Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quotables: Respect

They don't have any

...they have shown over and over that they really don't care what we think. I don't even believe that they view us as customers, because if they did they would surely take more notice of us and wouldn't leave us hanging.

If I treated my customers the way Etsy treats the sellers here I would expect to have 100% negative feeback. Hey maybe that's what Etsy needs to do, give us the opportunity to leave them feedback on the service they give their customers.Maybe that would give them the kick in the pants to up their customer services.

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The Funny One said...

And, given the history of Etsy leaving its sellers hanging in the wind since Day One, Etsy would ignore the feedback.

Etsy truly believes that any real work (including trying to decode one of their rare "info-emails") is up to sellers and the site owes them nothing but a place to park their asses.

Etsy does not go hunting for a bigger buyer base, sellers do. Etsy does not keep their sellers informed with facts, they let the forums feed one huge hairy ball of rumors and misinformation. Etsy doesn't even make sure sellers GET PAID for their products with a functioning Shopping Cart!

If this isn't complete and total arrogance - than what else could it be?

forum rubbernecker said...

Etsy does not keep their sellers informed with facts, they let the forums feed one huge hairy ball of rumors and misinformation.
I hate this most of all. There are SO many threads asking for things to be cleared up and admin never says a word.

soapdeli said...

Shame on you for deleting the bingo post! Satire is legal and was made so in the case of Larry Flint vs. Jerry Falwell.

Brass Monkey Designs said...

Respect...Let verybigjen show them how it's done (quote from a forum announcement she made):

I have been debating whether or not to say anything, as if I didn't it would go unnoticed entirely.

As many of you know, before Artfire I was a seller. I still am a seller. Sure, I have a studio, but I'm here to work!

I wanted to tell you all know that I specifically asked Artfire to NOT Feature me as a seller in ANY way once I was officially on board. No item features on site or Twitter etc, no featured artisan, nothing. I also will not be applying for features on outside blogs, contributing into promo boxes or anything else that could be seen a AF staffer seeking favor or self-promo for her shop on AF.

It's small thing, but it will ensure that we don't repeat very avoidable mistakes that only alienate sellers and add tension. And it's the simplest thing in the world to do and makes a statement.

Anyway, I just felt I needed to say it for the record. If I sell here that's nice - but if you sell here that's even better!

Disappointed said...

Case in point, the thread where people are asking for the ranking system to be explained. I hope they explain this before it goes live, but I don't really expect it. I am scared shitless about what this is going to mean.

The Cranky One said...

We still have the post, its jst not live. We didn't have time to deal with all the bullshit related to it that was coming in. We also didn't want anyone saying we were anti-seller, even if it was just one seller with massive delusions of grandeur.

etsy = biggest joke ever said...

Am I delusional, or were a whole bunch of comments on this post deleted?

sillygirl said...

Call me an art snob, but the front page on Etsy is lame almost every time. Maybe it is just that the repeats make all the artists look the same, vanilla, boring.

I'm sure that the bingo post ruffled some feathers, but I for one respect brutal honesty and have gotton myself in some pickles because of the truths I speak. It doesn't stop me from speaking them though.

And let me be the first to say about the relevancy issue going on now....
Relevant= Etsy admin's favorites.
I'll be money on it. (I hope I'd lose that bet though)

Love the humor said...

If you can redo the bingo sheet taking out specific seller names, I think that would take the focus from the sellers to the admin using this FP formula where it needs to be.

The Cranky One said...

We didn't make the bingo card. We don't know who did but its been out there a while in some circles. We weren't going to change what we didn't make.

mrs this is getting ridiculous said...

sorry to post off-topic here, but wanted to address this, then i'll shut up. Soapdeli and others, give it up already! It Wasn't Nice. Why fight for it to be put back up? If anyone would actually offer some constructive ideas instead of pointing out specific sellers and insulting specific products, perhaps something might get done to effect change. Anyway, sorry for the off-topic post!

passing wanderer said...

Etsy Search - One step forward and 2387396 steps back:

Heather said...

And let me be the first to say about the relevancy issue going on now....
Relevant= Etsy admin's favorites.
I'll be money on it. (I hope I'd lose that bet though)
This is what I'm afraid of too. I asked what relevancy meant when they first said the search was changing...no answer. I don't think we're getting an answer...because we won't like it. Etsy continues to treat us like children.

forum rubbernecker said...

Relevant= Etsy admin's favorites.
Yes. As far as the bingo card, it was freaking hilarious. Artist are such sensitive people. Glad to see savor thought it was great.

lovedit said...

I loved the bingo card, too. The ones who went ballistic:

a.) another promotional excuse
b.) too stupid to understand satire
c.) both

teawithfrodo said...

"it wasn't nice"
well etsy really isn't doing a "nice" job now are they.

Then again a bunch of disgruntled people decided to send me some nasty emails...and since they know nothing about me they just called me fat and ugly.

I support their not wanting to change the bingo card. People need to grow up.
The people who say that everyone on this board bitches and moans are the ones who do the most complaining and don't seem to want to make a change.

You can't fault people for showing the truth.

Anonymous said...

As far as the front page goes, it is obvious that Etsy wants to fuck with sellers. They want to only permote a few select sellers. They want to make people angry and sad. They are vindictive and calculating. They know EXACTLY what they are doing.

Unless sellers, a lot of sellers boycott Etsy or tell the magazines that give them press what they do to real artists and the almost destroyed community, nothing will ever change. Imagine if Venus, Bust, Craft Magazine, Ready Made got OFF the Etsy bandwagon and got on Artfire's or 1000 Market's? Maybe the childish, evil admins would start to listen. Something big has to happen to destroy their reputation.

I have had it. They make me sick.

Let's make them stop said...

Please add my nickname to post. I forgot it in all my rage.