Friday, November 21, 2008

Another admin featured

They can say they don't feature admin, that it's against the rules, but... proof shows otherwise don't it?

Today's Dorque article was sent into us like a dozen times. Store Girlscantell, otherwise known as the Admin named Sarawearsskirts, is prominently featured in right plop inthe top row of the related items down below.

(If no longer there, look here at our saved copy of the proof.) And remember, while someone else might have picked the finds up top, the staff pick the related items.

That's right, this never happened. Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.


Violets new Vintage said...


dillon designs said...

And once again, the item has been removed from the feature. I just don't understand how this keeps happening again and again, practically every week.

tonytwotone said...

Has there been a formal statement from admin about how this didnt happen yet?

The Cranky One said...

And it sold...

eclipse said...

ahh so it was removed because it sold not because it didn't belong there.

The Cranky One said...

No dillion, still there, and sold. Still THERE and SOLD!


Andy Mathis said...

Stella's gonna have to eat lots of crow.

tralala said...

the related items are chosen by whomever sends in the article, not the admin. you are right that admin should have caught it though.

will they ever learn? said...





Oh, wait.
"We're only human with feelings."

Correct, etsy; like all of us, you're humans. But you're lazy, sloppy, careless, unprofessional humans.

How embarrassing. Have you no shame?

overkill said...

Etsy staff having shops is wrong. We know it.
I wouldn't care really if they had a rule like every other business in the world that they don't EVER feature their staff's items in gg's, fp, or dorque articles.

I don't care if they are sellers "too". They should have had to give up their shops when they started working at Etsy for the big bucks, plain and simple. They can sell on ebay, or craft shows or whatever, they don't have to stop making things.

Why, when something is so ethically wrong, do they keep doing it? Cause they have been all along, and why should they stop?

They must know by now they are being watched like hawks, any other business would make DAMN sure that it didn't happen anymore.

geek said...

it wouldn't be that hard to write a script that checks storque postings, editorial features etc to make sure it's not on the admin list before it gets posted.

i mean, you know, use TECHNOLOGY to automate this stuff. sigh.

of course, this is the only site I know that uses time instead of relevance for search results...

Paw and Claw Designs said...

Didn't Eb JUST do a piece on this recently..

think they'd be a little more on their toes as not to give you more fodder so quickly.

they must me tired.


The Funny One said...

Just ask yourselves, in the last 4 years with Admin stores and Admin picking ALL the featured items, sellers, finds, and endless, boring Dorkies, and now Admin picking so many FPT's------

Do you really think Admins are NOT filtering out those Etsy stores that are in direct competition with the same items Etsy Admins sell in their stores?

And, do you see the direct connection between the hundreds of Etsy-annointed-"trends" and the products that Etsy Admins sell in their stores?

Plus, I really wanna know if Etsy Admins are stocking and managing their Etsy Stores (and sellers know about the endless hours of work to manage our stores and chase after non-paying buyers) on company time or on their own time?

Anonymous said...

Lately, I am so disappointed in Etsy I could cry. This sort of stuff should not happen. If they can't keep track of admin shops so they can eliminate them from features like this, then admin should not have shops. Period.

It is a direct conflict of interest. Maybe all the admin should move their shops over to ArtFire. HA.

And I cringe to post anonymously, but I suspect Etsy admin reads this blog, and I don't want to be on the shit list any more than I already am.

Andy Mathis said...

lol at funny one-

that's called "multi-tasking" . . .

crapmaker said...

LOL, they do pay attention, they DO filter OUT the stores they don't like.
Nothing just HAPPENS on Etsy, I don't buy that bull anymore.

bastet2329 said...

you know when you go to Taco bell and and get a XL Dr. Pepper and they have some game going on and you read the fine print and it says employees cannot enter?

Well, ETSY get a clue from Taco Bell and every other major company. They do not let their employees play, why should your employees get to sell?

1. Conflict of interest.
2. Favoritism (I bet "competion" never gets featured).
3. Lack of diversity. All things handmade means many many things. Not just the same stuff featured over and over again.
4. Etsy is already paying its staff.
5. If the admin sellers get reduced or free listing fees (not sure if thats an employee perk or not) then its way unfair to those sellers that pay to use the site.

idea. make a year round "staff" guide if you are gonna let you staffers sell. That way they get featured somewhere but get off the "common man's" treasury and gift guides.

its cool that people who know handmade are employeed but way uncool that they get featured.

jodie nicholson said...

Etsy: Your place for attention to detayle

Disappointed said...

Perhaps by featuring each other so often, admin are try to help themselves quit their day job. I can think of several I would love to see quit . . .

Eveline said...

Such a good thing they have that rule about not featuring Admin's shops anywhere. I mean, can you imagine what Etsy would look like if they did?

Oh wait...

Jumped Ship said...

So the Admin shops get FP, GG, and Dorque exposures, then those items sell, then they are at the top of Pounce, just for extra good measure.

The point about Etsy's "Trends" being suspiciously identical to Admins' shops is nothing new either.

And if Admins are willing to take advantage of their position to get themselves featured and nominate their genres for trends, then OF COURSE they'd be willing to take advantage of their position to filter their competitors out of the spotlight.

The conflicts of interest are so many and varied, they'd make a perfect case study for college Business Ethics classes.

I've given up on Etsy. eBay isn't wonderful, but at least my work sells there, and the playing field is level, and their search works.

MI Zombie said...

Stellaloella isn't going to do anything but be an annoying shit sandwich eater like she always is!

MI Zombie said...

It is a direct conflict of interest. Maybe all the admin should move their shops over to ArtFire. HA.



eclipse said...
unelephantrose is marymary the admin
08-04-2008 her shop was on the front page.
that's not a year ago that is 3 months ago.