Saturday, September 20, 2008

On a Roll

Well, it seems Etsy is on a roll with implementing some positive changes.

Though some may see a few things to still argue about, such as the fact that the news alert wasn't emailed to every member, Chad, the new CTO (Chief Technology Officer) wrote a Storque article that has had us oohing and ahhing at his professionalism. After all, he has actually come out and said what we've all been thinking:

"search on Etsy is not working well in overall performance and speed."
"The existing search has been built and hacked on since the beginning of Etsy's existence, so it is an ingrained system that can't be ripped out and replaced overnight without potentially significant disruption. To mitigate the current performance issues, I pushed through an order for a batch of new hardware that we will be putting in place that should increase performance soon."
And was that a hint of how they plan on fixing it?
"To me, intellectual honesty is about admitting when something is not working so you can work together to figure out how to fix it."
"it is impossible to know everything, so when you need to learn about something, learn from the best"
Etsy is trying to be a real boy! And it doesn't stop there...I was expecting to come on here and rant how, once again, an important notice about site maintenance only went out to the opt-in crowd...but wait, what is this when I log in to Etsy...a notice! Though something like this should be emailed to every member, especially since someone has reported not seeing it when they log in via 'Your Etsy', this is definitely a forward movement.

Could it really be that Etsy has put on their professional, big-boy pants and is learning about communication and admitting that they have to actually provide something?

We hope... Etsy, you're on a roll. One step at a time. We know Rome wasn't built in a day, and the mess that Etsy is won't be fixed in a day. But boy are we glad you're trying! Keep us posted will ya!


buckoo said...

Isn't it pitiful how even these little lame attempts can make us so happy? Pass the cupcakes and kool-aid please.

The little engine who could.

Or so we hope.

Andy Mathis said...


for grown up e-commerce site. Very good indeed.

The Funny One said...

Very positive indeed, but......with all the new sites for handmade opening with full customer service, full seller support, phone help, and lots of other seller-centered services, Etsy will soon be left in the sawdust.

They had a golden opportunity that got so far awy from them, they forgot why sellers came to Etsy in the first place. Who?

Etsy of the future can be all it wants to be for the 200 stores that it likes a lot, promotes a whole lot and watch the other riff raff get more for less elsewhere.

impetuous said...

Intellectual honesty is HOT!

life-during-wartime said...

Stating you have a problem, and fixing said problem, are very different.

How many times now has Etsy said it would make some change/improvement and then wussed out? (Hint, hint -- move that vintage, NOW!!!)

Reading the admin posts or Dorque articles is like listening to a politician's speech...words with nothing to back them up.

the fluffy one said...

Well, it looks like a grown-up has taken the helm in the Tech dept. It is hopeful that he wants the staff to admit when they don't know what the fuck they are doing. It doesn't sound like bluffing will get past him.

It is the best tech news to come in a long, long time.

Although it was kinda scary to think that it was really as bad as I feared.

Old Hippie Bitch said...

His honesty is very refreshing...

Simone said...

I'm less than impressed with the notice on the site - although it is of course a step in the right direction.

My problem with it is that it only shows up when you first log in. I keep Etsy open in a tab in my browser all the time and it can be weeks before my browser or computer needs restarting and I need to log in again. I can't be alone in very rarely going through the log in process, surely!

Additionally, those browsing while not logged in (potential buyers) will see nothing either.

As for the opt-in only essential site news email list ... *eyes roll*! I hope that changes really soon.

Ladies Auxilliary said...

Ahhhhh, all that professionalism feels sooooooo good, I'm just basking in it over here, soaking in the rays. And I'm not being sarcastic, I'm serious, I love it.

Sounds like something's happening...

Christine said...

As a former developer I saw many projects that had hacked on functionality in order to get the project out the door on time. I should have known that this was the problem with Etsy - but it seems to me if you're going to build an e-commerce site, you should do it right or scalable from the start. Boy I'm naive!

pyrotecknickknacks said...

Because etsycorpJR sold a dream to creative people, the ride for those who didn't drink the kool aid or fall out of the hammock or eat the cupcake or smell the unicorn farts has been a wild one.

Creative types believe in dreams.
It's what feeds our handmaking.
Therefore it was fairly awful to be promised the moon and not even get from one concrete square to the next without stepping in Swimmy's do do.

However, creative types stay dreamers and I can't help but hope that this group, powered by peeps who put up 27 million, will turn etsycorpJR into etsycorpSR.
Chad at least seems to know the talk. Maybe he'll walk the walk and all.

As for Maria, she should start giving the dead weight whatever kind of warnings she needs to be to fire their asses.
Don't throw good money after bad.

A fresh start, esp in Customer Service and The Dorque (they shoot dorques, don't they? ;p) would be so refreshing.

Mmmmm. Firing...

impetuous said...

pyrotecknickknacks said...
Creative types believe in dreams.
It's what feeds our handmaking.
Therefore it was fairly awful to be promised the moon and not even get from one concrete square to the next without stepping in Swimmy's do do.

This is precisely why Rokali is such a dick. Don't believe for a second he didn't know how to manipulate Etsians from the start.

Grace said...

I want to believe!

The Disgruntled One said...

Well, I'm pretty impressed with the current trend at Etsy. There's a core of cynicism in my heart, though, because of the way matters have been handled in the past, but I'm willing to believe that there's been a substantial change.

no-rokali-fan said...

I disagree, impetuous.

I don't think Rokali knew what he was doing manipulating the dreaming masses.

I think he had no creative or business background, spontaneously came up with a great and cool idea, but had no idea how to implement it properly.

I think he led people on because he had no clue what else to say. Kind of like campaign promises - turn their complaints into your pitch.

I'm hopeful now that some real business people are taking over. But I still won't be promoting this site until it is repaired.

impetuous said...

Tomorrow is the one week Etsy-versary of Stellas Vacation Mode announcement.

bitch in training said...

vacation mode is LIVE right now!
3:15 EST Sept. 23rd... a day that will live in infamy as something requested actually got done!!!!

ImpManzai said...

Vacation Mode is here. It works like a light switch.

MOJ said...

I see vacation mode in my shop right now. YEAH!!!!! hard to be a total crab today I have a surgery next week and this is just what I needed to not stress for a week or two.

The Funny One said...

Agree on the not-a-clue-Rokali, but his biggest mistake was populating the site with employees who shared his personal vision that it was all about personality. He didn't give up the reins fast enough, since these employees are stuck in a time warp, hidden by their Dorque obsessions.

We hope someone new came in, had a look at how most Admins are ignoring sellers and said, finally, "why the hell do you keep treating sellers like shit?"

Even PRE-Dorque Etsy was better. All the new "tools" are just pablum, because Etsy Admins just want everyone to like them, not run a professional business.

indeed said...

Many of the admin staff strike me as ridiculously unprofessional, considering the type of site they're attempting to run. I've seen Marketplace subforums on messageboards that were more professionally and attentively run. I don't need these people to like me or be my buddy - I need them to do their jobs.