Friday, August 8, 2008

For Shame: Updated

Storque article

CCCOE Team Thread

To buy raffle tickets (Drawing is tomorrow Aug 9th)

Matt posted the following in the comments section for the Dorque article (yes I know it's called Storque - but Dorque just feels so much more accurate).

In recognition of a worthy cause, Etsy today donated $250 directly to the New Directions charity ( The SoCal Bench Project Etsy Team is holding an event this weekend to support veterans through this organization.

Etsy previously announced that the SoCal Bench Project Etsy team would receive a $200 grant to help offset the printing costs associated with this event. The Grant was not ultimately funded because deadlines were missed. We apologize for the poor timing of these announcements.

Etsy Grants is a new program designed to help Etsy Teams hold events and promote their shops and Etsy. It’s important that Etsy diligently adhere to the rules and deadlines associated with the Grants Program so that we can be responsible stewards of our funds and so that we can offer monies in a timely way.

We understand that our communication around this specific Grant could have been better. And, while we remain committed to enforcing the rules and deadlines associated with the Grants Program, we don’t want the New Directions charity to miss out on this opportunity to positively interact with Etsy sellers and Etsy.

To avoid this type of confusion in the future, Team Grant winners will now be announced after the Grant funds have been submitted to the Team.

Thank you.
Word is donations and raffle tickets are flying in after the news of this debauchle broke, and many of the 'Bitches' have made personal donations as have many of our readers as well other Etsy folk to the point they are "overwhelmed" by the response and processing. That is fantastic!

Being that EB Never misses a chance to make Etsy look as bad as they truly are we've also donated (as a group) the amount of $50.00 to the team itself to try to help cover the intital costs they originally applied for. Use it in good health folks - from us to you.


interloper said...

this is just short of "bah hom bug"

The Funny One said...

Ok, Etsy, if you expect your deadlines and rules to be followed when applying for team grants, then Etsy can follow the rules for removing all resellers and stores selling mass produced items from the site.

Like you say, rules are rules!

theoriginalwtf said...

what a fat lot of bullshit. etsy gets more and more ridiculous each day. it's getting to the point where I'm almost too embarrassed to giggle with my friends about the latest etsy fuck-up. now that the fuck-ups are so frequent and so egregious, it's not even funny any more. it's just sad.

palleikodesigns said...

Thanks again everyone. Here is what was posted in response to all the incredibly supportive comments on the Storque thread. Yes it was rather PC but we are ready to move forward and try to move beyond any grudges we are holding. Etsy was really inappropriate in saying their reason why the grant was withdrawn (in their view) publically. While we disagree with them, they are entitled to hold their opinions as are we.

"Thank you for all the support we have received with regards to this issue.

There were obviously miscommunications from BOTH sides of this issue; human or technical is irrelevant at this point, and there is no one specific party to blame.

We are very pleased to see Etsy Inc. donating $250 to New Directions Inc. which is a fantastic non-profit organization that allows our homeless veterans to get a new chance at life.

It is our hope that more specific guidelines/deadlines are addressed so that what happened here doesn't happen again. These new deadlines should reflect various time zones around the world so that all teams have the opportunity to participate in the new grant program Etsy is working hard to establish.

Thank you again for all your support."

bastet2329 said...

the *real* reason the grant was yanked was because someone in etsy land over spent on cupcake making supplies. But since they did it in a different time zone than the grant winners, they totally got cupcaked out (major sugar coma) and kinda forgot to tell anyone.

the $250 donation band-aid does not fix the problem. Etsy did not handle this matter privately or professionally and they are trying to blind everyone by a flash of bills so in the end they can play the "but we donated" card.

shameful. tacky. tasteless.

good luck to the group tomorrow!

FormFire Glassworks said...

Thanks EB!!!! This is the COMMUNITY we were hoping for from Etsy - it's still here, just isn't at the top. We've had so many wonderful comments in or CCCoE thread from people outside the group, and so much support. Thanks to EB for getting behind us on this!

Robyn said...

Thank you to EB, for offering money to the organizers! It's clear that Etsy gave the money to the charity so they didn't look as bad without admitting they were wrong to begin with. They're punishing the team for not being psychic enough to guess what the vague deadline meant.

When you make a mistake in business, you're supposed to suck it up--not your customers. Business 101.

used to be an etsyaddict said...

That was a TOTAL CALL OUT by etsy - how much more blatantly unprofessional can you possibly get?? I was overwhelmed by disbelief when I read the Dorque article that announced the specific reason that the So-Cal Bench Project Team would not be getting the grant.

Where's marymary with her, "Discussing a specific member, shop or item (either by name or with identifiable hints) in a negative way is not allowed. This is referred to as "calling out."

or stellaloella who says, "If you see something you do not believe to be within our rules, please flag it for review...We will review the item privately.

I guess it was OK by etsy's standards to call out since it was a team, not an individual or a shop. Whatever respect I had remaining has just disappeared down the gigantic toilet bowl that etsy has become.

impetuous said...

It should be noted that Etsy Teams were not created out of the goodness of Etsy's heart in the first place. It was a marketing strategy from the start. It's just one of the ways that Rokali and co. take advantage of wide eyed, enthusiastic, DIY's.

I am curious why Matt thinks the solution is to only announce grants after payouts? Is that really what went wrong here? Would this situation be fine if the team had simply had the money taken away privately? It would have been a more respectable way to go about it, but is that the only problem here? If all you are worried about is Etsy then the answer is yes.

Etsy is spelling things out right in front of us. Etsy cares about Etsy. All of this community bullshit goes only as far as it benefits them. I think Etsy Teams should think long and hard about how much time and energy they put into what they do, then take a good look at Etsy's cut. Think about how much Etsy would have to spend if they used traditional advertising methods instead of sending sellers to market like prostitutes.

I would be pissed if my Jon sent me out to give a blow job and when I came to him to get paid, he refused, because I didn't swallow.

Where's the love Etsy?

MajorFuckingEtsyBurnout said...

Wow. So I took a lil summer break and come back and seriously my jaw hit the ground. I mean, you can't MAKE THIS SHIT UP! Absolutely shameful, disgusting, beyond unprofessional.

$200 stinking, measly, tax-deductible dollars from a multi-million dollar corp. yanked from a team that was working on an event for veterans??? REALLY? REALLY ETSY???

And then to claim that "Etsy must diligently adhere to the rules and deadlines" (um, which the team DID by the way) so this tee-tiny grant was pulled??? This is the most laughable line I have EVER heard. Etsy has NEVER in the HISTORY OF ETSY met one of their deadlines, whether it's a fix to the site, or even opening a showcase (bust ad anyone? DId the sellers demand that their $90.00 be refunded b/c Etsy did not start the sale of the showcase on time??)

Then to PUBLICLY CALL OUT all over Etsy the reason for pulling the grant????

THEN try to cover their asses by making a tee-tiny donation of $250.00 direct to the cause (and just sayin', but, someone should try to find some PROOF of that if they can), while the hard work, and promotion, and money spent by the team is not only lost, but, not RECOGNIZED at all. If they wanted to "do the right thing" they would have given the donation to the charity AND re-instated the grant.

And while it's nice for Etsy to continually throw around the "C" word like a fucking hackeysack, it's time for them to actually put it to USE and COMMUNICATE in a professional and competent and diligent manner.

And while team members are mature enough and professional enough to let it go and move on with their event, I hope the team cuts it's ties in terms of promoting Etsy and promotes themselves as artists and crafters first and foremost.

And good for EB and everyone else who stepped up to the plate to do the RIGHT thing in donating to a worthy, WELL ORGANIZED cause as Etsy should have done from start to finish.

This is the absolute nail in the coffin for me. I am seriously working on taking my hundreds of dollars of "top seller" fees elsewhere fuckers.

etsy needs a new marketing department said...

With Anda and Daniellexo making the decisions and writing the article, what else could we have expected? I'll bet they started this whole fiasco because the people on the street team aren't their friends.

And we all know that neither Anda nor Daniellexo has a professional bone in their bodies. They make up the rules to suit themselves and change the rules to keep themselves in a good light.

Matt's a good guy, but I don't know why he hasn't fired the dimbulbs he works with in favour of people who actually know what they're doing and can do it in a professional yet quirky way.

cassanovatia said... reading this? I hope you are...

Shame on you.
You bunch of half assed, unprofessional creeps.

I hope you can all afford evil eye bedding because as of right now, I'm calling up the Karmic Forces Of Real Time Karma and asking them to rob you of your livelyhood, your self esteem, your sleep and your paychecks.

It's Psychic Payback time.

dontremember said...


(Asshats, Just Asshats)

impetuous said...

"I hope you can all afford evil eye bedding because as of right now, I'm calling up the Karmic Forces Of Real Time Karma and asking them to rob you of your livelyhood, your self esteem, your sleep and your paychecks."

What a beautiful incantation.

etsy-admins-love-that-gekko said...

After reading thru the list of teams that did receive grants, none of these other teams were doing anything with the $$$ to help others. As far as I could tell, it looked like grant awards were pretty much cheap advertising for Etsy itself by way of promotional stuff in the booth or published ads. Advertising Etsy to more potential sellers -- to attract more shops and more listing fees. I would echo other posts and say 'shame' but I don't believe such naked greed is capable of feeling shame. After all, the Etsy crew is the right age to be the children of the 'greed is good' 80s yupsters...who were instructed by the pop culture of their youth to 'teach their children well'.

The Disgruntled One said...

They haven't moderated the Dorque comments ... yet.

Any bets on how quickly they will be cleansed once someone shows up for work on Monday afternoon?

The Righteous One said...

hmmm, disgruntled, let's see...

20 minutes to sip the Starbuck's cafe latte with soy milk and cinnamon,
5 minutes to turn on the computer and remember they have work to do, 10 minutes to write 20 Dorque articles,
10 minutes to make others read what they wrote and laugh,
3 hours scouring the forums for people to add to the blacklist,
10 minutes to read EB and realize there's a problem,
2 minutes to make it go away...

So that's a couple hours at least...maybe noonish EDT

The Disgruntled One said...

Yeah, that's about what I thought, too.

Amanda K Lockrow said...

Wow thankyou for all the support the event was fantastic today and we helped out a great cause!

The raffle was a great fundraiser for New Directions. And the vendors were all fabulous. Thank you for all the wonderful support.

Julie said...

Sooo..not to be horribly, horribly cynical or anything, but did anyone else see Matt's "We won't be announcing grants until payouts now" announcement as a "We don't want to have to deal with this sort of mix-up and outrage publicly again, so we are going to wait to announce grants after payouts so we can hide it if we make a mistake?"

I don't like being cynical, but this was the first thought that went through my head when I read that, unfortunately.

I'm glad the event went well, and lots of people stepped up to support this good cause!

just bitchy said...

I have no idea why there is talk of "rules" around a 200-fucking-dollar grant.

Why the fuck would it matter if the email arrived at the end of business or at 11:59 in any fucking time zone? Give me a break!

More fuck ups, more damage control, more admin retaliation. SSDD.

Matt seems to have lost all sense despite his independent donation.

It's time to start firing people, Matt. This is bullshit.

The Funny One said...

Righteous, oh, righteous one!

And add that to the images of Etsy on the weekends I have in my head, since 61 are out the door early on Fridays (that dot com work-week, you know!) and the 2 unlucky ones are mainlined into:

Jumping on a thread and locking it before they take the time to read what it's about...........


..........loading 15 new articles into Dorque without even looking. With pictures!

Eveline said...

Another gigantic cock up by Etsy...
I've been offline for a bit (you know how it is when life gets in the way) and I missed this, the Bonnie & Clyde incident and the muting... And it was only a few days!
It is rather scary how much goes horribly wrong at Etsy.