Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Holidays!

So, nows the time to help those who are never seen by those hipster assholes called Admin.

E-mail me your favorite sellers who are not recognized by Admin, and we're gonna create our own gift guides to be featured by the 20 every Saturday and Sunday until Christmas. Don't be overzealous though, and only send in a few for each week. :D Give people a shot at making it, so we have a good variety!

Send those e-mails to with the headline EB Gift Guides!


onagainoffagain said...

Oh, that's such a nice idea of yours.

Anonymous said...

I have one more item in my Etsy shop and when that expires, Im done. Guess it wouldnt really do any good to send you my shop link, but I might send you some others. This is a great idea.

Im considering opening up my website to other artists so they can have their own shops without dealing with Etsy. But yanno, unless theyre hipster d-bags with a shop full of cowls and owls, and cowls with owls on them, aint no way theyre making front page! Bonus points for owls wearing cowls.

The Funny One said...

As a lifelong buyer of handmade, the Etsy style is so mundane, that any GG, and any promo that looks like the front page or any other promotion on Etsy is so boring, I never look at them, no matter who puts them together.

The whole concept is old, tired, and has no marketing effect since Etsy has worked it into the ground.

As a seller, I'm equally wary of a "trendsetter" site that is stuck in the 1980's and old-style carnival barking that never says anything new. While very few sellers benefit from Etsy's parochial approach, the rest of it is just a huge exercise in bad retailing with zero quality control.

BrassMonkeyOriginals said...

This was a really nice idea. Kudos to whoever thought it up!

Etsy Blacklisted said...

You bitches are awesome<3

Thank you for giving those that don't fit the Etsy brand a chance at exposure.

whyohwhy said...

It's not just about them being hipsters... it's also about the ass kissing, pretentiousness and whole crappy home style magazine stuff they are pushing on us. I remember when there was fun cool things on the front page. Art and handmade things. Now it seems to be filled with bland boring mainstream stuff or poseur hipster stuff. No creativity. Look at today's featured seller?? Crafty wood christmas junk that you can find at any local Church bazaar. I'm mortified.

I started directing my customers to my favorites the day after the GG tab fiasco started. Had some excellent responses and a few shops ehad sales. I even state in my shop announcement to skip their gift guides and see mine.