Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quotables: Wowjustwowsers

Special Promotion

I’ve decided to take undue advantage of the wrongful accusations of this post being a marketing ploy and offer 30% on any purchase made through the end of this week using promotional code: SUICIDEBYFORUMPOST [insert evil laugh here].

Special Sale!
Are you freaking kidding? Instead of favorite sellers, I wish we had some way to keep a list of "Idiots I should never buy from in a million years". When did ETSY turn into a grocery store????

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Eveline said...

Such a shame the shop was closed. I found this thread too late, and took me a bit to find out that it was a shop selling baby formula that was out of date as well as homebaked goods. Yummmmyyy!

I Got Burned Baby Blog Host said...

Oh darn, I missed it. Would have been a great blog post.