Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quotables: Muted But Not Silent

Truths hurts, suck it up Etsy

I wish that the window that Etsy shows to the outside world was screened as carefully as most of us screen our own work, and the look of our own shops.
It defeats our purposes when staffers make excuses for "mistakes". It's sloppy.

Just what are you getting paid to do, Etsy?
....quality control is not OUR job. Why doesn't Etsy have someone on staff whose job it is to review everything on the public face of Etsy? Of course people will make mistakes but there should be someone other than your CUSTOMERS catching these mistakes.

I know Etsy would like us to contact them "privately" about such items so that you can fix them "discretely". We have done that. The problem persists. The time for discretion is over, since it isn't getting anything accomplished.

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The Funny One said...

Quality Control IS Etsy's job, however, they read QC as "I like it so it's cool." Which goes to show why several mass-produced sellers are still on the site; Etsy just likes 'em, period.

Turning over huge parts of their jobs would be perfectly OK if they paid the sellers for doing so much work for them. (Which, btw, is the reason the Dorque exists - gives them something to do with all their free time.)

Etsy does what it wants to do, despite the sellers.

And, frankly, I don't think they know what QC means for the integrity and reputation of a real business.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

bastet2329 said...

Idea for etsy:

Reward your members $0.05 off thie monthly bill for each item they report that gets sucessfully removed *discreetly*.

its a win win sitation. Etsy gets their problems handled behind closed doors and the members have motivation to report things to Etsy quietly and quickly.

for those who spend a lot of time reporting, this could knock a whole lot off their monthly bill!


foxaz said...

The way things are, you could "quit your day job" and just flag all day and make good money.

sigh said...

Hahahahahahahaha.. etsy paying for something?

Where is the incentive for the Invite button?

this makes me laugh- but sarcastically

Eveline said...

If an Etsy user reports an item, that should be a bonus for Etsy. Something that slipped under their radar (well, with so much 'on it', it's no surprise they miss things, right?), not something they just couldn't be arsed to do. Etsy feels it is our job as users to make sure everyone's playing by the rules, when that should be Etsy's.

I would like to be a fly on their wall sometimes to see what the hell they actually do in that Etsy building. Can't be much.