Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No new listings - a heads up

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that Etsy appears to be having issues with search and categories...well more than usual anyway. Admin HeyMichelle actually did post about several bugs reports they are responding to. How long they've been going on and how long it will take to fix is a whole other question. Though they think they have an idea.

The clock's ticking, Etsy. We've got our eyes on you!

In the meantime, it's a craps game as to whether you should list new items, renew, relist, or edit. With some disappearing or coming up as empty and unclickable, my suggestion is to not do anything on Etsy at the moment.

I'm taking bets on how long before it's fixed. Since this is their bread n' butter I'd say they're pulling the night shift - they'll clear their cache, reboot their servers, and jiggle the wires on the wrong wall before saying it's fixed and telling us in the morning that we were just seeing things. 'Nope, the listings are fine, those grey empty boxes are supposed to be there. Now RENEW!!!'


wristeroni said...

Oh Dear . . . did Bre short circuit the servers by trying to attach flashing LED mosaics of Rokali to them again????

impetuous said...

I just don't get it. I JUST DON"T GET IT.

What site, with 200,000 people making a living on it, could possibly afford errors like this?

PLEASE. I am dying to know!

sick of this bs said...

*has mental image of some Aqua Teen Hunger Force flashing things at a certain address on Gold St*

And the people wanting their 20 centses back are wasting their keystrokes *sigh*

foxaz said...

reboot, reboot, reboot!
I had some things to list, but not gonna do it. One less latte for Etsy.

MOJ said...

Maybe this is the end of Etsy. The last few death rattles and it's gone. Monday rolls around and it's poof! no more bye bye. Your fees are vanished and good luck getting a cent back.

incognito said...

Something seemed off today- now I know what it was.
Actually I took the time to work on other projects- can't afford to have all my cupcakes in one basket.

Eveline said...

HeyMichelle says:
Hi there guys!

This issue was fixed at 10pm Eastern, as Rob White posted on page 6, and everything should be back to normal by now. If anyone notices any other weirdness, please let us know by starting a separate thread. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you to everyone who helped by reporting this to us so we could get it fixed!

The Funny One said...

That confirms that Etsy is only jumping on the forums when they have their muting gloves on, because they sure haven't been watching the Bugs section for quite a while. No response until 4 PM after that many posts? Hmmm, what are they doing? Out of the office on job interviews?

Ends up with what do you put up WITHOUT on Etsy? booooohooooo are they ignoring us again? And is that why so many posts in Ideas say please, please, please, I'm begging you, please, pay attention, please, is anyone there?

Etsy completely shuts sellers out but join in a weekend rollercoaster thread and they are on your ass like white on rice.

mememe said...

Why were people thanking them in that thread?
People, this means they're not doing their jobs right, and are costing you money and time. Don't thank them.
Just change the tagline, already. Etsy-for resellers and masochistic artisans.

idyll hands said...

I can only chuckle and carry on. I'm not sure why people thank people for fixing mistakes.

That would be like me breaking a price vase at my grannys house, and after piecing it back together, getting a thank you.

Ah well. I'll still wait a day to list. As long as it works tomorrow, I'll carry on.

Exciting News said...

RD and Haim are leaving Etsy!!! (It's in the Storque.) I haven't been this excited since my wedding night.

The Righteous One said...

Fixed at 10pm EST you say...I highly doubt it as I posted this at 10:30pm EST and I confirmed the problems were still there at that time.

I know you were simply giving us a headsup eveline, my retort is aimed at the you-know-who's at you-know-where.

forum rubbernecker said...

The search system is horrible anyways. I am sure my customers are mostly finding me through google. But I don't know that because we don't have stats! Grrr....

ebbandflo said...

was this something to do with a going away gift from two former etsy workers? maybe ther's a suicide worm in their programming ......

must go get more coffee

it's about time said...

2 words to RevolvingDork:

Good. Riddance.

just bitchy said...

I suspected long ago that they had programmed themselves into a corner.

With the addition of the new yahoo guy I also suspected he was going to have to do some major cleaning up at least, if not a full rework, to get any new functionality at all.

The fact that there are none of the standard ecommerce tools on etsy after all these years speaks to the basic disfunction. Programming that can't be scaled needs to be re-programmed.

I think this is a very good thing. The rending of clothes, "I'm askeered" comments and the maudlin and romantic "sadness" surrounding the leaving of Revolving Dipshit and Haim being expressed on one thread in particular is embarassing.

I'm quite certain Rob, RD and Haim have been rewarded handsomely with golden parachutes that we couldn't even comprehend.

Etsy needs to change or die.

That's life. Get used to it.

There's no crying in ecommerce and romantic notions just hold back progress.

patti haskins said...

doesn't the new guy in charge of IT start Sept 1? RD and Haim leaving end of this month. coincidence? leaving or fired?

godot said...

Do you think RD or Haim could work for the new guy? I bet Maria didn't think so either.

Let's just see who is next.

PS Bill Gates doesn't have a job right now. Maybe he could share some of his VISTA brilliance.

Can you say, 50 cents a listing?

The Funny One said...

Well, it's NOT fixed, and it's been over 24 hours.

And now that Etsy is finally cleaning house, they can use that as another excuse to ignore sellers and ignore pleas for help in Bugs.

Oh, hark, what is that sarcastic announcent? A new full-time paid employee to bang up more sellers with punishments? There are torture methods Etsy hasn't applied yet? Paid full time to go after resellers, my ass.

Could you see Craig Newmark telling CL they have to hire 350 people worldwide to flag violations on CL? How does that go down with the new Etsy owners - you pay people full time to swat flies? Oh, and you pay the rest to write the dorkiest articles every printed. By the gazillions.

The Cranky One said...

No coincidence. I think they were fired too. And I think the only reason they were given as much as they were is that they live in Brooklyn and probably don't have cars and need time to get their toys out of the office.

lone haranger said...

You guys think its gonna get better with Rob, Chris and Haim out the door?

You think Maria can get anything implemented before Christmas?

Heather said...

I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I was trying to see if the renewing was working and headed over to the jewelry/earrings category page to scroll through to see if I could find mine...and it is SLOW.

I mean, so slow that I seriously balanced my checkbook while waiting for a page to load. So slow that I ended up with the same earrings on three different pages because new earrings were being posted and the earrings I was looking at were being pushed back. If I were a buyer there's no way I would have dealt with that.

I went to bugs and other people mentioned it too.

I'm not sure if this is related to the no new listings, or if the category pages are always like this (I never search that way) or what. But WOW that sucks.

Grace said...

Why do people even bother posting in Bugs? We should be directly convoing the people in the Tech department, with CCs to Support and Maria.

Then MAYBE someone will pay attention.


*not holding my breath*

sigh said...

I hope the system is so Dorqued up that they have to delete some shit to fix other shit.

bye rainbow thing
bye geolocater
bye time machine
bye colors thing
bye gift guides
bye Dorque.

frellmyfantastic said...

Yeah... I was getting NO views whatsoever on my items for SO long... I tried switching catagories to no avail.

Glad to know my stuff doesn't suck.

Thanks etsy.