Thursday, October 30, 2008

Showcasing Etsy's Diversity

Admin Matt has started a thread in the forums asking for opinions on displaying Etsy's diversity, primarily in regards to the front page. Is it a coincidence that they ask this after a discussion about the marketing campaign?

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Anonymous said...

Would that I could.
This is a major topic that Etsy has not wanted to deal with for a long, long time. I hope it isn't just one of those diversionary threads, because it's a crucial issue.
Thanks for giving me a voice......

Ladies Auxilliary said...

If Etsy would just focus on quality, not hipness...they would answer their own questions very quickly, and suddenly they would see SO many more creators, right there in front of them. The Etsy "rainbow" would have so many more colors if they were truly interested in art, and craft, not being cool.

They also need to decide if they're interested in actually serving a more general market, or just the Greater Brooklyn area ;)

Old Hippie Bitch said...

What's the point of contributing? It stinks of "diversionary thread" as morgansilk puts it. Just like the idiotic "Organize Your Favorites" thread by Rokali FROM AUGUST that is still at the top of Ideas. Total bullshit.

lessa said...

Unfortunately Morgansilk, I believe this is just classic diversion. People are upset and I guess they don't have a cool new widget to surprise us with at the moment so they are pulling out the, 'we are listening, help us help you, because we love you' card.

Gina - RoseThistleArtworks said...

Yah. What is up with that "organize your favorites" thread?

I just don't get the focus on getting new shops in. If greed were really the driving force of marketing, wouldn't it be more financially beneficial to KEEP the shops and teams happy that are there and then let that word draw in more sellers?

I totally agree with ladies auxilliary above. It seems so clear to me, I'm confused how anyone in admin or investing can't get this.

life-during-wartime said...

What's the big deal?

Etsy needs to limit the number of treasuries any user can create in some specified time period.

Then they need to block any specific item from appearing in a treasury more than once during a specified time period.

Finally, they need to block any shop from having an item on the front page more than once during a specified time period.

Voila! Instant diversity poured directly from your servers.

The front page has sucked maximally the last few weeks. I've seen over a dozen items in 2 (or more) front page groupings during that time. Are the gals who grab the treasuries some kind of clique, or is it just random/coincidence that they all luv the same exact items from the same exact shops?

so cool said...

Yeah, so when did Brooklyn become the mecca for all things cool?

That's probably the LAST place I'd go to look for cool.

Just sayin'

jamerson said...

Total diverson, they are so fucking transparent. Sellers have pretty much already laid it out for them a thousand times.

How about getting professionals to run the site. Educated, business minded people who have solid ideas & experience on actually making money. This is not arts & crafts served with cupcakes & juice boxes at summer camp.

Grow up Matt...You guys know damn well what needs to be done.

judgejudy said...

C'mon really? This is beyond ridiculous now...How about marketing to new sellers. Perhaps they will have some fresh "Ideas" for you to ignore.

Please, give me a break!

gumbo said...

I Love how they alway remind everybody these member-curated treasuries.

They don't wan't to take ownership of anything that happens, ever.

Oh gee, we didn't know how you felt...We thought that's what you wanted to see over & over & over.

Share your ideas with us & we will think about it some more. If you miss this thread, don't worry because we'll be posting the same one in 2 years.

Love, sparkles & lollipops! XOXO

humdingerflo said...

Showcase diversity? Why now? All of a sudden they're not ashamed of of the rest of etsy's content.

at least they are consistently inept said...

Etsy is a one-trick pony.
They are stuck in a rut because they don't know better and are too arrogant to admit it.

A real, talented, successful Art Director is needed on staff. Not someone who 'thinks' they know trendiness or what's hot and let's their own personal taste dictate their selections. An AD is *not* someone who doodles cute cartoons.

They need someone who can put their own biases aside and actually knows how to spot upcoming trends; not just recognize the has-beens.

Etsy is so incredibly confused and poorly staffed, I think it's impossible to teach them.

Maria, you've brought in an Tech pro.
Now find yourself a real Marketing person and a knowledgeable Creative Director.
Before you lose the few shreds of credibility that remain.

Vita said...

I am glad they at least talk about it!
I am really sick of seeing the same things over and over and over on the front page. This is just rediculously unfair to the rest of the sellers.

angelstuff said...

It pisses me off to no end when etsy admin ask for input like this. As old hippie bitch said, it's a diversionary tactic to make us forget that there are problems and to feel like we're involved while at the same time. I tire of these meaningless pacifying gestures on their part.

Etsy needs to stop involving the sellers and hire professionals, already.

kcroteau said...

Matt started this one as a distraction to the thread I started claiming Admin are inconsistent and unfair... I wasn't surprised my thread was closed, but it was closed for other reasons than what I had originally suspected.

I give up.

The Funny One said...

Oh yes, Consistently Inept put it well; Etsy is confused and poorly staffed and it shows from the front page to the Pay Now Button.

Sure Matt is using the old Etsy diversion trick, but the end result is a bigger chasm between Etsy and its sellers.

Etsy operates in a tiny world that they created, and their increasing isolation is only made more acute by the fact that 75% of the combined effort of most employees is dedicated to the Dorque - the big sandpit. Lotta heads buried in there.

Their isolation from (and lack of interest in) sellers is so clear, it's dripping.

Margaret said...

I'd agree that the thread is a diversion. If they were really interested in opinions on this, wouldn't they have asked before they put together their holiday marketing?

And seriously, having one seller in the print ads just makes so little sense.

foxaz said...

But wait! The funnyone says they aren't interested in sellers. I know what she means, but think about it- sellers are their total focus: bringing in new ones with empty promises of a handmade career.
Etsy cares about sellers alright- new sellers, hundreds every day, as many as the hopelessly broken search will support.

WindysDesigns said...

Seriously? they need suggestions on how to show more diversity? Really? How difficult is it to just open your eyes and look beyond the end of your own nose?

Stop relying on the easy way out for a change and put some effort into it. It isn't that hard, really it isn't.

Onc again Etsy treats it's sellers like greyhounds on a racetrack after that every elusive bunny. Round and round in circles, focused on that rabbit that you never seem to catch.

I guess if there's one thing they do well, it's creating a diversion.

The Funny One said...

Foxaz you got it right and then some.......and it is precisely the new sellers that keeps Etsy with a roof over its head, 70 paid people, and recruiting more in the VP salary range. (To tell most of their employees to keep blogging all day!)

New sellers paying listing fees and sinking money into sinkhole showcases (regenerating like a bunch of etsy-bunnies with bunny names!)and that will be their legacy.

A house built on sand won't be there when the tides change.

sillygirl said...

I've always though that Etsy is killing craft. The FP is usually a bargain bin or the same circle necklace over and over again.

I used to think that there was still originality in the world before Etsy. Now, I'm not sure.

Impetuous said...

How about the Etsy logo, on a big round earth and people of many colors holding hands around it.


Angel said...

But guys! Don't you know that when you slap the same old "Admin Faves" in your Treasury that you stand a greater chance of being on the front page?!!!

It's not that they actually LIKE those items or shop owners, it's that the people who are making those Treasuries have figured out Admin's petty assed psychology.

MI Zombie said...

What will happen to SarahsSky and estasketch if that happens??? They don't have any desire to do anything about the front page favoritism! If you believe they do I got hand made Nike's for sale, just convo me if you want some!@!