Friday, August 29, 2008

Quotables: Random Absurdity

Look at the shiny new feature

Oh yes I lurve the mandala - much better then anything like categories, an effective search, statistics or anything to help buyers find what they want and sellers to do better.
Oh heck. It's getting really hard to be an etsy cheerleader these days.

Weekend follies
Exhibit number 22,500 in the case for ADMIN to have weekend staffing!
Words to cherish
This is etc - until you've gone too far you haven't gone far enough. Isn't that the motto?
Sample forum topic
Title: HELP

OP: I need advice. I did ________. What do you think?
1st ten responses: You go girl
11th: (politely) I think you were wrong because __________

OP - WHY ARE YOU ATTACKING ME?!!! I just want some support!! You troll!!
I wont buy from you if you don't convo me
I wont buy from you if you use packing peanuts
I wont buy from you if you send me a sample
I wont buy from you if you don't send a sample
I wont buy from you if you use recycled packaging
I wont buy from you if you don't use recycled packaging
I wont buy from you if you have a typo
I wont buy from you if you if you're not a Christian
I wont buy from you if you don't ship same day
I wont buy from you if you use palm oil/coconut oil/whatever oil

Over the past 1 year, 3 months, I've learned to give a good eye roll at these types of threads. I do what I believe is best for my "one person show" shop.

If you were quoted, congratulations and thanks! You can find your
celebratory "I've been Quoted" (and other EB avatars) by clicking here.


The Dangerous Mezzo said...

These are truly random, but quite entertaining :)

The Funny One said...

Talk about shiny new features.

What about all the shiny new BUGS that don't seem to be getting any attention or any response from the site's fulltime employees these days?

Not at home? Working on a goodbye party hangover? Off for the weekend? Back in time to catch those weekend rollercoaster threads? You know, the ones that are locked at about 5 PM after running 89 pages?

You mean, weekends are OFF days for small businesses that sell 24/7 online?

Even eBay has a 24/7 staff. Guess that leads to success.

Grace said...

OMG, those IWBF posts make me crazy. I'm so stubborn,it just makes me really want to NOT do those things, just because.

People like that make me want to start smoking again, and let a couple dozen stray cats into my studio!

catlitter said...

ROFL Yeah, I love the weekend clusterfucks on the forums. Why do you think so many get started on those two days anyway? Because everyone knows that there's no babysitters there.

I am a cupcake eater hear me roar!!! muwhahahaha

Eh. I think I need a better hobby.

chortles said...

Hey! That's me!! I've been quoted on etsyb&^*! Where's my freakin' cupcake??