Friday, September 19, 2008

From the Auxiliary - Deleted Forum Posts

There has apparently been a change in the way Etsy admin handles forum posts by deleted users. These posts are themselves disappearing, with no sort of placeholder ("post deleted," "user no longer exists," etc.) left in that spot. Because this removes some important context, in the case of a sock puppet starting a thread, this has the unfortunate effect of making it look like someone else started it.

This probably isn't any big deal - or, I'm sure Etsy admin don't think it is, since locked threads are no longer searchable. But they're still able to be linked to, and I've been reading them via ClosedThreads and was getting a very wrong, very bad impression of some innocent Etsy users.

Although it is nice that Admin may now be using their ability to get rid of malicious posts, it is a bit upsetting that those who responded to the ugly may now be splattered with it once the offender is shuffled out of the way.


Stephanie said...

Some of the entire threads were deleted as well.

The Funny One said...

If, as a seller, I actually had any influence on what Etsy includes on the site, I would have closed for forums a long time ago.

I really don't care, since the whole idea of setting up a forums for sellers to discuss relevant business issues and then set up a system to punish, mute and ban, hover around for hours and lock threads and admonish sellers in long, exhaustive lectures on fucking "forum decorum" is one whole big bowl of wasted time.

Etsy spends more time on mismanaging the forums, spreading bad mojo with their ever-increasing mutings, and scolding sellers who "misbehave"------instead of setting up cs (or a help desk), devising an online retail calendar with the right promotions at the right time, and a whole host of other functions that sellers want and still can't get.

You pick.....60 hours a week lurking in the forums, or 60 hours a week providing 24 hour-response turnaround for email requests from sellers who need help.

sigh said...

I have been saying this EXACT thing for at least a year now!

If there is enough staff to monitor forums, why the hell can't an email be answered?

Stop Etsy Chat Spam said...

They just don't get it!

impetuous said...

The Etsy forums are not necessary but neither are half of the other features on the site. The whole thing seems to have been built for the fun of it with little to no consideration for the fact that people would be building businesses an brands on the venue.

Howard T. Snidbiscuits said...

I've seen some very strange threads due to this change, also. It's extra weird looking, because then the thread is locked, but the offending post is gone, and no one had commented on it - so why even lock the thread? It had the usual strange rule-quoting line and admonishment from the admin, looking bizarre and out of place.

Anonymous said...

I just found Etsybitch and I couldn't be more happy about it. I got deleted on Business Topics the other day for needing to vent and aske for help about a customer--unnamed, undescribed, even undeclared of which shop I was dealing with and BAM! closed, unheard, unhelped. It was like getting punched twice.


BooHooHoo said...

One is not so anonymous when they post the exact same comment on Etsy.

d. said...

Wow. Bitch slapped on Etsy Bitch. Should I be honored?

Is there ANYWHERE we can go as sellers and discuss our needs, issues, vent, etc without getting hacked at?