Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Day in Quotes Thursday, July 24th

Grass seed

Isn't grassroots advertising usually reserved for brand new companies?
Spamming my friends and family and asking them to come to Etsy and then getting rewarded for such, is an embarrassment to a three year old company with over 100,000 sellers!
That's a program that should have been implemented in the beginning! You can't roll back the clocks and do it NOW!

Now is the time for Etsy to give back for all the work we ALREADY did for you--for all the countless blog posts--button sharing--word-of-mouth ads we DID do! Sure, the newbies will get fired up and pimp Etsy for you--but what about the rest of us that got you where you are today?

Buy a freakin' ad.

Thank you.

Stats in stasis
After waiting 3 years for statistics, the real problem now is, what does Etsy plan to collect and make public, and what can the stores use. Based on experience, what sellers want is very different from what Etsy decides sellers need.

Fan art
I can understand that etsy can't intervene in a case, but seriously, if I'm making copies of FAMOUS Widgets and get put in a very visible place on a website, it would make sense for someone to tell me that hey, that famous widget you make, do you have a license for that?

I guess I don't understand why a company like Etsy covers their eyes at this. We're not talking about combing through listings and things like that, but when it is right in front of them, just sayin'.

Knock it off
what makes me sad is that we have a huge community of creative people making incredible one of a kind items, and for some reason, the items Etsy chooses to promote are in many cases cookie-cutter knock-offs...The site starts to look like, boringly similar- like what you'd find at Target...

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foxaz said...

Wow- you guys quoted me... I'm humbled...

j. hart photography said...

the new referral thing is obnoxious

stats for a fee... i'm pretty sure etsy does what etsy wants regardless of popular opinion. and i agree the comment quoted.

as far as etsy not being able to intervene in a case regarding copyrights... etsy's staff lawyer does not really know a whole lot about what she's doing in my opinion. just because she's licensed doesn't mean she's good. and what are they paying her? the poor girl can't even afford a decent website.

WindysDesigns said...

What do you want to bet that most of her job is cleanup detail, after the damage is done.It sure doesn't seem like they actually go to her before they do their thing. Someone should make her a t shirt that says damage control.

wristeroni said...

I don't know, Windy . . . she created some damage herself via her comments following the offending "Quit Your Day Job" feature by giving it a big A-OK.

I don't think she can control her own damage - much less that of the rest of the Cupcake Brigade.

Ladies Auxilliary said...

Heh, if I could get stats at all I might pay for them...I feel like a john just saying it but...

No, no, I take it all back...

Elizabeth said...

get great stats with bigcartel.

just bitchy said...

*general bitch, slightly related to the stats issue*

I wish that people who have no idea what the fuck they are talking about would STFU in the forums!!!!

*head explodes again*

Margaret said...

I got quoted :) I'm flattered :) I love this blog!

I also wish that admin would have answered the friggin question instead of closing the thread

Because seriously, can you call out a seller who was featured on the storque? That puts them in the public eye---but no one would be allowed to talk about the article? silly.