Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Etsy Shopper Survey

We picked this up from Twitter...Etsy has a shopper survey in the Storque. It is only active until Sunday, so let's hit them and hit them hard with your ideas for improving the buyers' experience!

Attention Shoppers!

We want to make the shopping experience better on Etsy and we need your help. We value your input and would love to gain some insight into your experience of Etsy's current checkout process, how you find what you want to buy, and how you prefer to pay for your purchases.

If you've ever purchased on Etsy, please take our brief Shopper Survey. It'll take three minutes! This survey will only be live until Sunday night, November 30, 2008, so please don't delay!

(EDIT by Cranky: They seemed to have moved the link, November 30th my ass. Maybe they were getting answers they didn't like about the IHPS question and shut it down early, or was it that people actually found it? If the link returns, we'll let you know! But wouldn't it have been nice for them to send this out to ALL the members in an email instead of hiding it in The Cupcakery Times?)

EDIT by Righteous: If you are re-directed to the Etsy homepage it is because they recorded you as already having taken the survey.


Erin said...

Thanks for letting me know about this. I hit that shit like an Everlast.

Megan McGory said...

I'm not the first person to bring up the fact that they have Connecticut spelled wrong in their location dropdown menu.

It's called proofreading, people!

Violets new Vintage said...

Took the survey. fun to give my 2 cents regarding the searches. I also stated 24 hours is too long for a newly listed item to have to be in limbo before it appears. I think that and the nepotism are my biggest gripes.

wristeroni said...

I took it earlier this evening . . . for all the good it will do.

I assume that Etsy will pat themselves on the back for the answers that please them and igonre the others.

eclipse said...

Oh kee-rist! There is a question about in house payment system again! I thought they had dropped that idea.

ebbandflo said...

good! i'm not the only one picking herself up off the carpet at the IHPS question


grumpyface said...

Is this yet another thing where they ask for opinions simply to shut the masses up, and then just keep doing what they want anyway?

foxaz said...

when I fill out a survey for Home Depot, they enter me in a drawing for a wonderful prize.
Just sayin'

BooHooHoo said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, and for those who are not celebrating it, have a wonderful day.

BooHooHoo said...

I didn't see the question about in-house payment system.

jodie nicholson said...

Etsy: Your place for redundant surveys

Tip: You say you read the fora...but clearly, you don't.

beckandcallgirl said...

When I click the survey link, it takes me back to the Etsy homepage.

Is it disabled already? Or do I fail at survey-taking?

Ronnie said...

I think it's fairly obvious that an in house payment system is on the horizon. We don't have any say in the matter. The survey is only to make it look like they considered people opinions.

The Funny One said...

Etsy is making 2 big statements by burying this "survey" deep in the rest of the crap they call their "blog."
1. Etsy has the arrogance to believe that site visitors have time to read thousands of incomprehensible posts (tweeny shorthand) and ACTUALLY SHOP based on these insults to the written word; and
2. Etsy is throwing everything they can into their "blog" and calling it "work" because they are too lazy and lack the intelligence or ability to FIX SEARCH and FIX THE SHOPPING CART.

Protect sellers from non-paying buyers, what? Did you say something, sellers?

The Cranky One said...

Boohoohoo, it was in there, but you'd be hard pressed to see it now. The link is down. The article is still up however.

It was something akin to how you wanted money to be handled and answers were like Credit processed by paypal, Google Checkout however one was credit processed via etsy or likewise worded. They really snuck it in.

hee haw said...

"tweeny shorthand"

Best description of why the Dorque sucks ever.

meanbean said...

the link is there! it's right here:


The Cranky One said...

yeah the link is there, but it sends you to the front page, at least it does me.

AliciaMae said...

If they really wanted BUYERS to take the survey they should've put the link and notifier on the front page. I took the survey last night and it was just chock full of "duh"...things that have been discussed in the forums for years. I guess they don't trust that sellers are buyers, too.

Pandora said...

The link must be working again; I just took the survey.

I told them the search function sucks ass.

another2cents said...

Etsy, can't you even get a professional to create your surveys?

The first one was horrid and this isn't much better.

Don't you ever tire of failing?

P.S. Proofreading would help, too.
I can't believe you publish half the crap that you do; so amateurish it's embarrassing.

KPP said...

Yeah, I'm a buyer only now and the only reason I would even find this survey is because you guys posted it.

bluh said...

Oh for Pete's sake.

If you're taken to the front page when you click the survey link it means you have already taken the survey.

No conspiracy here, just the usual precaution to keep people from stuffing the ballot box. Probably a cookie.

I found the survey article because its in heavy rotation on the Community page at the bottom. Hiding right there in plain sight.

Eveline said...

Etsy Admin
stellaloella says:
When you've finished the survey, you will automatically be sent to the front page of Etsy. So for those who've asked about that -- yep, it's normal and your answers were submitted. Thank you!

Wow, does that mean that Etsy actually learned from a precious mistake? I know it's cold outside, but did hell freeze over? I had no idea..

Julie said...

Credit Card processed by Etsy?! Um, no.

See if you can get your billing straightened out, and an automated payment system working smoothly and accurately for an entire year with NO snafu's, and then maybe maybe maybe the thought wouldn't make me want to run away.

herewegonow said...

there was one payment question as a buyer what would you prefer to use?
PayPal Guest CC
PayPal balance
Direct Debit
Why can there only be one?
Google & Amazon are for US vendors only. So like, PayPal is the only reasonable "secured" 3rd party option if you have to pick only ONE. (I have said accounts, but this move would eliminate a couple sellers in those far away places, like, Canada.)
I can even very happily process the charges myself, if Etsy would provide the *&^%! form (secured pls) for the customer to complete. "other" is a terrible hole.

Let me do it. Pls get out of the way. Clean up the toys, put them in your room, and let me do my work.

Rhetorical Question for the Day.
If Etsy cannot hold an international contest because of the difficulties of international prize laws, HTH do they think they can build an international localized (for currency) secure payment processing system for both buyers & sellers?

The Righteous One said...

Well, good for them having it re-direct when you've already taken it. A page saying 'we already have your responses' would have been more helpful though.

"I found the survey article because its in heavy rotation on the Community page at the bottom. Hiding right there in plain sight."

bluh, how many buyers go to the community page? very few I would imagine since they're there to shop, not commune

KPP said...


Do you see a separate link or do you mean the Storque rotation? I don't often watch the article rotation through the Storque unless I happen to page down too far (or I'm really bored), but since you mentioned that it was at the bottom of the communitiy pages, I do see the survey is on rotation through there (which means its on rotation on the homepage as well). Not really the ideal place if you want a mass response from buyers, in my opinion.

life-during-wartime said...

I took the survey yesterday after seeing a thread about it in Etsy forums. The link still works today: took me to the Dorque article with a second link, at that link my IP addy had been recorded already and it thanked me for completing the survey.

If they can record IP addys to keep real and actual Etsy buyers like me from repeatedly taking their survey, why can't Etsy block resellers from repeatedly opening shops? Hmmmm...okay, I didn't pay 20 cents to take the survey!

New To Etsy said...

Took the survey, as poorly written as it is. I think I wrote a better survey when I was in 7th grade and doing a research project for student government.

I'm pretty new to Etsy, it could be better but has given me a quick way to get my items into a shop (until I get my website ready). If they bring payment processing in house, I will most likely shut down my shop as I don't trust them to handle this.

I've been involved with building in house payment systems... it's not as simple as putting up a VISA logo. I doubt Etsy understands this.

Adore said...

Well I took the survey but honestly, I feel like the questions were a complete waste of time and I don't really see how they could possibly glean any information from it that would better serve the site.

As for an in house payment system, are you kidding me? I don't trust etsy to refund my .20 cent listing fee on a bad sale (which apparently they don't) so why in the world would I trust them with my credit card information?

Even if Etsy (God forbid) did put an in house payment system in place, could you imagine what would happen if they screwed up an order or charged someone's card twice? If the customer service they have provided in the past is any indication of what to expect, I would think that they would have an angry mob and a band of credit card company lawyers beating down their door faster than you can say 'front page cowl.'

BooHooHoo said...

The Cranky One said...
Boohoohoo, it was in there, but you'd be hard pressed to see it now. The link is down. The article is still up however.

It was something akin to how you wanted money to be handled and answers were like Credit processed by paypal, Google Checkout however one was credit processed via etsy or likewise worded. They really snuck it in.

November 26, 2008 9:02 AM

Oh, I remember that question, just not that part of it, but maybe it is because I just hit paypal when I got to paypal because that is the only way I want to pay so I probably didn't read any further.

BooHooHoo said...

By the way, for some reason I can still see the survey even though I already took it.

BooHooHoo said...

herewegonow, here are the options I was given to choose from on how to pay. I wonder if different people were given different things?

Of the following options, how would you prefer to pay for purchases on Etsy? (Pick one.)

Credit card processed by Etsy

Credit card processed by PayPalPayPal

Amazon Payments

Google CheckoutDirect Debit

Other (please speci

The Funny One said...

Etsy Truth = IHPS is so Etsy can collect more fees themselves. When listing and relisting revenues goes south, they can rake in what now goes to PP. Smart move, but their ability to execute is shaky because they can't even fix the damn Shopping Cart.

Etsy Truth = Admins now spend most of the working hours writing for the blog, throwing in so much crap, you actually wonder why the bottom of the front page doesn't sink into the East River, it's so heavy with trite cuteness.

ANY SELLER ISSUE/REQUEST for the last 2 years has been sent to the blender-blog, where it probably IS only Etsy Admins who read it, since they like to preen themselves in front of their Magic Etsy Mirror that tells them they are "trend-setters".

What Etsy does is take everything they do out of self-adulation and run it into the ground, repeating themselves, and repeating all their constant mistakes on the site because, truly, they are the queens and kings of their own little self-absorved kingdom called Etsy.

The new Front Page caused an uproar - the horrible GG's are never gonna change - and Admins can boo hoo hoo all over the forums, BUT DO THINGS CHANGE? Etsy just waits for it to all die down and then fucks with sellers again.

A Buyer Survey so late in the year? When all other sites have done their site changes and improvements over the summer?

What the fuck kind of calendar is Etsy looking at? Star Trek Central?

eclipse said...

Some of the questions seems kind of stupid and unnecessary. Like, asking which of the flash toys do we use the most, etc. Don't they have google analytics and internal stats to measure these things? They should already know which shopping toys are used the most, and google analytics can even track the usage to see which of the shopping methods result in the most sales, which result in the most site exits or aborted attempts, etc.

teawithfrodo said...

it would have made more sense to ask what improvements we most want in different areas.
There really wasn't a point to any of the other questions.

I guess they really want to say they listened to the people...but they didn't let us say much.

binarysoul said...

If they introduce an in house payment system, I'd be gone in a flash.

I have begged for them to do something about nonpayers, the current means of dealing with it is a time suck for everyone, and leaves sellers so open to abuse. When I report a non payer, I get told to play nice with the person. Scuze me? FIX the check out. ( it's confusing), fix the search. Fix the seller end so we're not getting the short end of the straw.

I cannot believe they need yet another poll to tell them what we've been saying all along.

bluh said...

I meant the storque ticker at the bottom of the community page. I don't see a dedicated link.

hyledro said...

This morning I'm asking myself why did I even take that pointless survey?


My relationship with etsycorp is so like one you have with an x boyfriend who you wish would still love you.

You know what I mean, he calls and asks you to meet him somewhere and you agree, even though you knowin your heart of hearts, you'll show up and he.just.won't.

morgansilk said...

A survey is only worth a shit if the respondants are random (or carefully controlled), so they will be able to assume whatever they want from the numbers / info they get.
I filled the thing out, and whoever designed it made it very difficult to use.
I can't understand why they want to take that sort of information when they have been getting feedback on every single one of those issues for years. Overload?

Eveline said...

teawithfrodo said...

it would have made more sense to ask what improvements we most want in different areas.


That would be true if they hadn't asked us that a million times already. Every now and again they ask us for a top 3 of things we want, there are numerous threads on things we NEED as sellers, but Etsy just refuses to listen and gives us pointless stuff instead.
I seriously doubt this survey will be any different. It's just to keep the masses happy, hey, at least they ask, they are interested, right? *sigh*

anonanon said...

proofreading - not just an Etsy problem -

check out the way EB has spelled "current" on its front page sidebar

The Righteous One said...

anonanon, that was a quick fix notifier and we're busy with many other things. If you notice there's a wrap problem, too that we didn't get to yet.

The Disgruntled One said...

I swear, if it wasn't for this blog I wouldn't have a clue what was going on at Etsy.

Thanks for the heads up about the survey! I'll do it later tonight when I get home.

Anonymous said...

I totally got re-directed to the homepage, but I hadn't taken the survey before.


bluh said...

I just cleared my cache and cookies from Firefox and the survey re-loaded for me.

buddy said...

I'm not sure what's in that survey that they couldn't have ascertained from their Google Analytics stats.

Clearly, the reason they don't think sellers need to be able to install GA onto their pages is because Admin doesn't know how to use their own GA. They don't know how to recognize the data they're given as being the answers to the questions on that survey.

Here's a tip, Etsy: Use your Google Analytics to answer all these stupid "what do you do on Etsy" questions, and use your survey to ask "what do you wish to do?"

Here's another tip: Hire some real Marketing people, who know all these basics from Marketing 101 plus some real world skills.

eclipse said...

this is off topic but I just read they are having scheduled maintenance and downtime THIS weekend??? Only the biggest shopping weekend of the year? WTF?

The Funny One said...

Dear Hey Guys Etsy Admins:
My friends and I were out shopping today and we are all sellers here and used to be shoppers here. We made a list of ALL the things you Admins adore to promote and even make yourselves for 4 months now, and we are submitting OUR LISTS of what WE SHOPPERS will never ever buy thanks to your complete lack of retail sense:
We will not buy or wear neck cowls of any size color or material, fingerless gloves, hair ornaments that make us look like extras for Masterpiece Theater, snap purses, fake food pieces, magnets, black really black things that belong in a 1970's horror flick and about 98% of the items you each picked for your gift guides which are really your own "wish lists" so your friends and family know what YOU WANT especially if they buy it from an Admin Store.
We're going for the Door Busters on eBay, fab promos on Amazon, and gee, we have 50 coupons from other online retail sites that WANT us to shop there! And they have stuff WE WANT ! ! ! Yippppppeeeeeee!


MI Zombie said...

teawithfrodo said...

it would have made more sense to ask what improvements we most want in different areas.
There really wasn't a point to any of the other questions.


It would but first they'd have to be truly interested!~

jimmy said...

yeah, 'credit card processed by Etsy'.

Well, why not screw everything up and give your competitors a nice Christmas present? I sure wouldn't sell on Etsy if I'm depending on the 'good will' of hmm, Emily 'sellers are all criminals' Bidpoorly to pay me

Four Tails Lampwork said...

I took it. My cynical self wonders if they will correlate answers with merchants. Nah, that would require some competency.

M said...

Thanks for the link to the survey. They should have this on the front page if they actually want people to find it. Will they ignore the results like the ignore the forums?