Monday, November 3, 2008

EtsyHacks - FINALLY!

Hurrah! Finally someone has created some Greasemonkey scripts for Etsy! And of course the husband of an Etsy seller had to be the one to do it. We love developers who make tools for sellers that Etsy can't/won't make so I was sure to rush over to post this.

If you don't know, Greasemonkey is a killer plugin to Firefox that essentially adds functions to pages. There are a few hundred for Flickr that streamline things immensely, and personally I find a number of them essential and I'm lost if I use a computer without them. Now there are some for Etsy!

There are a number of them to be had - here's the descriptions:

printable receipt enhancer
Apply IDs and class names to elements on the printable receipt page, so that you can use stylesheets to change the appearance of the page. Change the font size, hide sections, change colours, add a logo - see the example stylesheets for examples.
(This one is more for techno saavy folks... you have to know some css to enter into it.)

transaction id to url

Change the text "Transaction ID# ..." for each item on the "printer-friendly" receipt page into a URL.
(especially helpful for cancelling transactions!)

convo linker
Automatically turns the text "listing #..." or "transaction #..." in a convo into a link. Useful for when a customer uses the "contact the seller" link to send you a convo.
(I have dreamed of this since day one... when they write about a item, you know what one!)

buyer info
Add extra information to the "buyer" box on a receipt page - a link to convos with that user, a link to their feedback page, a link to send them a convo, and a link to their email address.
(This is AWESOME. Links the email, ads links to send a convo, and to jump to convos from that buyer!)

printer-friendly linker

Add a link to the "printer-friendly" receipt view for each order on your orders page, next to the link to the regular receipt.
(This one speeds things up and saves you a couple clicks!)

Don't let the scripts word throw you off, getting and installing Greasemonkey could not be easier! If you can click a link or button, you can do it.
  1. If you are runnning Firefox, go here, then click the "Add to Firefox" button.
  2. Firefox will pop up a dialog box asking you to confirm that you want to install Greasemonkey - click on "Install".
  3. Restart Firefox (See that part was easy!)
  4. Next go to the Greasemonkey scripts for Etsy page... and click on the name of the ones you want.
  5. The next page you will see an install button... when it's ready to click, click it. DONE! Go back and add another!
Seriously that's it folks! Click the install buttons! Done!

I love this so much I want to have it's babies.

(edit: BTW, if you want to find this site later, you can find it listed in our EtsyLinks on the left, and under "etsyhacks" or greasemonkey" in our labels)


sigh said...


Love these!

Tell me, how long did it take for him to create these? I REALLY want to know! I'm sure not 3 years and counting.

Hey Etsy... Ptttttththththththttt!!!!

Talli said...

OMG, this is SO brilliant !

moxylyn said...

Awesome! Thanks for this info! And thanks to the husband who created these!

Paw and Claw Designs said...

nifty spiffy!

AllBetsAreOff said...

I can barely contain my glee. *&^%$!

A Print Button ~ right where you need it. Email link ROCKS.

I can't wait to get home & fix my receipts!

etsyhacks said...

sigh: The little ones, about half an hour each. Longer to write the documentation in some cases ;) The "printable receipt enhancer" took a few hours.

moxylyn: You're welcome.

dillon designs said...

I haven't started playing around with these yet, but I'm giddy at the very idea. Yay!!!!!

schoollocker said...

I recently learned of etsyhacks when the developer sent me a note based on this forum thread:

I'm so grateful that I have a new tool that will help me efficiently manage my shop.
How great is this!?
Sees a problem and a need, and steps up to help us out.
Reads the forums and follows up!


Thank you!

texass said...

True genius. thank you very much.

Salmon Street Studio said...

Yay!, LOVE these, esp the convo one (and the more info in the buyer field and...).


SimplyDenyse said...


The Funny One said...

Now, if someone could figure out how to set up a way into the Etsy Gift Guides (which are anything but) and make them into something buyers will really like and use to help them shop. They are even worse than last year when they were forced on sellers, are completely devoid of any seller-help, and look like something picked by someone who really really likes a lot of

eclipse said...

this is so neat!!

You know what I would love, is a way to unheart a shop or item right from the shop page or item page.
Right now you can heart from there but then to unheart you have to click my etsy, favorites, click thru umpteen pages, find the item or shop, and click the tiny X.

I wish the "heart this item" link in a shop was a toggle- i.e. you could turn it on and off from the same place. I wonder if etsyhacks could build this?