Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Week in Quotes, July 19th


Asshats are people who try to shut down threads they aren't even involved in. And it's no joke-- all of the other thread types that get used over and over and over, ad naseum, THOSE threads get to go on eternally until someone loses interest. Why shouldn't a genuinely interesting thread that has some kind of viable purpose get to go on as long as we are interested?

I didn't realize the Ideas section of the forums was a competition.

Why was the anti spam thread moved to ideas



You couldn't see the idea? Let me spell it out for you. If you claim to be an anti spam company - dont make up some whacky spam your friends referal program.

Or how about, practice what you preach.

And here is a new idea for you.

Stop trying to hide threads that present feedback that isn't all sunshine and lollipops in ETC.

It is embarassing.

If you were quoted, congratulations and thanks! You can find your
celebratory "I've been Quoted" (and other EB avatars) by clicking here.


Elizabeth said...

Now, now. Don't be a grumpy hater and then expect them to actually listen to what you have to say.


The Disgruntled One said...

Funny how many threads have been moved to Etc. lately, isn't it?

Not funny. What's the word I want?


I think it's a tactic to shut down discussion. It works pretty well, too, except that EB posts links to all those hidden threads.

Tough luck, Etsy.

The Kinky One said...

Closed Threads hasn't posted anything new in a week, I hope they haven't given up the blog. Hunting for drama takes time.

eclipse said...

I think closedthreads said they had some real-life stuff taking their time right now.

furrhacker said...

Very VERY tired of important threads getting moved to Etc. It's like as soon as the heat is turned on in those threads Admin comes out and cracks a whip over our naughty heads saying, "Get down bitch! You're not allowed to question our crafty wonderfulness!"

Well excuse the hell out of me for wanting to know what the hell is going on!

idyll hands said...

Ah - the important threads get moved to the bottom but the person who posted the same thread 5 different times on "accident" (never mind that the title had different words and such in it clearly showing that it was surely not an "accident") gets to keep all 5 threads active in site help with people talking in all 5. Talk about flooding the threads with useless information.