Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's About DAM Time

After years of suggesting, campaigning, complaining, Etsy has been dragged kicking and screaming into the DAM light. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Dolls and Miniatures finally landed their own category.

HeyMichelle posted this afternoon that the Dolls and Miniatures category will be rolled out on October 6th and referred everyone to this Dorque article. She also went on to detail the category and it's sub, and sub-sub categories:

- ooak
- Editions
- Fantasy
- Folk Art
- Horror
- Goth (or Gothic? please discuss.)
- Victorian (?)
- Primitive
- Ceramic
- Porcelain
- Polymer Clay
- Fabric (or cloth? or sewn?)
- Paper doll
- Needle felted
- Animal
- Anthropomorphic
- Assemblage
- Babies (wording may change)
- Children (wording may change)
- Altered Dolls
- bjd Ball Jointed Dolls
- Characters

- Plant
- Food
- Animal
- Figure (or person, or human figure?)

- sewn (or sewn fabric? or fabric? or cloth?)
- felt
- food
- animal
- human (or human figure or person?)
- plant

- Blythe (this could go to 2nd level)
- dress
- pants
- shorts
- skirt
- shirt
- blouse
- sweater
(considering for clothing for dolls, and accessories for dolls some style sub-subs: kawaii, historical, horror, fantasy, etc)

- Blythe (this could go to 2nd level)
- Reborn
- hat
- scarf
- shoes
- jewelry
- purse
- socks
- (other types of items for clothing/accessories- may add now, or add later as people list.)

- jointed
- miniature
- real fur
- recycled fur
- mohair
- plush
- felted
- teddy bear friends (hmmm? not sure about this. What does this mean?)

- Animal
- Figure (or person? or human figure? or Character?)
- Plant
- house
- Book
- Artwork
- Ceramic
- Wood (or wooden)
- Polymer Clay
- Felted
- Horror
- Fantasy
- Folk Art
- Primitive
- Victorian (?)
- Waldorf (?- may get mistagged. I'm hesitant because of that)
- Indie or cute (good idea? not sure about this)

- half scale
- quarter inch scale (or one 48th scale)
- eighth scale dollhouse miniature
- one 12th scale (is there a "name" for this?)
- Playscale one 6th
- pottery
- turnings
- furniture
- decor (?)- can we/should we get more specific here?
- food
- Artwork
- books
- plants
- Needlework
- flowers

- full sized dollhouse (can anyone suggest a better name?)
- roombox



Good ol' Etsy! There's nothing like ignoring a group of sellers over, and over when they could have given them a simple "hold your panties, it's coming soon, we swear!" Kudos Etsy to finally making the category.

On an interesting side note when one buyer asked "Do you foresee this kind of restructuring of any other large categories in the future?" HeyMichelle had this tidbit in response: "yes, I do foresee things happening in the overall category system...alas, I can't give specifics right now..."


nothing better than patting yourself on the back... said...

there is an etsy labs flickr picture that is enough to make you puke up your cupcakes.

The Funny One said...

Plenty of credit goes to the DAM sellers who lobbied long and hard, and were still ignored because it wasn't one of Etsy's favorite issues, and ----let's face it---it was a lot of work to set up a category with so many subs and sub subs. Which is probably why they resisted for so long; it involved work.

Please do read the heyheyhey post in the forums, which gives equal credit to Etsy for being so magnanamous----which they weren't, but they like to live with their illusions.

Etsy finally caved in to the pressure, even though it must have hurt that is wasn't a "favorite" subject, issue, or even that important to them. The sellers who fought for it get the full credit. And it's very sad that this is the only way to get through to a company that has turned out to be the most insular and defensive online "community" you could ever find.

Once Upon A Notion said...

I am all for categories that will allow for full etsy searches. I would love to have so many sub-cats for jewelry. There are so many sellers, it is hard to search, even for me.

Eveline said...

I got the email this morning and all I could think was, about fucking time! They had to beg for it for so long the resist on Etsy's part was getting pathetic.

Eveline said...

Etsy Admin
marymary says:
We are very excited about this new category too, and have been very excited to be able to announce it here!"


Howard T. Snidbiscuits said...

Finally, that's nice! Like most changes, I agree, it is so long overdue, and should never have been so hard to convince them of in the first place, that it isn't nearly as satisfying as it would be otherwise. (like vacation mode... finally, you laggards!).

And, well, the sub categories (oops, sorry - 'suggested tags') sound like hell. As usual, there are way too many and they seem poorly chosen and inconsistent.

I agree, that picture on flickr is horrible! Whom do they think they are fooling?

bastet2329 said...


they lost my business and money long ago, F*%#ers.

Bet ya'all a cupcake that it DOES NOT go into effect on the 6th like they say.

remember back when they were making a collectibles category and they have a day then WHOOPS it did not happen.

not to be a bitch but seriously, i will believe in uncorns the day i see an ACTUAL unicorn. Same goes for a DAM category.


First, I shall be polite and say "Thank you, Etsy."

Second, I shall be snarky and say, "I'll believe it when I see it."

Third, I shall be bitchy and say, "I'm royally pissed and friggin frustrated!"

Ooooo Etsy granted our request for a top level cat. Oooooo we all should be jumping up and down full of glee and being good little cheerleaders. Ooooooo we're being screwed!

WTH are they allowing 'child-safe toys' in an originally requested NON-TOY for adult collectors ONLY top level category? Toys has its own top level cat plus is a subcat in 5 other top level cats.

We wanted someplace other than the friggin Toy cat in which to list our NON-TOY artisan quality creations which is why we campaigned long and hard for this.

Now they are literally shoving toys back in our faces.

I've had it up to over my head with the way we DAMs are now being treated.

Actually, I guess this shouldn't surprise me one bit seeing as how who we're dealing with, but I stupidly held high hopes. Nothing like shattering those high hopes, Etsy.

Zelda said...

On an interesting side note when one buyer asked "Do you foresee this kind of restructuring of any other large categories in the future?" HeyMichelle had this tidbit in response: "yes, I do foresee things happening in the overall category system...alas, I can't give specifics right now..."

What I get from this is if you allude that admin may be fortune tellers, you have a better chance of them addressing something you said. Or am I way off?