Monday, November 24, 2008

Quotables: What is this "customer service" you speak of?

Dear Etsy, you need to suck it up and admit your mistakes.

I guess the point is this - it's not even the money at this point. It's the customer service principle now. I did NOT mistakenly pick a Monday. My photo shoot was planned for the 25th, I would never have "chosen" the 24th willingly.

Now, if someone bought something from my shop, and I sent them the wrong thing, and gave the customer service I'm receiving, I would have negative feedback, PayPal would revoke my money, and Etsy would be allowed to shut me down if it happened more than once.

Why, I remember way back, when sellers with 500 positives were brick-walled due to a *single* customer complaint that turned out to not even be valid! Talk about tough standards.

Where is my feedback and PayPal option as a buyer? Why the double standard? They can just ignore emails and that's okay? It's okay that they don't have a phone number that we can reach out to them at? If I don't pay this, my shop will cease to function. I can't even contact my credit card company or PayPal for help.

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Adore said...

I don't know what's worse about that whole situation, the fact that Etsy just fucked up and won't admit to it or the fact that some people in that thread were telling her to make the best of it, like 'it was an Etsy fuck up but oh well.'

I'm so incredibly tired of Etsy Admin and the cheerleading squad they have backing them up.

The Funny One said...

Ya gotta hand to Etsy (Hey Guys!) for perfecting the art of shitting on their sellers because the new front page is the sprinkles on the cupcake icing with ANY seller picks being shoved to the bottom of their pile. Etsy now OWNS the front page, repeats and all.

Sellers are at a complete disadvantage everywhere on Etsy, despite the fact that they are the fuel that keeps that trendy engine stokin' in Brooklyn. And you are right, buyers can screw over sellers with unfair/unwarranted------hell, they don't even have to PAY and your products are wasting away in a shopping cart-----and can't be sold to a paying customer! while you spend hours chasing down the errant buyer.

Then the seller has to "apply" for a cancellation of the sale! And relist the item!

Sellers have to bend over so far backwards on Etsy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that it's a wonder we have asses left to sit on.

"Customer Service"??? They got away without it for 4 years, why start now?

Gina - RoseThistleArtworks said...

Similar situation of bait/switch

eclipse said...

Do they even read their own "customer service tips" they publish in the Storque? If any of us ran our stores this way we would be brickwalled.

foxaz said...

Ugh! Happy holidays everyone!
So many ways to FAIL...

Disgusted said...

What amazed and annoyed me was admins short retort - If you got an email response, that is the answer.

Period, no questions, that's it. It really left a bad taste in my mouth, and I'm often one to give admin the benefit of the doubt.

What would it have hurt to say "Hey, we're very sorry. What can we do to make it right?"

Etsy sellers are expected to do that to disgrunted customers all the time.

teawithfrodo said...

I'm surprised you guys still list stella on the left hand side.
She has no sense of customer service and both her comments smack of "sorry, sucks to be you, deal with it"

I hated all the people saying "you have money to spend on a showcase" or "be happy it worked out anyway"

that just isn't the point. Etsy needs to follow their own customer service suggestions.

Pandora said...

I love how they shut down the thread after a full day of discussion... coincidentally (I'm sure) just as the criticism of admin was getting snarkier. So transparent.

MI Zombie said...

Stellaloella keeps breaking the forum rules maybe they'll mute her? Geesh, could you imagine the peace and tranquility that would bring?!?

Andy Mathis said...

here- I have an extra paddle you can borrow . . . . .don't fall into the creek.

Pandora said...

Stella closed another thread.

All I see here is a criticism of the Men's Showcase for containing a lot of stuff that is not for men. I guess discussing items in a Showcase is "calling out" now. How convenient.

Alorinna said...

Heh. I was just notified that this was written up here on EB.

Well, some things happened after I last posted on that thread.

Support emailed me yesterday to say that they would be happy to remove me if I wanted them too, but wouldn't give me a refund. I declined, because what would be worse than paying for the wrong day - paying for it and having nothing at all? Ugh.

*Stella locked the thread down basically saying this was a case of buyer remorse, completely dismissing everything I said.

I can't tell you how incredibly surprised I was to get an email just now from support informing me that they refunded my fee. Too bad I was so incredibly disgusted yesterday that I canceled my photo shoot and decided to take a break from the whole artist thing for a few days. Hard to fabricate and create with tar and feathers attached to you.

I planned to shut down my Etsy shop this weekend and move to Artfire, but now I think I'll leave the shop open but just give it no love. I did commit to Artfire's Verified seller plan, and I love the idea of the flat fee. I like that they are really pushing advertising and not asking the sellers to advertise them.

I do have to giggle though. I was thanked in that email for being an "enthusiastic member of our Community." I'll bet $5 that "enthusiastic member" is code for something else at Etsy.

One last note - the new designer, Bek, seems like she might actually be open to listening to sellers. I sure hope so :)

Thanks for everything,


Adore said...

I echo what teawithfrodo said about Stella. As of late, I've seen her be nothing short of snarky, rude and abrupt. Perhaps the job is finally getting to her.

SnarkAttack said...

Admin's posts (specifically the closing post)remind me so much of similar posts when a seller gets muted or brick walled. Everyone jumps to the defense of Admin "Oh, well they (the seller) must have done SOMETHING wrong", "Admin wouldn't make a mistake like that", etc.

But that last post of Stella's was just overly snarky and dismissive of the OP's situation.

so done with etsy by now said...

Once Stella was given the golden lock I left the forums for good. Talk about power happy! She has locked threads left and right ever since without any real justification except she can. I never found her to be particularly friendly in the chat rooms even before she became an admin. Her closure responses are always patronizing and condescending. I think what amazes me most about this whole episode is that someone is actually still willing to buy a showcase!

Andy Mathis said...

guilty ------------->

I bought a stocking stuffer showcase for next week sometime. I think of it as a charity donation. :)

so done with etsy by now said...

Aw, Andy! Well I hope you are one of the few who gets lots of sales and hearts from it :-)

eclipse said...

Alorinna I am glad you finally got your refund! Hopefully some of the replies in that thread shamed them into doing the right thing.
It's really too bad they always have too be DRAGGED kicking and screaming to do the right thing, instead of just doing it because it's right.

Other examples include refunding people's overdraft charges when they double-charged 6 months of bills in one night. People had to bitch and moan and protest for almost a week before Etsy finally stepped up to the plate. And in the meantime they insulted users, let users insult users, let people get blamed for not keeping a cushion of 500 EXTRA dollars in their account just in case someone double-charged them, blaming the victim, calling users irresponsible businesspeople for not paying their bills manually when Etsy told us we didn't have to, etc.

Can't Remember What I Used Last Time said...

I posted under another topic recently asking why people continue with Etsy when it has been so obvious for such a long time that they are not gonna change. Someone responded and said they continue because they get their best sales on Etsy. When Etsy KNOWS that people feel this way there is no reason for them to change. THEY ARE NOT going to change. What motivation do they have to improve when they treat their customers like crap and everyone continues to throw their money at them. The way I say it there are 2 choices. You stay with Etsy and accept the way it is or move on. NOTHING is ever gonna change.

Smarty Pants said...

Are you guys really still at Etsy?
Slow learners, I guess.

Morrigan said...

Smarty Pants,

More than a few of us are putting our eggs in more than one basket now.

MI Zombie said...

Oh I remember when stella would be in chats too! Lot of us were glad she moved to the forums to be a ass kissing suck up~

I think your right though about nothing will ever change. They might if the investors start realizing what twits are running Etsy!

Http:// ~ They are running a promotion right now for $7 a month for life. One flat fee for unlimited listings and selling! Also now if you refer 10 people and they sign up for the deal you get your account free for life~ I already got mine free for life! Sorry Etsy you want to fuck people over I can be a cheerleader too but it won't be for your lame ass!

Disappointed said...

Whatever happened to the old adage "The customer is always right?"

Apparently they've never heard that one over at Etsy HQ.

bria said...

I reported Stella for her first comment in that thread.

"Discussing private transactions on the forum"

Stop Etsy Chat Spam said...

I don't think your the only one. I think numerous people did. You see how fast they got right on it, 9 hours later!

Too bad admin can't practice what they preach! Muter her! Mute her!