Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Breaking News Quotable

Getting in touch with your girly side

Wow, if I was a woman, I'd faint. congratulations to the DAMs.

Stay tuned for an EB update......


The Funny One said...

Hold the fainting spell and just get a bit of the vapors because tomorrow is October 1, Etsy has NO:
- announcements about the holiday plan for promotions and/or ads
- any holiday plan at all
- any reassurance to the sellers that they are going to go all out this year to help seller sell in a failing economy where discretionary spending is going to be pretty hairy.


Playing favorites, they just can't stop.

No fainting, only gagging.

Beequeen said...

Great news....and a loooong time coming. Kind of anti-climactic, since it should have been done eons ago. Now all they have to do is get buyers to leave ebay, where dolls and miniatures collectors are firmly rooted.

buddyb said...

Wow, if I was a man I'd fart.

Impetuous said...

Not to mention the fact that adding these categories should not have taken this long. It was a minor site change compared to the colossal load of crap the rest of the site is. If they were smart they would be providing any and all, small requests to keep their customers happy, all while upgrading the site. So far Maria has simply walked into the Etsy bubble and closed the door.

There are sellers out here Etsy, who depend on your site. Sellers that carried Etsy on their backs in it's infancy. I refuse to gush over anything less than consistent, visible, effort. Adding a category that your customers have been begging for, for years, a category that was desperately needed to help these artists succeed, one you actually told people to STOP talking about, does not renew my faith in your ability to provide the service you have been giving yourself credit for for three years.

We the sellers have been here, on the outside, watching you gush to the press and general public about your achievements, exaggerating to the point of complete falsehood on many occasions and now everyone is expected to forget the fact that your site DOES NOT WORK because you add some categories?

How much do you want to bet that a few weeks from now when ANYONE in those categories complains about ANYTHING they are going to get a cold shoulder and a bunch of asshat posters accusing them of being difficult and hard to please?

You're fucked Etsy. It's too little too late.

the stinky one said...

I don't get it, if HeyMichelle has been working with the DAMs all these weeks/months to get to this point, why were they complaining so loudly about not having a category? they must have known it was an eventuality.

And of course, now the village people are starting up again demanding their fair share.

Handmade takes it on the chin once again. For handmade being the focus of the site, they sure do damn little to help them.

I'm happy for the miniature sellers, they have the most comprehensive category on Etsy. Helloo......anyone take a look at the jewelry category lately?

Anyone wonder why the etsy forums is full of dead horses? It's because the shriekers get their way.

BooHooHoo said...

Spare me. There is nothing worse than a big, hairy, macho man with a case of the vapors.