Sunday, August 3, 2008

Paying Debts Shouldn't Be So Hard

Surprise, surprise - a glitch

If you go to pay your Etsy bill and get a decline notice, check with your credit card/bank before attempting to pay again! Several users have reported double payments to Etsy because the decline notice Etsy gave them in billpay WAS NOT ACCURATE. The payments went through.

I personally agree with Ozarknana:

HHHMMMM, think I'll wait to pay mine until this bug gets worked they
jump on this one if they want to get paid this month!

Anyone remember the double billing fiasco when billpay was finally reinstated last year? And the lack of an autobilling feature that people thought was being used, but their bills weren't being paid so they had hundreds they owed Etsy when the new late system came into effect in January?

Yeah...good times.

Since there are no late fees and they don't prevent listing unless you're 2 months late, there's no penalty for waiting until the bug is fixed. Don't chance paying Etsy too much, it's your time wasted to call the credit card company and get your money back. Also, who knows if Etsy will register the payment even if they have the money. And we all know what it's like to deal with their 'customer service' reps.

Etsy seller: "I paid my bill, here's the confirmation number my CC company gave me."
Support: "What about shiny things?"
ES: "No, I said I paid my bill already. But the page says I didn't."
Support: "Oh, well that's because the card was declined."
ES: "But my CC company says they paid you."
Support: "They're lying."
ES: "What?"
Support: "Your bill is late."
Support: "Yes it is. Did you try clearing your cache before calling your bank?"
ES: "WTF?!"
Support: "Don't get snippy with me. Here, have a cupcake"
ES: "I don't want a fucking cupcake. I don't want fucking shiny things. I want the system to register the money I gave you."
Support: "Your bill is late. mmm cupcakes nomnomnom"


The Funny One said...

Ya know, after all these years, I figured out one way to stick it to Etsy and I don't pay my bill until the very last second ----- like the pain of mailing that yearly tax payment to the Feds.

I think, if Etsy can screw me from here to next Sunday and find another 200 ways to do it again next month, they can spend someone else's money for the first 15 days.

Not much, but it floats my paper airplane..............

buggy said...

Yeah, I don't pay until the due date either, but I do that with all bills except credit card ones. Why let etsy earn interest on my money for those 15 days when I could? (Sure, it's hardly any interest, but it's the principle of the thing...)

pony-lo said...

So, it is our problem that their billing system is faulty.


This really takes the cupcake.

i am starting to suspect that their company motto is 'let them eat cake'

and we do, by god, we do..

SewCrazyDogLady said...

hrrrm. is that why I got a bill for the 20 cents they owe me? (I got a bill for a -0.20)


impetuous said...

Every time they add a feature we lose functionality somewhere else! It's pathetic.

AdiosAmanuensis!!!!!! said...

You've got to be kidding me? And these are the same people who want to institute an in house payment system for orders??????

yeah you right said...

this(card says it was declined and then you do it again and it goes through event hough there is plenty of money in the account and no problem on the banks end) has happened to me so many times

it isnt funny- its every freakin month.
however the one time i was double billed it was promptly refunded by etsy.

how can they not get these basics to be functioning properly. meanwhile, cupcake programing version 3 will be launched soon and another 20 or so employees will be hired.but still all the other vital issues will remain...

also may i suggest the soon-to-be-had folders for favorites be labeled as follows:

items i will copy now
items i will copy later
items i may buy if i ever sell anything
items that should be flagged
items that are copied from me
items that make you go wahhhhh!

Kinder-an-den-Kontrollen said...

If the bug was that Etsy's records showed the bills as paid when they hadn't received the money, you can bet it would have been fixed instantly.

I never pay before the 15th. Why respond to them faster than they respond to us?

eclipse said...

Yep I got this bug too. I emailed billing support before I saw all the forum threads from other people it happened to. I was reluctant to post about a false decline in the forums because sometimes when people do that, Revolving Dork replies in public "NO your card was really declined, you deadbeat". So in general I avoid discussing billing bugs in the forums because Etsy takes it as an open invitation to slander and humiliate you.

But when I saw this had affected a whole bunch of people I figured, well they can't slander all of us, right? There's safety in numbers?

Anyway I got a reply from billing this morning which said the first payment "timed out" and that's why I got the false decline message. Hmmm my bank says otherwise. The billing guy Jim did not seem to be aware that this happened to a lot of people, not just me. He didn't say "we are working on this bug" or anything like that.

Personally my bill this month was pocket change so a double charge isn't going to affect me, but for big sellers that use debit cards, please check your statement because you could be overdrawn and fubar'ed.

zander said...

holy crap!

they're at it again. it's certainly not our fault it must be yours! i am waiting to the 15 of every month, screw it. i've been paying, like a good girl on the last day of the month every time. maybe i'll wait two...

pony-lo said...

yeah you right said:

items i will copy now
items i will copy later
items i may buy if i ever sell anything
items that should be flagged
items that are copied from me
items that make you go wahhhhh!


the folder containing works copied from me would be bulging at the seams;)
And the whaaa folder....Bang!

impetuous said...

I wait until the face frowns. I like to see Etsy get pissed.

Kinder-an-den-Kontrollen said...

12 hours after the first post in the Bugs thread, this appears:

GreenMamba says:
Just an FYI:

I popped into jared's 'Treasury, Chat, VL' thread and asked him to pass along the word about the billing glitch.

Here is his response:

"Greenmamba, I'm familiar with those issues and know that they're definitely being worked on. I'll be sure to reiterate their importance.

Posted at 4:59 pm, August 3 2008 EST"


WTF?? In 12 hours they can't pop in and acknowledge the issue and instruct the 200,000 sellers who are making a living here on how to proceed??

godot said...

New management at etsy. Anybody seeing any changes?

It's all snafu as normal.

Ladies Auxilliary said...

Oh YEAAAAAAAAH the billing fiasco of 2007 when Etsy blamed ME because my bank account got all fuckered up. Man, those were the good days! The best part was when both Etsy AND my bank told me I would have to pay the overdraft fees myself...finally got THAT little issue sorted out, but it wasn't pretty.

That was the beginning of the end of my love affair with the Big E.

Oh I'd love to reignite that flame of love...still patiently waiting...

NoFaithInEtsy said...

This kind of crap is exactly why the first day they implement and in house payment system will be the day I quit buying there.
It is also one of the reasons I will not sell there.

impetuous said...

An in house payment system? They have bigger problems. I can only hope that is one product that comes after a LOT of people and process.

Alyssa said...

i defended them during the double billing fiasco. what the fuck was i thinking?

Julie said...

People are also receiving email reminders for their already paid June bills. No word from admin on this bug yet.

Eveline said...

I think I will wait a bit before I pay my bill....

Jenny said...

Wow. I just giggled. You gals are the best.

eclipse said...

Well they posted an update saying this bug is all fixed now.
Funny I still haven't gotten a reply from billing yet tho! I bet they took my double-charge and spent it on a cupcake.
(or maybe a cookie, I don't think it's enough for a NYC cupcake)

The Righteous One said...

eclipse, a useful reply from etsy? Let's start bets on when that will happen!

I'm kidding, of course.

None of us will live long enough to pay the winner lol :p

eclipse said...

Ok I just got the email announcement, (the mass email, not an individual reply to me).
It says the refunds should be within the next few days, but may take up to 5 business days to appear on your credit card statement. They are not just refunding the duplicate payments, they are refunding all payments made during that 8 hour time window on Sunday morning. So if you paid then, even if you only paid once without hitting the bug, you'll get a refund and you'll need to pay your bill again after you are sure the refunds have been made.

This info isn't in the Storque article or the forum post of Stella's, but I have paraphrased the email instead of quoting it directly because you know how weird they are about posting emails!

The Disgruntled One said...

That's un-fucking-believable, eclipse.

I defended them during the double billing snafu, too, alyssa. I was such a happy little cheerleader back then!

stace said...

so, does this mean it's safe to pay now? i'm confused...

Ladies Auxilliary said...

Oh little crack happy cheerleaders really cheesed me off during that ol' billing fiasco :) I'm far from an irresponsible person and had just had Etsy tell me it was all my fault...then the cheer squad came in a backed them really, truly sucked.

Glad you've seen the light, and really...we have so many new things to complain about that have created so much more unity than Etsy could ever hope to incubate all on it's own :)

"i'm confused..." stace, you've managed to describe the entire Etsy-seller experience in two little words!

palleikodesigns said...

OMG! That was fucking hilarious!

The Righteous One said...

Some people did not receive the announcement/email about it being resolved...hmmm

sb9640 said...

oh dan, I thought I was special and that's why I could keep on listing, hahhahahahahahahahaha...

*slaps knee* I LURV IT!