Thursday, August 14, 2008

EB Comments of the Week, August 12th Part 2

...and yes I know it's not the 12th. Personal life can play hell on one's online intentions.

Smarty Pants said...

I've emptied my shop until/if Etsy gets it act together. I can't risk $$ at this point in my life on something with such a ridiculous rate of failure. It's just another website, really. Millions are created every day.

Julie said...
I am speechless that after that long thread, with people talking about their personal experience with the pain of losing loved ones to murder (and I didn't post, but I could have talked about that as well) that the *only* reaction was "Well, they have to write a lot, so some of it isn't that good." (And yeah - maybe cutting down on the sheer quantity of articles might be a good idea if that is the case.)

embellisher said...
That's when I knew that the investors want some interest on their 27M and won't care how they get it:

no stats (cause then everyone would be like, oh what, to hell with showcases and renewing, bump that!)

letting everybody and their mother with employees in. Yeah, having a fashion designer with employees on etsyfinds, like now one was going to notice.

Just come the hell out and say a spade is a spade and lose the effing tagline already.

Charlotte Marie said...
Disgusted but not suprised by this latest move by Etsy to silence critics.

And as much as I've enjoyed the witty writing and investigations, where has all the bitching got us? Etsy is still an imcompetent site and getting worse everyday. The new CEO changed nothing. Storque articles regularly offend and disgust members and potential customers. What is there to hope for anymore? Really, it's time to beat them at their own game.

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Julie said...

Wow! I've been quoted!

(And of course, we've yet to see any reasonable response from etsy on an article that obviously offended many people.)

The Funny One said...

There won't be a response because Admins are too busy ferreting out 90% of the sellers they don't like to do everything they can for the other 10% the do like.

It's no surprise that sellers are a dime a dozen (based on how they are treated), so if Etsy offends sellers, customers, buyers, and anyone else, they really don't feel any consequences.

All the press about Etsy pushes the same myths that you can set up a store (so easy 'cause it's free), relist with abandon (until the bill comes due and still no sales), buy 20 showcase spots (and get no sales), and quit your day job all in a matter of a few weeks.

And if you have any questions, you can post it on their board and wait to get an answer. From another seller.

Don't look for an email address for their customer service department; there isn't one.

Which is another reason they can treat sellers like a dime a dozen. Poof you're a seller, poof you're gone and they haven't even noticed!