, or that and everything else.

We might soon be switching systems/providers that will give us the magic combination of features and controls we want.

el-stinko-armpit said...

Fronch, I don't think either bitchiness or kindness is going to have any major impact on Etsy corporate culture and customer service. What they are doing right now is making them $$$$ (including investor $$$) and attracting sellers to open up shops on the site. So, despite their shortcomings in dealing with their customers, Etsy's business plan does work for them.

I think the EB posts could help someone considering a start-up future rival to Etsy. Maybe they will transform Etsy's mistakes into a better venue for handmade (there already are more than a handful of venues for vintage shops).

impetuous said...

How is your post under the name Fronch, the act of sticking fingers up an anus, supposed to bring about change here?

You smell like ass.

wristeroni said...

Sweet Mother of Cupcakes, Impetuous . . . you're correct about Fronch!

I had to whip out Ye Olde Urban Dictionary to enlighten myself.

Andrea Q said...

You just never know what you're going to learn at EB!

Old Hippie Bitch said...

Fronch says:

how is being bitchy going to bring about the change you so desperately call for?
i've always heard "kill em with kindness" ;)

Well, Fronchy. How many thousands of "Please, Please, Please" have we read in the last three years? Kindness doesn't work with etsy.

This bitchy blog, on the other hand, might make etsy very, very nervous. They can't blacklist us here, they can't mute us here, they can't brickwall us here.

Wake up and smell your fingers, Fronchy. Viva La Bitch!

D.A.R.E. to use your brain said...

"This bitchy blog, on the other hand, might make etsy very, very nervous."


Yeah, I'm sure they're very, very nervous.

The only people who would believe such nonsense are either very young and likely to believe anything (it's an Etsy epidemic) or old hippies who have fried their brain cells via years of recreational drug use.

Isn't it finally time to put down the bong, dust off what is left of your intellect and face reality? Self respect is a beautiful thing but it has to be rightfully earned.

The Cranky One said...

You don't have access to our tracker.

Etsy spends a lot of time on our site, and reads every post. Some of the hits last hours.

They hate UEN, and all they do is relate the news in one place. If they hate them with an all consuming passion, can only imagine what they feel for us.

We we make them nervous, they have no idea who to mute or close.

Old Hippie Bitch said...

I have just enough brain cells left to know that internet buzz can be a powerful thing.

And what kind of silly statement is this: "Self respect is a beautiful thing but it has to be rightfully earned."

Earn self respect? LOL back acha, d.a.r.e.

Gotta go. I've got the munchies.

just a reader said...

Bitching about a bitchy blog. Hmmmmm...let me guess, no sales on Etsy today?

impetuous said...

d.a.r.e says:
"Isn't it finally time to put down the bong"

um, NO!

Ladies Auxilliary said...

Yay, Etsy office hours! These guys are way easier to get office hours with than my grad school advisor...maybe Matt could help me get my Fall schedule worked out?

eclipse said...

Did anyone go to the office hours?
Matt's are too early for me and I was out during RobWhites.

Wende said...

I went to Robb's office hours. The last few minutes of it anyhow.

He had a "seat" put in the corner... which I promptly sat in. I figured I'd end up there anyhow.

He piped in, "Nobody puts ThriftyGoodness in the corner." Ha! That made me laugh.

I got there too late to know if anything of substance (beyond Dirty Dancing references) happened.

ebbandflo said...

i was briefly at Matt's office hours (discussion was on promoting) but not long enough to get a jist of what was going on. i usually attend the chatt but my schedule now that summer holidays is on is crazy!

in general i find Matt's meetings positive and potentially productive. they are well run and organised and clear. it is possible to get a point across and he makes a point of acknowledging ideas raised

one Q - are office hours meant to be an informal occasion anyway? that's the impression i've got in the very few i've attended