Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quotables: Locked so fast it'll make your head spin

MaryMary responds in a flash!

...the point my post is to express how annoyed I am at constantly having to apologize for Etsy...sorry you lost the contents of your cart when you went back, sorry you didn’t realize prices are in USD, if you squint and take a closer look you can see a tiny USD sign on each listing, sorry Etsy doesn’t make that clearer for international buyers, sorry that you found the check-out process difficult to follow, sorry you thought you’d paid but you didn’t, etc.

Oh and both situations have been solved so I don’t need solutions, I just wanted to say that I don’t think either incident should have happened in the first place, and I shouldn’t have to go into damage control and endless explanations and apologies every time I sell something.

I’m sick of apologizing for Etsy, I don’t want any fancy tools, all I want is for my customers to be able to find me, add my items to their cart, not be surprised that my prices are in USD, check-out, and pay, surely that’s not too much to ask for.

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thestinkyone said...

Non-paying buyers are escalating at an alarming rate, at least for me. I've had 3, count them, 3 of them out of my last 4 sales. And the funny thing is, I don't believe they are buyer's remorse because they left me notes in the buyer comment box.

Trying to contact them has been an exercise in futility, I'm guessing my emails are going straight to the spam box because I know anyone who sends me an email that I haven't approved previously goes there. Every single one of my transaction payments go in there so I know it happens. This last one I tried to contact had an automatic response that I had to give information on who I am and why I'm emailing and I have yet to find out if they've accepted my email or not, much less the paypal invoice I sent.

I believe a large, large percentage of non payers would actually pay if the checkout system were more user friendly and items were not removed from the shop until they are paid for.

I'm sick and tired of apologizing for Etsy and their slipshod methods. I'm sick and tired of doing their work for them and I'm damned sick and tired of their fucking attitude toward sellers.

forum rubbernecker said...

I rarely purchase on Etsy because I HATE the checkout system. In several places there are multiple buttons for "Pay Now" and a few other things. Do I dare say Ebay is better? Yet another reminder why I need to get my already paid for domain up and running.

godot said...

Hey there Mary Mary,
since you are always reminding us not to discuss specific incidents, why don't you tell sarawearsskirts to stop calling out on the Storque. It only adds to her incompetent demeanor. She sounds like she's in junior high.

As for the checkout, just one in a long line why people click away from etsy.

The Disgruntled One said...

marymary has become a robot. There is no humanity left.

These people make me sick.

Smarty Pants said...

I've emptied my shop until/if Etsy gets it act together. I can't risk $$ at this point in my life on something with such a ridiculous rate of failure. It's just another website, really. Millions are created every day.
Atleast we now know when it is a good time to post on the forums to get fast service from Marymary. Unless they've hired a team of forum lurkers to report any infidelity. Wouldn't that be a hoot.

Angela said...

Hoorah for the poster of this thread! I think she expresses what so many of us feel! I only wish Etsy remedied the concerns of its customers as quickly as they lock a thread!