Sunday, March 28, 2010

Worried about resellers on Etsy?

Hidden among the Dorque garbage from a little over a week ago was this tech update outlining two programs with specific team leaders to combat resellers.

SCRAM and Atlas, headed by CB and Indec, not surprisingly it still includes other sellers doing admin's job (for now, I'll say hesitatingly).

A few details of interest from the article:

SCRAM, which is essentially an internal Etsy "bot" that prowls the many halls of shops and listings, looking for probable resellers and other troublemakers. Since SCRAM was introduced recently, it has identified several hundred potential resellers, each of which our Support Team is reviewing for appropriate action, ranging from gentle reminders to outright banishment. Furthermore, SCRAM pays particular attention to catching those reseller shops that seem to pop up overnight, stuffed with mass-produced products.

The Atlas project covers all the tools we use to manage the content of the site.
One of projects that we've prioritized is to rebuild the flag-processing tools we have. While CB's SCRAM tools work really, really well, there's a limit to what automated tools can spot. That's where flagging comes in: Etsy members can report listings that break Etsy's rules. These flags then come into a system within Atlas that allows our Content Team to review the flagged items and take appropriate action — anything from an email explaining the problem and requesting an edit to a listing to outright termination of the account for the most egregious violations.

So all in all, all Etsians can do is flag, and they've added a "report this shop to Etsy" option. In the Bugs thread, some are reporting that the slow response time is still a problem, but Indec has stated that it's only the beginning of a large overhaul (suddenly I'm overcome with deja vu).

Just thought you all should know.


TooOld said...

I'll reserve judgment on this, as I do with every new feature or program that is instituted.
SSDD too many times over the past three years to do anything else. All trust in professionalism is gone.

The Funny One said...

I'm really not getting it. These automated security features have been available for a long time, so what's the problem? Why don't they work?
I also think that after 5 years of a flagging system that sucks wind that Etsy should admit it never worked and scrap it.
Etsy can tell sellers anything, lie their asses off and otherwise do a lot of nothing.
Who believes one thing they say anymore?
No credibility, no quality control, no business sense, and no real improvements for at least the last 2 years.
And STILL no customer service for their sellers.
Don't waste your time flagging.
It's another exercise in seller frustration on a long long long list of what Etsy still refuses to do in support of their sellers.
They shoot themselves in the foot once a week, at least!

ummmmmno said...

I'm not sure why anyone would waste their time flagging...we as sellers are certainly not getting paid for it, or getting our fees reduced for it...and most if not all of the time our flagging goes without action why waste time away from our own shops to flag a shop that will invevitably pop up the next weekend and the weekend after that and so on and so forth.

Might I also add that even if Etsy got off of its cupcake fat ass and actually implemented plans and actions that actually worked, we would still have these problems...unless they utilize IP recognition(forgive me if they already do would seem they do not)

The Angsty One said...

Skynet, anyone?

PARANOID said...

This is how distrustful I have become:
I'm starting to think Etsy is screwing the pooch google-wise just to get people to stop begging them to get rid of resellers.

Crocheted Little Things said...

All I can see is a De ja vou of a Titanic.

Eveline said...

Unless you post a forum thread about a shop that is blatantly reselling goods, Etsy does nothing about shops that have been flagged. I've 'hearted' certain shops to see how long it would take Etsy to take them down, and the difference between posting a thread and not posting one can be anywhere between a few months, a year and never. Flagging does not work.

Instead they should work on figuring out how the hell it is possible for 'several hundred' shops to open up and resell in the first place.

Anonymous said...

What I can't understand is Etsy's zeal for going closing shops that have an outgoing link (in my case I left an artfire link in my vacation notice) yet they are too busy to take care of stores that really need to be closed. BTW they have to have IP tracing somehow because they also closed three accounts I opened after- all different emails. I finally opened a 4th with a convo asking to please leave it open.

Disgusted said...

I've sent proof, with links about the many resellers in the seed category and others. Etsy refused to do anything about it, so I'm not going to hold my breath. I really don't think they give a damn. I quit wasting my time sending them proof when they refuse to act on it.

The Righteous One said...

Just a reminder that comments with links to other's shops and listings won't be approved. We know that discussing flagging may reignite frustration, but there are other sites where you can direct this (Flaggy, CallingOutEtsy, Regretsy) depending on the exact circumstances.

Beth Singleton said...

I've wasted my time flagging and emailing proof.

I'm no longer listing any of my handmade lampwork beads on Etsy until I see some changes.

I finally made the move to Artfire and I'm hoping for a more positive environment to sell my beads.

I've wasted too much time fighting a battle in the forums that Etsy chooses to ignore.

Anonymous said...

beth- if you need a code for 12/mon I can email it to you

nono said...

Twitter seems to work when things reach a breaking point. Etsy doesn't want the world to see they are a mess internally.

Sardine said...

'Atlas'? I remember Rokali mentioning that in a long, useless rambling 'update' in 2007. Seriously. Wow, now they're really getting it going... but it's a major work in progress. Amazing work they do there at Etsy.