Saturday, July 26, 2008

Eb Comments of the Week July 25th

interloper said...

etsy is a prime example of "too many chiefs not enough Indians", or a more politically correct version "too many pimps not enough hos"
there are too many ideas, but not enough people to do anything about it, or think them through.
let's be ebay!
no let's be amazon!
ZOMG let's be myspace!
ShrugItOff said...

The time to think up a good burn on the Etsy Bitches.....3 hours

Time to think up a cool anonymous name......... 10 minutes

Time to relish in the cutting bite to your comment.... 20 minutes

Looking like an ass...Priceless
dillon designs said...
Man, there's nothing sadder than a "gotcha!" gone wrong.

If you were quoted, congratulations and thanks! You can find your
celebratory "I've been Quoted" (and other EB avatars) by clicking here.


ShrugItOff said...

Oh, I've been quoted! I feel honored.

Although I'm not brave enough to wear an EB avatar on Etsy I am wearing one on my soul. :D

are-they-serious said...

""too many pimps not enough hos""

OMG, I love it!!

are-they-serious said...

Hmmm, and it's gone today. o_O

eclipse said...

what is gone?

The Kinky One said...


If you're referring to Interloper's quote, it's still there at 7:17 pm on the link (13th one down).

are-they-serious said...

When this quotes of the week/day, were first posted, there were 4.