Thursday, January 8, 2009


It's not often we give out TWO Awards of Valor in such a short period of time, but... ahhhh.... dissatisfaction and rage is in the air and that makes for good blogging! Another HeyMichelle drive by locking.

PaintedBull says:
I do not care if i get muted or forever kicked out but closing that thread was fuckin bullshit!!!!!

there was no calling out and there was a lot of good discussion, you are very blatant in your attitude towards weavers on this site. What the hell is wrong with you!!!!

I am so pissed off about this, and I know I am very aggressive in this post but damn I am mad.

This is the most disgusting thing. You are neglecting a huge amount of talent.

So please delete my accounts mute me forever. I just can not believe the treatment you give your sellers.

So from the bottom of my heart...

go fuck yourself, Etsy!

JJ Walts and PaintedBull
That is my whole and true name.

PaintedBull, we'd stalk you, steal the gum you left on a receipt, clone your DNA and make a unholy army of you, give all yourselves a molotov cocktail kit and a first class all expenses paid ticket to Brooklyn.

But that's like really expensive we're guessing and since the economy sucks and sales on Etsy are down per capita - we'll just have to give you this:

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paw stomper said...

Oh ye gods. That is too classic.

Between the bingo card and Admin behaving like absolute buttwipes on the boards, this has been the most entertaining week EVER!

Anonymous said...

Yep - I read the entire thread and could not see one reason why it should be closed!

No calling out? No negative references to others and their art? No rudeness? No mention of specific shops? Just a good intelligent discussion!

Just plain silly! You jumped too soon Michele!

kibbles said...

Antlerchrist stamp of approval.

eclipse said...

That was a really interesting and calm discussion about weaving techniques. The admins have lost the plot.

"Calling out" used to mean shit like "This buttwipe janedoe34 left me bad feedback and I am gonna kill her dog!"

Then it stretched to include "someone I won't name left me bad feedback and I hope her dog bites her."

Now it has apparently stretched to include something as mild as "Dogs are not Elephants".

Because just stating a simple goddamn objective FACT might hurt some precious wittle doggies feelings somewhere in the world! Because you are CALLING OUT anyone who ever had a dog, saw a dog, got bit by a dog, or who thinks dogs look like elephants, and we can all define elephants for ourselves right, because it's a free country and perception is reality and if I say I am Cleopatra then I jolly well am!

Christ on a bike Etsy, can you please inject some logic-based reality into your jugular vein? How will anyone ever learn anything if no one is ever wrong, no one ever makes a mistake, all answers are equally correct, no one is ever allowed to say "no" or "not" or "I don't like the color yellow" because that might hurt someone's feelings who has jaundice.

cctexan3 said...

hey SIS you rock! What a difference a few days makes.. Now we are tuly sisters in combat hehehe. Proud to be your friend, standing shoulder to shoulder against the mongol hordette that is cupcake central.

viva la ArtFire!

WhatsUpWithThat said...

I'm fairly new to Etsy and while everything was peach pie at first, now it's the pits. You should have seen the raging on the vintage forums ! It was pretty intense so I *kinda* see why it got blocked, but this thread---was like granny chat. No real controversy, just a bunch of discussion. That's what a forum is right, a place for discussion?

jed said...

What was that child thinking? She had no more reason to close that thread, than any other over zealous closure she has fact probably less!

I really don't get some of these kids. They get a little power and off they go, using it at the drop of a hat with no good reason in the world.

Your outburst paintedbull was truly justified, and I think you used remarkable restraint!

And eclipse, I love your 'Christ on a bike' phrase...that gave me a chuckle!

The Funny One said...

Funny how Etsy can be snide, snarky, flip and downright mean in thousands of blogs posts, forum posts, and cut&paste emails to sellers------they like "putting sellers in their place". Sellers are just so damn annoioioioiying, love Etsy.

rolling my eyes again said...

Someone needs to sit Michelle down and explain that you need to read a damn thread properly before shutting it down for no actual reason. This isn't the first, nor the fifth, time she's done this.

PaintedBull said...

Wow, This whole thing has been very enlightening.

First off, let me say that I am very passionate about things. (As many who know me can attest to.) I have made a post about my experience the PB Blog, about what lead to this outburst and...what I do feel was justified...angry feelings toward those that really pissed me off.

That being said, I want to thank all of you who have sent me messages of support. I feel I took one for the team, so to speak...

Now for my chance to get "bitchy"...
There has been so many revolting things that have continued to prevail at The blatant favoritism, lack of communication (damn I will not rehash all that shit.) The point being that it really is a shame when intelligent and talented people, who care about something (and in this I mean their art/craft, business, friends, interest and venue to sell their work)have to resort to such drastic measures in order for a legitimate issue to get attention.

Am I being a bitch about it, hell ya. But if being a bitch is what it takes to get the word out then so be it. I will continue to bitch until something is done. That does not make me someone who whines because I do no get my way.

My bitch about Etsy treating handweavers like lepers was not something to benefit just me. Hell, I sell and make jewelry. It was for a large portion of their customers(that means Etsy sellers)who take an enormous amount of time and energy to weave their products.

Well, I have created a stir and being the opportunistic bitch that I am...would like to use this little blip of attention to say something.

Weaving is a fucking awesome way to be creative. So be a warped bitch and get your sticks and shuttles and learn to weave.

-JJ & Painted Bull
aka Wefty Woman

Start To Finish Supplies said...

Ha! Love it! True honesty at its best. Way to stick it to them!

lovedit said...

They deserved what you gave them and more, my dear. Vive les Bitches!!

JJ Walts said...

Hey EB...

I would like to add to my comment!

Again, I want to say that I will be an opportunistic bitch and use this attention to promote weaving.

This blog is for anyone who is interested in weaving and what to learn more, experienced weavers who want to share and discuss, those of us that are excited about weaving and would like to spread that addictive and wonderful "weaving bug"...
Let's foster discussion and promotion of the art and craft of weaving.

-Wefty Woman
One Warped Bitch!

disappointed said...

PB, I think I love you.

creativeneurosis said...

bitches!!! when y'all gonna add a post about the stats. I'm dying here!!! The fawning and raving in the forum is making me wanna puke. it's like thanking your abusive spouse for not kicking the shit out of you any more.

oh honey, I know i've begged you for years to stop beating me, and you've ignored me, ridiculed me, done "social experiments" on me while never even making an attempt to stop... but now that there's a new guy in town who doesn't abuse me, you've decided to stop. thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou....


JJ PB WW said...

Screw Etsy, I am continuing that damn discussion that what closed by who I would consider a true bitch in every sense of the work.

Let the games begin!

-Wefty Woman
The PaintedBull herself!!!!

If we want change, let's do it together! said...

I really think that there need to be more outrage when it comes to Etsy. Let the press that think that they are so great know what they are doing to hard working artists and their businesses. They can not stay on top forever. Unless they loose their reputation in the craft world, the one that includes magazines like Venus, Bust, Craft Magazine and Ready Made nothing will ever change.

Real supporters of the Craft movement need to stop buying there, stop selling there. How do we get people to publicly boycott Etsy? Let's do something!

Orbie/\;;/\ said...

"Weaving is a fucking awesome way to be creative."
thank you JJ for that... It truly is a fucking awesome way to be creative and nice to see it in print and it makes me proud to hold my shuttle high.

I never saw a dang thing in that thread that was even close to offensive. Education and enlightenment are not offensive

woolies said...

I'm off to buy a loom, I've been wanting to weave for a really long time and since I can't make stuffed animals anymore thanks to the fucking big brother is watching government, need to learn a new craft. So now I need to go read the thread so I can learn about weaving.

handweaver said...

JJ/Painted Bull, you rock. :)

The Soap Opera Is Getting Old said...

There is so much drama on Etsy I just can't keep up anymore. I mean I used to read the forum pretty thoroughly and had a good handle on what was up. But, now between the forums, and all of the offsite drama and blogs HOW can you all keep up!!! If I read every blog and post and comment and flickr group etc. etc. etc. I would NEVER have time to work! Being in the know at Etsy has just become way to exhausting to bother anymore. On Etsy it's the drama that is always in the spotlight instead of the art!

Eveline said...

"....because no one wants to come into the forums and be ashamed because people are saying that they are doing something wrong!" OH for fuck's sake, HeyMichelle! We're all adults here, with the exception of a few children under supervision of their parents. If you can't tell an adult that they are doing things wrong without the fear of 'making them feel ashamed', you might as well pack up the forums altogether.

Sad bunch of fuckwits.

Crafter Addict said...

i can't say I am surprised. I've only been on etsy for 2 months and have a thread of mine closed for commenting on a FP that an admin put together during the holidays. All I said in my thread was how a particular emotion was elicited from one of the items featured. That was it. Nothing derogatory. If anything, a compliment to the artist seeing it provoked such an emotion in me.

So....whatever. Etsy clearly will continue to close threads they just don't like. And I've seen plenty of threads of awful name calling and whatnot stay open.

Go figure.

forum rubbernecker said...

And I've seen plenty of threads of awful name calling and whatnot stay open.
I have noticed that locking of threads an/or the time it takes is directly proportional to the person or persons doing the abusing. Sort of like OJ. But remember, eventually it caught up with him.

jodie nicholson said...

I have noticed that locking of threads an/or the time it takes is directly proportional to the person or persons doing the abusing. Sort of like OJ. But remember, eventually it caught up with him.
If a thread has no wit, they must acquit

forum rubbernecker said...

If a thread has no wit, they must acquit
Ha! I was trying to think up a good one but came up with scratch. Sadly, the high point of my career here on EB was "Grandma got run over by some hipsters".

Hey! Just thought of one:

"If you are bashing cowls and knits,
we must call it quits"

Top Shelf Totes said...

Damn... I go out of town for four days, and so much happens around here!

Painted Bull, that was a wonderful post! The way in which Admin randomly closes threads and uses broad definition is ludicrous.

There have been so many posts closed with valuable discussion, it is sickening.

PB::JJ::WW said...

Orbie spider I love you!


Jimbob Quippy said...

One of my first experiences with the Etsy forum was attempting to debate an idea with some nimrod, and then having 'Stella' come and lock the thread with a dismissive comment, as if our ideas meant nothing and we were children. The way they do that is ridiculous: pretty much everyone that works the forum is horrible.

Anonymous said...

Well said PaintedBull. I too was reading that thread and then it was locked. WTF? It was one of the better threads! Also, why does admin have the most buttass pictures? The one with the stupid chick saluting - whats up with that?

Sorry to rant, but I'm getting tired of admin shutting down threads.