Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quotables: Moving on Up

Need a push?

The last 12 hours should give you the push to start your own website if you are serious about being an artist in business.

The catagories have been stuck (yes, again) and no new or renewed items will show up. Yes, I know there is a Storque article telling you to renew as a method to be seen, but if the categories are stuck, and then bulk uploaded, it is not effective.

I want to believe in etsy. I love selling here. But, this is the prime time shopping season and etsy is broken.

Yes, I know you need to bring your own customers here, I do that through expensive ads at my own expense. That however does not excuse the fact that etsy is not working. We need to work in tandem, not against each other.

I'm frustrated.

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Andy Mathis said...

Somebody give Ms. Sherry a cupcake.
with EXTRA sprinkles.

jodie nicholson said...

I thought about turning Etsy Screw-Ups into a drinking game.....then I realised that I can't spend every day drunk out of my mind.

The Funny One said...

Anyone notice the bugs are bugging out and no Admin is around to check them out?

Even at a time like the holiday retail weeks, of which there are less than 8 left, Admins take their weekends off. Great to know they care..........

Julia Pearl said...

Jodi Nicholson, you really should try it, it's the only way I can keep my shop on Etsy. You can always laugh and if laughing doesn't help, you can always pass out.

Andy Mathis said...

if one needs a liver transplant, due to alcohol poisoning and cirrhosis, how much does that cost in AUS dollars?

ArmandoJavier (MANDO) said...

Sherry is right. I need to work on my own site!

MI Zombie said...

Having your own site is a must! Specially with the Hitler's who run Etsy. I have never ever seen a site so full of ass kissing, incompetent admin and just general lack of business skills in all of my 13 years of being online!

You don't need to pay someone $250-1500 for a site. Zen Cart is can be set up real easy and just change some colors and background to get started. Then if you want a to pay for a professional site later on down the road you can. First you just need to focus on getting your site online and selling on your domain. You can worry about the curtains and carpet later.

Do it! GET your OWN site TODAY!!! Show the E you have the power to take control of your own situation!!

SewCrazyDogLady said...

I love Zen Cart... took me a while to get it the way I like it but it's worth it