Saturday, May 22, 2010

We're TWO!!!!

We've been gorging on some mega plates of Etsy Fail this week, we completely forgot our own birthday!

We are now two years old (and two days). Some will say "terrible twos". Fuck them.

We're proud to be two. Two years longer than many thought we'd last. Two years longer than Etsy hoped we'd last. And yes, we're as surprised as you are. And sad, so little has changed in that time, and in some ways it's become a full circle of fail on Etsy's part. They only thing different is we have a few less on our staff and they have many more.

See that pretty, delicious looking cupcake up there? It's filled full of shit and broken dreams, just like Etsy, so don't eat it.

Our birthday but we have gifts for you. Some splendid sites of tremendous snark and schadenfreude they make us smile. Enjoy them – or don't, you overly sensitive fuckhead. See how much we care?

People of Walmart
Look at this Fucking Hipster
Poorly Dressed
Shit my kids ruined
CakeWrecks (who has this great appropriate cake that we almost used above instead)

And no list of this sort of complete without Regretsy, I'm sure most of you have found it already, but I predict a couple posts from rock dwellers saying it's new for them. So there it is anyway.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday- You guys are my favorite blog. I'm not on Etsy anymore but it's like a rainwreck- it's horrifying but I. just. Can't . look. away.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

All Wired Up TOO said...

Happy Birthday!
And here's another URL for you to enjoy!

HAHA I love that my capcha is cynican!

SCREWED said...


the hipster link doesn't work.....

The Cranky One said...

Fixed the link!

Stupid 3am additions... grumble grumble...

sark said...

Happy Belated Birthday, etsy bitch!
Keep on fighting the good fight!

AnotherTypeofBiotch said...

Congrats on year 2! Thanks for being here!

Violets new Vintage said...

Congrats on two years!

The Craftaholic said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Keep fighting for us!