Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Etsy Paypal Issues Persist

It's been a bit over 2 months now, and the Etsy Paypal issues are still ongoing.

Etsy's probably been too busy playing hot wheels on their road map and coloring outside the lines to fix it. Or maybe they've implemented Paypal Express Checkout already and just haven't told us. You never know with those rascals.

But, hey, it's only a random inability to sell items on the site, so they shouldn't be too concerned.

Oh wait, Etsy is an ecommerce site with a mission statement to "help people make a living making things". Huh...never would've guessed that.

At least the search problems don't matter since people aren't getting paid anyway.

By the way, the work around for payment is to either send an invoice (if you're the seller) or via your Paypal account, "Send Money" to the seller's email address in the Etsy transaction email (if you're the buyer).


The Righteous One said...

I saw that Zibbet is offering limited discounts on their monthly fees, and Artfire is supposedly going to be rolling out the shop rearrange feature...just, you know, in case you're looking for an alternative that isn't jacking up your Paypal connection.

For other alternatives, click the "Etsy alternatives" tag in the tag cloud on the right sidebar.

Julie said...

Ugh! I'm having nightmares about canceling a sale because I thought it was a NPB, and having it be because of the Paypal glitch.

aaaandd....I'm not sure, but doesn't doing the workarounds (emailing and sending an invoice through Paypal) mean that etsy doesn't get their fees? Seems like that should be good enough motivation to fix it.

nuggets said...

rascals! lol. all there is left to do is laugh at all the nonsense.

Eveline said...

Two months? Make that nearly five. It started before Christmas. Etsy does not care.

Miesha de Elkess said...

Their mission statement is what? Oh, I thought it was 'sign on as many sellers as possible, try to make our financials look decent even though we carry like 20 deadweight employees, generally ignore sellers and user concerns, and sell out for as large an amount as we can if we can find a decent buyer'. Could have fooled me.

I like how that now that Dawanda has had success in the European market that Etsy has largely ignored and somewhat abused, all of a sudden it's 'Euro Week!' 'Shop Local: Germany!'. What a bunch of jerks.

monkeybuttpowder said...

more importantly, the site is fwacked uh-gain. shades of last summer's seo fiasco.

search = broken
google = can't find etsy
sellers = screwed
new buyers = missing

knowing that this isn't the first time or most likely the last = priceless.

frustrated said...

just had yet another buyer who had to tell me she was unable to pay via etsy. I really don't want to go thru the hassle of moving my shop, but this is just getting ridiculous.

foxaz said...

Zibbet sent an email tonight, saying the massive influx of Etsy sellers has crumbled their servers and they bought a massive new server to fix the problem. They say they've sold 100 Premium memberships in just the last 48 hrs.

The Righteous One said...

Julie, no Etsy would still get their fees because the buyer goes through checkout but then can't get to paypal with the invoice amount. Unless Etsy implemented their not out of the shop until marked paid feature...which has only been mentioned by Rokali but not implemented as far as I know

ACraftyArab said...

They are down to only having 60 Premium Accounts left at $7. They've had a huge influx of Etsy sellers come over since the last few days (I wonder why?!?). Help a girl out and go to my referral link if you're thinking of checking them out:

Anonymous said...

The shop rearrange on Artfire hasn't been rolled out yet but I've been beta testing it (yes they test new features with real members) and it works really well, you can even rearrange within categories so the category pages are the way you want them.

Back on topic: If it's a paypal issue why am I only experiencing it on Etsy? So far I haven't had issues anywhere else either buying or selling.

The Funny One said...

PP isn't the only issue sellers are bitching about in dozens of threads, begging Etsy to get off its ass and be truthful for a change.

The alternative sites are getting better and will get even better when more sellers jump the Etsy Titanic.

I'm glad to get the news from Zibbet which has a long way to go, but more sellers will make that possible.

A great email update from ArtFire is another in a long line of great email updates because this site actually DOES what it says!

Etsy isn't listening and never will. The only way sellers can have an impact is to LEAVE, pronto. Send a bon voyage card to Rokali (who probably won't open them).

Amy said...

I just discovered this thread and clicked on the Etsy forum thread. After 13 pages, it was locked by Etsy Admin. The note says it was moved to a new thread. Except, uhm, it's the same thread. So effectively cut off the conversation completely.

This is Jack's Utter Lack of Surprise.

frustrated said...

So I've got yet another non-payer. Does she think she's paid? Is it a Paypal glitch? Did my money go to another seller? Or does she not want it? Who knows!!!
But I bet that if I didn't get my etsy bill paid because of a "glitch" it wouldn't sure as heck be a big deal to them...