Monday, July 14, 2008

Etsy Forum Drinking Game

As suggested in our comments, we've developed a drinking game. So...

Have a bottle of your favorite spirits on hand as well as a case of beer. Don't forget the shotglass! You'll need it! For sipping you can use beer or spirits, your choice (Though due to the quick inebriation experienced, we recommend the beer).

Now...go to the Etsy forums - no need to log in, you'll be in no shape
to respond soon enough. (xx = double shot)

Take a sip

Do a shot

Chug a beer

Response to OP: Email Etsy


Response: Emailing Etsy won’t work


“Sorry that happened to you”


“Great advice”


The shop with said advice has less than 5 sales


“If you don’t like it leave”


Admin locks down a trainwreck after 10 pages


20 pages


30 pages


A post about the hearts or smilies


Thread about being copied


The copied person makes scrabble pendants


Thread about a reseller that was flagged


The flag was a week ago


A month ago


“Why haven’t I sold anything?”


Above just opened their shop that week


They just opened that day


Blatant self-promotion in the wrong forum


“I just made my first sale…now what?!”

Hell, just chug the damn bottle!


I am SO the boss of you! said...

I'm already getting tipsy just looking at this list. lol

Simone said...

Okay, I wasted just a few minutes doing this - not actually drinking alcohol because I am sensible (or something!), but making note of how much I would have drunk.

The results: one single shot, two doubles and three beers. I think I would have to have added another beer for spotting a loose/lose mix up while I was at it!

And I really didn't look that hard or spend too long playing!

newreader said...

*spends 5 min in Forums*

*is now dead of alcohol poisoning*

Paw & Claw Designs said...


that is now printed out and stick to my wall.

i love a good laugh in the AM, thanks :D

impetuous said...

This game is sure to get you wasted.

bastet2329 said...

oh damn!
i would have to be hospitalized for drinking too much if i played the etsy drinking game.

but if you replace the booze with cupcakes.....

wristeroni said...

Break out the Jim Beam-soaked cupcakes.

ja said...

You need to add Revolving Dork's perennial "clear your cache." I think that the appropriate response is to smash a beer can against your head Belushi-style.

Alorinna said...


Umm... where's my bottle? I shwear I jusht had it here shomewhere.

clarissa said...

What happened to my views?

jodie nicholson said...

I played and now I'm hammered.
I'm not as think as you drunk I am.
*snogs stranger.....vomits*

forum rubbernecker said...

Brilliant! Maybe someone ought make (handmake!) that into a board game and sell it on Etsy. Or make it into a print. You forgot to add "OMG" to the "I'm sorry that happened to you".
You also forgot to add that one should ONLY play this for 5 minutes, otherwise there will be a hug influx of artsy patients going into hospitals with alcohol related poisoning!

newreader said...

Looking again for another laugh.

Shouldn't "I just had my first sale, now what" be rendered as "I just had my first sell"?

Calling a sale a "sell" is one of the things that makes me WANT a shot of Jack Daniels.


Oh yes, please DO add in the

RD says to clear your cache
*smash beer can against forehead*


wristeroni said...

Good . . . I'm not the only one who wants to claw my eyes out when I see "SELL" used that way.


The Kinky One said...

Why, WHY do they say "I had my first sell??????

Is it some sort of regional thing, or just flat out illiteracy?

crabby said...

Yes, please add "I made a sell" to the list! Horrific.

Another thing I've noticed recently are the comments "I don't know" or "I've never heard of it" when someone asks a question in the Business forum. Why bother posting that? Who cares??? I know it is just a desperate plea for attention because I see the same few people doing it over and over. Ugh.

eclipse said...

when someone says "I need a SELL", you take a shot.

of cyanide!

newreader said...

Kinky One, my vote goes to pure illiteracy.

Man, I thought I was the only one who needs a drink/wants brain bleach when I see that.

WyomingK said...

I've come to the conclusions that "sell" used as a noun MUST be a regional US thing, although I've never heard it anywhere but Etsy. I click on people's locations to figure out where it's said, but haven't been able to pin-point it - maybe Texas? I live in Appalachia (really...) and it's not a usage here.

"Loose" instead of "lose" is not regional - it's all over the internet.

sound&fury said...

haha, when I was new to Etsy I thought that the misuse of 'sell' for 'sale' was an Etsy meme.

Paula B said...

Many people in my company use "sell", it drives me nuts!

All of the people at work who do use it are transplants from Oklahoma and northern Texas, who moved up here when the company bought out theirs. So I vote with "regional, but annoying as hell."

dd said...

Thank you! I needed an out loud laugh, and I found it. It's almost as good as the "invite" link that just showed up on Etsy. Now can you promise me "Goods and Prizes" too? jk.

Awesome. I think I'm drunk now!

newreader said...


Somehow we all missed three great big things that certainly drive me to drink on the Forums.

Here ya go.

*ducks rotten tomatoes thrown after y'all read this*


"My buyer didn't pay! What Do I Do? How do I cancel a sell?"

"Have you sent them a convo?"

"OMG Sorry that happened to you"

"Send a PayPal invoice"

"*point out the Site Help link and the Cancel A Sale link*"
(send that wo/man a drink)

"You have to be patient. People don't understand how to pay. I had someone pay after a month."
(chug the whole damn bottle)

"Don't leave them a negative feedback, it's bad karma"
(smash beer can against forehead)


"I haven't received my order and my seller won't answer convos! It's been TWO WHOLE DAYS since I ordered! Where's my STUFF! What do I do?"

"Have you sent them a convo?"

"OMG sorry that happened to you"

"Does the seller have a vacation message up?"

"Complain to Admin!"

"Did you read the seller's shipping policy or Message to Buyer? Not everyone is on Etsy every single day."
(send that wo/man a drink)


"I got negative feedback! It's not FAIR! [details of transaction] What do I DO?"

"Kiss and Make Up"

"OMG sorry that happened to you"

"Have you sent them a convo?"

"Karma will get them"
(chug the whole damn bottle)

I'm sure there are more common responses to these 3 that I've managed to forget *grin*

There. Now we all will be well on our way to a nice handmade case of cirrhosis of the liver, eh?