Sunday, March 21, 2010

Reading the Reincarnated Etsy News Email

We certainly applaud the return of the Monthly Etsy Newsletter sent earlier this week (which was unexpectedly halted in November due to admin getting distracted by shiny things), but it’s a few days later and we’re still not finished reading the 14 links to Storque posts! And that’s before we even get to the More Etsy News and Site Feature Updates!

It brings everyone who reads it (and then spends the next week reading all those links!) up to speed, but we’re still wondering why the promised changes, updates, “Roadmap” and Etsy’s Community Council are so obviously missing from the headlines (yes, they're included as links among all the others, but they're big news).

Etsy has a reputation for inconsistency and forgetting (in a New York Minute) what they said to sellers last week (or for that matter, yesterday) but it’s getting to be a massive exercise in frustration for sellers who have been harping on just a few vital features that they need today, not 3,500 miles “down the road.”

Upon his return to the CEO helm, Rokali sent out a flurry of Announcements and popped into several forum threads bursting with promises to sellers that have simply faded into the background. Where did they go?

Etsy may have an internal roadmap, but the road changes route, fades to black, and runs right off a map that is a fuzzy as a Storque post or another Announcement about a contest that falls flat on its face.

What we DO know is that Etsy Sellers are so busy reading links, reading hundreds of forum threads, and desperately looking for the Roadmap (that remains ONE BIG SECRET to everyone but Etsy Admins) that they can barely keep up with changes and tweaks that have nothing to do with getting real traffic and sales to their stores.

Wasn’t that the original idea behind Etsy? Getting real traffic and real sales?

There’s a world of difference between what sellers discuss in the forums and what Etsy says in this email update. As the chasm gets wider, any Roadmap (if it actually exists) is driving many sellers straight off the site for good.


ummmmmno said...

I didn't have enough Advil or Tums to read the newsletter..oh wait..I didn't get the newsletter..just as well. I'm one seller who has lost considerable business because of etsy's farting around and messing with things and not fixing of these days I hope the hipsters get off their magic brownies and storm the building...they are the only ones admin wants to hear from anyway...

JustASeller said...

The newsletter was not sent to this seller. That's right, the newsletter did not come to the seller email attached to my seller account. Seems like a good newsletter to send to the ummm, sellers, but that's human logic speaking, not etsy logic.

tired said...

Why oh why can't they just copy the text from the links and put it in the newsletter...isn't that what newsletters are for? I don't want to follow link after link after link (which sometimes lead to other links), just let me read it there in my inbox.

Anonymous said...

I didnt get a newsletter either. Bummer. Maybe if I made cowls Id be more valued as a community member. My soap could at least be more ironic. I should get on that.

The Righteous One said...

The EtsyNews email is by subscription, Etsy still will not email all sellers regarding important changes. We've been harping them on this since we started.

If you want to get the EtsyNews email (with all the news fit to print and then some) you can sign up at this link
Warning, it says the News email is weekly, but Vanessa said it'll be monthly because she doesn't want to bog people down with a weekly email they signed up for as being weekly (and the last couple months it didn't go out because she forgot about it - see the link in the post for that interesting forum thread)

Make Way for Deliciousness said...

Yeah, I signed up for the 'Etsy news' email months ago and this is the first one I remember getting. It's all information I already learned about through Etsy Bitch anyway, weeks or even months ago!

Off topic, I tried to shop on Etsy for some supplies today. I gave up when I discovered there's no way to search for shops within your own country - I like being able to avoid high shipping fees and possible customs delays. According to some threads on the forum they've been 'working on it' for some time now. In the end I didn't buy anything.

The Funny One said...

It is amazing that Etsy still has no clue about how to communicate with sellers and proof is in the haphazard emails, humongous Handbook that no person in their right mind would read, and rambling daily Dorque posts that are baffling, confusing and often downright insulting.

Evidence that sellers are the last on Etsy's mythic list of priorities because they're too busy plugging a few stores 24/7 and not much else.

To top off this rather boring email update, Etsy just announced another "contest" that has abolutely nothing to do with selling and nothing that addresses the hot topic of the week ------ the totally shit shopping cart that some sellers suspect is turning away buyers away by the hundreds (thousands?).

Try it, you'll see for yourself. It's a disaster.

But Etsy is hiring! Who? People who actually have a real job description that doesn't list Twitter as a requirement? Snarky, bloated, elementary school writing skills? Must be 25 or less with no real life or work experience?

Pefect! Can you start tomorrow?

EstyvsDesignEqualsFacePlusDesk said...

But Etsy is hiring! Who? People who actually have a real job description that doesn't list Twitter as a requirement? Snarky, bloated, elementary school writing skills? Must be 25 or less with no real life or work experience?

Pefect! Can you start tomorrow?

Summed it up nicely. I think Etsy's tagline should have been changed to:

"Stupid is, as Hipster does."

Sure, they have SCRAM and Atlas, and honestly I think the engineers could be given more leeway to start working on seller tools and shopping cart streamline/integration. But no, the new design non-showered hires are probably bogging them down with "hey can we make this text smaller? Let's think outside the box and break the rules of adequate and smart web design, yeah, like, all of them, we need to make the site widescreen cinema mac friendly, you guys can work on seller tools later, right? "

hasgivenuponetsy said...

Sorry, I'm too busy reading the Zibbet weekly newsletter that acutally has results in it.