Friday, October 17, 2008

UK Etsy Alternative - MyEhive

Many complaints have been made regarding Etsy's ineptness at handling their international customers. Well, there is a new site for those who sell handmade in the UK and Ireland.

We were twitted about MyEhive. It just opened this month. Their fee structure and listing limits are similar to BigCartel, including free shops. There are some stats available, varying based on the subscription level.

There are community forums.

They are currently offering a promotion to the first 100 stores to sign up.

The QueenBee at the site told us

"we watched esty and built in everything they left out that people really

So if you're in the UK or Ireland, you have another alternative. Let us know how it goes and we'll post a more comprehensive review of it as an alternative to Etsy!


american said...

It looks really good, but I live in the U.S.

I guess I can't even buy there.


life-during-wartime said...

Owwwwwch! That background eyes my eyes!

And...they will have vintage.

Okay, for me today is a good day to be a Yank.

Eveline said...

I signed up today and got the 'free for life' deal. Sounds good to me!

@American: from what I can tell you can buy there, but most will have UK/Ireland shipping up. I think you can add 'and others', just like non-Americans on Etsy normally have 'everywhere else' if they want to ship to the US.

Pennydog said...

There are two other UK alternatives too, and a recently-gone-into-open-Beta

Folksy is working for me, but Coriandr has a lot of potential. I don't really like the feel of myEhive (I found it through Twitter too!)

ehive said...

Thanks girls for the post...

You can integrate your own URL, add discounts, sections, subsections all sorts of goodies and NO commission taken, if you add up all your etsy & folksy (twice as expensive as etsy) fees, we are 100% better value for money, for all the features we offer.

Good luck with the other ones though. One is $27M in debt, the other a UK carbon copy. We are happy to say we are 100% liquid & no-one owns our ass.