Thursday, October 16, 2008

Look! Someone knows how to tell about changes!

Flickr knows how to alert customers abotu changes

Look how lovely. Log into Flickr and you go to your main account page where all your latest activity is, and looksie... a big yellow alert telling you about how they've redesigned it and where to go for more info. No having to read it on a third party blog, or finding out about it on the street while buying drugs from a nympho tranny. No, Flickr has always been extremely cool and tells it's members about changes, updates, so they just tell you when something is different.

What is truly sad is the original one who founded Flickr, is on on the Etsy board. You'd think they'd tell them how to do things right. It's not hard, they just have to try.


Eveline said...

I always wonder if Flickr knows that 'Flikker' is a not so nice Dutch word for homosexual male...... ;)

Impetuous said...

So much respect for their customers. They assume users would want to know, instead of sitting back and watching the chaos and confusion unfold.

*puts on helmet and wonders when Etsy will respect it's customers*

The Funny One said...

And here Etsy is in its 4th year and it looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Total lack of respect for sellers is now a given, but Etsy's stubborn unwillingness to communicate like professionals is the underlying mood and tone that shows right up to the Front Page.

Maria can be quoted as being "concerned about fraud" to a major UK newspaper this week, but Etsy is suspiciously SILENT on this issue with the hundreds of sellers who post desperate pleas in the forums every weekend. There goes that begging thing again.

Etsy loves to let the misinformation run amok on the forums because it leaves them OFF THE HOOK for any responsibility for their inability to turn into a professional site for professional sellers.

And then leave their sellers in the dust, without any help at all for a very difficult HOLIDAY retail season. Hey hey hey Etsy, it's already October 17th! Anyone there got a calendar?

Maybe you should have a Calendar Lab and make one!

adam selene said...

Ever checked out your Flickr stats?!?

They're FABULOUS. And it's not even a commerce site - but it tells you tons of info including referring URLs which would be so great for people to track where their hits are coming from, especially to track the success of different promotions.

I was really hopeful when Caterina Fake came on board that she might bring with her the magic Flickr formula for useful organized stats but alas no luck yet.

boredbutentertained said...

That was one of my biggest pet peeves about Etsy. Theyd put a blurb in the Storque or in the forums {wtf?} to tell us something was or had happened. argh!