Thursday, October 9, 2008

She got paid for this?

Wow. WJW.

Etsy pays their employees to…what? Copy and paste the forum responses of Etsy members and call it an article.


Now granted, having a blog is a wonderful way to market yourself and let your customers know about you, your process, and your items; and we quote folks, too. But the entire article is cut and paste from the forums. She couldn’t even summarize the main points? Her own interjections occur at a minimum, yet she is part of the Dorque and labs staff, blogging and knowing what’s going on in the crafting community is what she’s paid to do!

Etsy, you’re wasting your money on many of your employees, it’s so obvious that they don’t know a damn thing about what they spew.

Oh and if you’re interested in showcasing Etsy members and their blogs, why not take a look at the Blogging street team?! Maybe just a link so other Etsians can garner support? But I guess that would take some sort of initiative on the author’s part to actually find that information. Or maybe ask them to write an article on blogging since it’s what they do. But that would mean the author knows that other parts of Etsy exist and what they work on. Oh wait, but she should, because the Dorque featured the street team in August! That would have been a good time to feature a piece on blogging. Dontcha think?!

I swear, at Etsy the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand does or what the mouth says or what the brain thinks or where the legs are going.

Etsy, one big flailing mess. And they’re hitting their customers square in the face.


cutnpaste said...

gives new meaning to "hire the handicapped"

The Funny One said...

It's even more shocking because the new managers appear to have no clue that their paid employees are spending so much time "writing" and loading new blog posts that they are actively ignoring the rest of the site. And sellers. It sure took a heck of a lot of time do to all that obvious cutting and pasting.

No time to update and change and revamp the Gift Guides just because the holiday retail calendar is already at October 10th? You silly sellers, read the Dorque, 'cause posts about "getting organized for the holidays" is just about ALL sellers are going to get from this inept group.

If sellers have any hopes for holiday sales, they aren't going to get any help from Etsy.

And if you don't sell anything that's priced $15 or less, you can leave Etsy and they'll be glad to see you go.

The site looks like an abandoned Dollar Store.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my...should I be disgruntled and dismayed? I was gettin' myself all psyched up to open my first Etsy and I find your rants. So what's a gal to do? Forge ahead, take the plunge, go for the gusto? Or take my wares elsewhere? Whaddya think? (You can send me a quick reply on Twitter: @MrsChico. (Cool blog, btw :-)

Jeez said...

I just love the fact that she pasted this quote:

"And loads more. If you are keen to promote and expand your business, stats really help."

Man, no sense of irony..

Impetuous said...

Please, they wouldn't dare take the spotlight off of themselves and point to the blogging street team. They need to get rid of the ego's and start acting like a professional, service oriented, company.

Old Hippie Bitch said...

Excellent unmasking, EB.

The toddlers are still running the show and nothing has changed at all. I am thrilled to see all the new alternatives to etsy, I especially dig

What a bitchslap for her to include Google Analytics! The 100% free Ecrater, which also doesn't allow HTML, does provide for Google Analytics code.

wowjustwow said...


I stopped coming here to read for a while because it seemed so much easier to put my fingers in my ears and nicely tuck my head in a hole in the sand and pretend that all is well in Etsy land.


I didn't even have to look to have a pretty good hunch who wrote the aforementioned Dorque article.

Letting a bunch of sniveling juveniles run the show isn't attractive, cunning, hip or stylish. It's foolish. Plain.Simple.Foolish.

I can't wait from some of the other venues to open up. I plan to hit the ground running and nevah look back at this mess.

Anonymous said...

I left a comment--
nice cut & paste job" hahahaha!

The Storque is so rinky dink.