Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More from the Muted

We got this today from Quirke and since we were given permission and the story is so fucking insane, we present it in its entirety.

If you ever doubted the running theory you can say anything on the Etsy Forums as long as you don't question admin's intelligence, motivations or "ah-thoritay"... this letter is for you. You have to supply your own cupcakes to maintain your sugar induced blissfull ignorance. We'd ask Etsy to respond but fuck them. We're not that kind of blog and their actions speak louder than words so who gives a crap what they say anyway.

Hello Bitches

I am writing to you to let you and your readers know what can happen to them if they openly criticize the failures of Etsy admin.

I have been muted for 7 days for this thread.

Three different admins – Rob W, Lauren, and Mary – weighed in on that thread but did not close it. In the end it was closed due to an argument between two people that had nothing to do with either myself or the issue at hand.

While that thread was still open, I received a convo from Stellaloella/Lauren. She told me she participated in the review process for featured items and had let the Content Team know about the item I saw that prompted me to start the thread. She also asked for other examples of rule-breaking that had been promoted. I sent her five examples.

On Friday I became aware that admin had featured both treasuries of a double-dipping curator on the very same day. I started a thread about it here, which was swiftly locked.

The next day I received the notification that I was muted for 7 days. They felt the need to hammer this home so much that they sent it to five different email addresses of mine, including one that is not attached to any Etsy account.

The given reason was "calling out". If it was calling out, why did that thread stay open, with three different admin posting in response, and only closed when two people became disrespectful to each other?

I was calling out admin. Sellers and buyers call each other out every day on the forums without being muted in response. People are abusive to each other every day without being punished. Apparently you can even get away with calling Matt a c*nt without repercussion. But point out admin is either willfully ignoring their own rules or too blind to notice when they're being broken, and you will get a week's detention. Reply to an admin who disingenuously asks for "examples", and get gagged.

Rule-breakers don't get punished, but people who point out rule-breakers do.

Incidentally, the item which prompted me to start that thread is still there, still breaking the rules.

You have my permission to publish this in its entirety.

God knows Quirke is no virgin to mystery Etsy mutings, but regardless - this is a completely insane banning.

For shame Esty, you should be embracing those who point out your mistakes, not punish them like petulant children when it's your site they are trying to improve. Maybe if you did your jobs you'd have less to panic about covering them up.


jodie nicholson said...

Oh Etsy, how your constant fuckitude never fails to disappoint.

susan barton said...

incredible. wtf.

kibbles said...

Silly people! Don't you know that Etsy has their own "hit list"? There are numerous users that they trail around, watch, wait, and even BAIT. If someone ever posts anything factual(negative) about Etsy admin, they're promptly muted. They also have a habit of muting in an effort to silence the lambs. Little do they know that this backfires, and whole communities snicker about the asshats.

Just sayin...

The Funny One said...

kibbles is right about the hit list and it's a very long and old one that's also used to exclude those who Etsy likes to ban, mute and scold from the multitude of free promotions reserved for their faves who get so much free Etsy publicity that they eventually get a long feature in QYDJ. No wonder.

Can you see it? A weekly Who Do We Mute meeting? Working themselves into such a frenzy that their scoldings now get several signatures? Does Maria sit in and approve these things? Or is she too busy talking to the press and following the Etsy Tradition of not talking to sellers?

Mutings, bannings and other ruler on the knuckles traditions at Etsy are a complete embarassment and total waste of time.

Go change the Gift Guides around, Etsy, you could at least pay attention to things that matter to sellers and selling actual products during the very short and limited holiday retail weeks.

Impetuous said...

Etsy always wants to have their cupcake and eat it too. You can't leave a site of that size to be monitored by users and not expect that someone, at some point, will notice their flags go unnoticed and start speaking up about it.

Quirke isn't the first and won't be the last to bring these oversights up in the forums but apparently she is the only one getting muted for it.

*puts on helmet in disgust*

Molly S. said...

What. The. Fuck. I can't even process the level of stupid going on there. I just can't. But when I do, I'm probably going to be even more pissed than I am right now.

Quirke, you did good. Noli nothis permittere te terere.

Eveline said...

It's so sad that it doesn't surprise me any more...

ebbandflo said...

crap crap crap crap crap ...

sorry, that's all i can come up with

The Kinky One said...

Anonymous at 9:39

You must pick a name, any name in order to have your comment posted here. I've gone ahead and reposted your comment below, but please remember this for the future.

" I'm not surprised that stellabitch got her panties... I'm not surprised that stellabitch got her panties in a bunch, she always does. I had a problem with her once, called her a bitch because she went around locking threads I was posting about wanting the ability to delete expired listings, yes simple threads like this she was locking. If anything is said that has to do with something she is involved in she freaks out, I wish she would have stayed away forever. Etsy does have that "hit list" and I do believe they sneak into our convos every once in awhile to see who is talking about who. They act more like teenyboppers than business people."

Pandora said...

This is so completely egregious it just boggles my mind. Do these people have no shame? They honestly just can't stand to have their mistakes pointed out to them. Their office must be run like North Korea, I swear.

All hail the Dear Leader!

Juliette said...

somebody needs to copy and paste that into the etsy forums under a sock puppet name.

Kahoonica said...

If it means anything, my account was unceremoniously deleted in September. I've emailed etsy abuse about 19 times about it and they haven't responded.

Don't count on etsy for anything.

~B.Z. said...

I have been long absent from the Etsy ( and therefore EB )scene, because I just can't be bothered by their bullshit ! But I had to come comment on this latest absurdity !!

What ALWAYS gets me is that you can be in CONSTANT CONTACT with an Etsy Admin about an issue and they DON'T WARN YOU that you may be crossing some sort of imaginary line .... then seemingly out of the blue they mute you for the same thing you had been in contact with them about ????
It is inconceivable how one hand doesn't know what the other is doing at Etsy !!

How do they ever wipe their asses ??!!

Recycled By Hyena said...

I am sorry for Quirke and of course this is BS. But after years of that I am not even surprised anymore.

What I find weird is the whole BOD changed but they are applying the same "non policies" and scare tactics in the forums and for featured sellers and Front Page etc. I am wondering if there is not a "big brain" of etsy behind the proverbial curain we never heard of...

I am muted for a month (assorted with a threat of banning me) because of that

(when you know "that" personn harassed me endlessly and sent me hate mails and threatened me to sue me)

They won't have to, I am not coming back to the forums.

KreatedbyKarina said...

Why does Etsy always mute the good guys?

Combustion Glassworks said...

Etsy is SO the republican Party.

Love that they asked you for examples and then punished you for it..

Im noticing a trend here and its not mustaches or owls.

kibbles said...

"Why does Etsy always mute the good guys?"
Because BRAINS scare them. They're not used to that.

Thus sayin...

mouse said...

wtf. the points in that thread are perfectly valid! I can't believe they muted quirke for asking admin to do their jobs.

can I cuss here? cuz I really feel like it.

I wish there was a good alternative to Etsy. I'd drop them like a dog turd right now.

angelstuff said...

Oh my fucking god. Are etsy admin THAT insecure that when someone points out to them that they have made serious mistakes, they mute the person? What the fuck kind of asinine, childish, unprofessional behaviour is that?

I commented several times in the first thread because etsy employees' inability to do the most basic of checking - which should be part of their fucking jobs - pisses me off to no end.

No one deserves the treatment etsy admin gives them. No one. Well, except maybe daniellexo, stellaloella, anda, and marymary. I'd love to see them be on the receiving end of this crap.

BooHooHoo said...

KreatedbyKarina said...
Why does Etsy always mute the good guys?

October 21, 2008 3:03 PM
Yeah, why do they always mute the good guys? :-)

BooHooHoo said...

quirke says:
Please let's not call out.

While it was one particular item that prompted me to start this thread, this is an ONGOING and PERSISTENT issue, not an isolated case.

I would like some acknowledgment from admin on this issue.
Posted at 9:41 pm, October 6 2008 EST - Report this post

Well, she DID ask for acknowledgment from admin. There is never any guarantee what kind of acknowledgment you will get.

eclipse said...

Whoah they sent it to 5 email addresses???? what the HELL?
How did they get the 5th email that has nothing to do with etsy? That just seems really inappropriate to me.

Well it's also obviously ridiculous and stupid to mute you for the thread, especially after they pretended to be so concerned about past examples of their fuckups and wanting to do better, blahblahblah.
But 5 emails, it's just overkill. It's very obvious this is personal when they go so overboard.

woolies said...

What amazes me the most is that they actually took the time to send numerous emails making sure Quirke knew she was muted.

Um....don't they have better things to do???????

What a bunch of crap. They're all power-crazed.

Paw and Claw Designs said...

perfect opportunity to use my new favorite word;


just re-fucking-cock-ulous

Andy Mathis said...

WHY . . . . am I not surprised.

Mama Maria leaving the kids home alone again with the router?

wristeroni said...

Fail. Fail. Fail.

Etsy is like a really bad parody of itself these days.

Beadz n' Thingz said...

Etsy just reminds me of my ex-husband...noncommunicative, childish, petty, manipulative, and apparently vindictive too! The time has come to move on.

I think that eventually they will rid their forums of all of the articulate and intelligent sellers who (gasp) have the gall to question how they do things.

Oh well, should free up some of their time to sucker a bunch of new mass-produced sellers into signing up to line their pocketbooks.

jodie nicholson said...

One of my wristlets was on the front page about ten hours ago. It really suprised me because I'm not a reseller.

Should I email Support?

Anonymous said...

"Power corrupts", and these people have finally succumbed. They need work permits.

I was bombed by a "buddy" of a troll (you know which one), and also recieved a month-long muting with a thread of permanent. My patience wore out, I defended myself and my SON (?), I'm muted, and the person who attacked me out of the blue in the forums trolls happily along.
I have deleted the link to the "featured seller interview" from my profile, because I am sick of being attacked by these people.
It confuses me totally: the only real reason I can see is
a.) a concentrated effort to get me gone
b.) backlash against the many times I have called Etsy on its unprofessionalism.

They will get me gone, "you betcha".

upsetwithadmin said...

Well shit!

Another intelligent, smarter than Admin will ever be, seller gets the mute.

How f***ing asinine.

fedup said...

"jodie nicholson said...

One of my wristlets was on the front page about ten hours ago. It really suprised me because I'm not a reseller.

Should I email Support?"

frickin hilarious!

the fluffy one said...

you know, it is really ridiculous that they think the way of handling their mistakes is by muting the peeps who point them out.

pretty darn stupid, but that adjective seems to fit etsy better and better each passing day.

Simone said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you!!!!!11!!!!1!!!

There's so much to say about this that I don't know where to start, so the above will have to do.

blacksheep said...

Like Simone, I don't even know where to begin with this. I'm really disheartened and disgusted. But sadly, not surprised at all.

Jennifer said...

Crud, another good one down.

Obviously etsy doesn't understand the concept of "being respectful to one another" if they treat their sellers like this.

And Hyena, you totally did not deserve your mute for that thread - you were a lone voice of sanity and I applauded you when I read your post.

are-they-serious said...

Seriously WTF? There is nothing else. It really scares me because some people want to rely on etsy being a functioning site to run their businesses but the insanity there is unbelievable.

lemme pick my jaw up said...

Oh, for crying out loud, this has gotten truly ridiculous. Quirke has posted so many thoughtful and workable ideas to the forums and this is how she's rewarded? I don't even understand how the Etsy administration (mal)functions day to day. It doesn't seem like anyone knows what anyone else is doing.

The suckiest part about Etsy, besides the broken search and all the other problems, is that if you say the wrong thing, admin can blackball the fuck out of you. For example, I think it's outrageous that they don't allow you to edit the words you've written in a searchable, public forum. It's this childish punitive attitude of "no takesy backsies, so don't dare step out of line or customers can see it forever and ever and no one will ever buy from you again."

Etsy needs employees with some actual freaking BUSINESS EXPERIENCE. Because it's plain that most of them don't know jack about it. They just bake cupcakes and make fail hammocks and think that qualifies them to run a business that other people depend on for their livelihood.

Sorry for the rant, but muting Quirke really brought this issue to the forefront. Etsy admin runs the site like a day-care, and it's got to stop.

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Not even close to fair. Rules? There are none. They change every. single. day.

BooHooHoo said...

I do agree, however, that Quirke does make more intelligent posts than some do, some actually helpful. I sometimes think it is the manner in which one goes about making their post, and if they hadn't of emailed her at all her addresses, and missed the one she actually gets her email at, then everyone would be saying she never got notification.

BooHooHoo said...

The Funny One said...
kibbles is right about the hit list and it's a very long and old one that's also used to exclude those who Etsy likes to ban, mute and scold from the multitude of free promotions reserved for their faves who get so much free Etsy publicity that they eventually get a long feature in QYDJ. No wonder.


Usually those on a hit list, if there even is one, make themselves a target, myself included.

The Kinky One said...

Hi Bitches,

Let me post a friendly reminder here that we Bitches won't tolerate turning EB comments into a slugfest. Nasty little comments won't even get past moderation - so don't waste your time typing them. Take it to your own blog.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about that's because you didn't type them and I rejected them before they even made it to the blog.

Carry on.

eclipse said...

BooHooHoo said...
if they hadn't of emailed her at all her addresses, and missed the one she actually gets her email at, then everyone would be saying she never got notification.

I guess you missed the part where she was already emailing back & forth with Stella immediately before she was muted.
They knew which email was active because they were already in contact asking for "examples" of past mistakes. Unless you mean that one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing...

The Cranky One said...

Poor Poor Puss, reading comprehension was her worst subject in school

She also missed the bit that they emailed her at two accouts NOT linked to her Etsy accounts.

Now, that by definition is overkill, since you WANT to know when you get orders, so you use the email that works. They went above and beyond and dug up two more somewhere (probably stored on that internal wiki we all hear about) and used them as well to just hammer it home.

Anonymous said...

Poor Puss. She can't help being transparent. As Gertrude Stein once said, "There's no There, there."

forum rubbernecker said...

Quirke--sorry, that really bites! :-( I think I have developed Stockholm syndrome, I have been nice to admin as well as trying to just work within the parameters given there. It ain't much, but it's all I can do right now.
morgan--I am really sorry that happened to you, trust me when I say that you are targeted by one of my least favorite trolls.