Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quotables: ETC

ETC is...

etc is the girls bathroom, and all the guys come in anyway.
Etc is where I come for all my medical advice.
Etc is the bastard stepchild of the Etsy forums.
Etc can be fun but .....
I really don't need to know that your clitoral piercing is oozing puss, or that you only masturbate with one hand. It's really not the vision I want to be reminded of everytime I see your avatar elsewhere on the site in the future
Etc.- your place to indulge alllll your fantasies. And then some.
Etc. is where I learn what is the new black.
Etc. is where the catchphrases are born.
Etc. is where the lulz begin.
Etc. : home of the snark! And the shart!
etc is where I go when I should be actually working....
It's a cross between a locker room and a sewing circle.

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, that is a good thread - RW is going to regret starting it with all the awesome (but truthful) snark in it

qwock said...

what happened to flaggy? did they get scared off?