Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quotables: A Few Random Funnies

All your questions answered (great thread!)

Q: How long should I wait for my purchase to arrive before contacting Etsy?
A: A month or two. You have to understand, some sellers actually sell 2 or 3 items a week. This shit takes time to put into a recycled cereal box and padded with old dirty newspaper. What's the big rush?

If I did something like that, I'd probably screw up and give myself negative feedback.

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Grace said...

Regarding buying from yourself, I actually blogged about this a while back. There is ONE good reason to do this. If you have lots of the same items to list all at once, then you can create a listing template from your "sold" item. This means that every time you need a listing template you have to "buy" one from Etsy, in terms of listing and FV fees. Do NOT leave feedback for yourself! That's just dumb, and totally not the point. The point is to make the listing process easier because we don't have any farkin' templates!

Just to be fair, I need to mention that admin admits to reading my blog, and they have told me that it's not OK to make your own template this way, even if you are paying all of the appropriate fees.

I still think it sucks.

Kinder-an-den-Kontrollen said...

Q: Can I use a sock-puppet to be a troll?

A: Only if you're an Admin posting on EB.

Grace said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add, when I was emailing with admin, I asked:

1. WHEN are we getting listing templates?
2. If I continue to create templates this way, will you close both of my shops?
3. Why are you wasting time reading my blog?
4. Why aren't you going after mass produced items instead of harassing honest artists?

The silence was quite deafening, but not at all unexpected.

just bitchy said...

There are some real psychos working for etsy. The fact that they harass honest people and let the resellers run free is beyond comprehension.

The fact that they read seller blogs and use sock puppets to post on seller blogs is obscene.

Clearly it's Junior High all over again.

The thing that really sticks in my craw is that they get paid for this behavior.

I can only hope for a major house cleaning to get rid of the mentally ill employees.

Kinder-an-den-Kontrollen said...

Re: grace's comment -

Brilliant! A way to make templates! I never cease to be amazed at how smart and innovative Etsy sellers are. Too bad we have to use our time and intellect in attempting to work around this lame system, instead of actually selling.

I'll worry about admin when/if they contact me about a flag. Not before.

Peldyn said...

Brilliant Grace! I will use that trick with my sold listings from now on!

Grace said...

Follow up convo from Etsy:

"We're working on it, but we can't tell you when you'll have templates".

Anyone surprised?

baublebauble said...

this is just too funny. i cleared out my store a while back while i was moving and may just never go back to etsy b/c their priorities have always been all wrong. the customer service/billing post was perfect. lots of shiny things & cupcakes and no real substance.