Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oopsie! Are you missing some emails?

Well you might want to check your Spam folder.

As an Etsy customer discovered yesterday, Esty has changed their mail setup "a little". The net result of this is that various Etsy users are reporting that Etsy Convo notifications are showing up in their bulk mail folders.

Great job Etsy!!!! This is an excellent way for Etsy shops to lose potential business!

In spite of a few logical suggestions posted in the above thread, there are no reports of Etsy Admin bothering to notify their customers of this signifigant change.


Eveline said...

I got this in my mailbox the other day:

"Hello Etsy Finds Readers!

Tomorrow, Etsy Finds will begin arriving from a new email address, We've grown quite large and it's time for a dedicated email address just for Etsy Finds. Please add to your address book and update your filters if necessary. You don't want to miss out on any great Finds, do you?"

So yes, they did tell their users, but slightly late....

The Incredulous One said...

Ahh, yes, they told us about Etsy Finds, but that comes from a different address, and there were others that have apparently changed that they didn't remember to mention to us. I suspect some sellers might consider convo notifications a bit more essential than Anda's shopping tip of the day.

Oh, well, it's just a little change.

FULL inbox said...

What the hell is going on with Etsy? A couple hours ago, I just got emails of convo notifications that were sent yesterday and ended up in my SPAM. Holy crap... glad to have to sort through duplicates now. Way to go Etsy!

The Funny One said...

Here we go, get ready for a rocky ride, sellers! Ooops, Etsy forgot about the sellers again, like, well, so what else is new?

Must be a trend starting! Etsy is going to completely ignore its "promise" to "communicate better" with sellers.

Etsy Finds lost in spam? Good, they were full of the very same products that were being promoted at the same time on 4 other promotional areas of the site, usually in the same week (all week). Relentlessly. B-O-R-I-N-G.

Simone said...

So they told the Etsy Finds subscribers of a minor change and failed to tell everyone else of a more major and potentially business-affecting change?

Glad to see they've got their priorities all worked out there!

Or maybe you had to be opted in to some obscure mailing list that most people know nothing about and don't even know how to find in order to be given this information?

Astonished said...

OH-MY-GAWD. I would never have known about this if I didn't have such a thing for you bitches!
What the hell! This is ridiculous, why aren't more people fUming over this? Do you know how often I check my spam folder? Once in a blue moon at best!!
I'm really disappointed and frankly pissed at the nerve of them. How is this not pertinent information that NEEDS to be disseminated to all etsy users?
How the hell else are we supposed to figure this crap out!!???


I am SO the boss of you! said...

Etsy is like a box of stale chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

bastet2329 said...

ahhh, i get it now.

All of my emails to etsy to report sellers selling mass produced goods must have gone to etsy's spam box.

That's the only logical explaination as to why they never got removed....

yet another reason why i deleted my etsy account.

Really said...

What the Hell?

So THAT's where all the prior warnings before mutings went... mmm hmm.

etsyismyroom101 said...

Haha bastet, that must be what's going on!

Morrigan said...

I get close to a hundred spam mails a day and I'm probably on the lower end compared to others. Now I have to check and make sure a convo didn't get misfiled? Arrrghhhhh!

impetuous said...

You know guys, you really do go to far some times.

Let's review:

No one said anything about helping you keep in touch with your buyers. mkay?

Lucinda aka Cindy said...

I started a post in Business but it is dropping (even while others are posting that sellers *aren't* getting back to them about their convos quickly.

Gah, I WISH Etsy would let the 97% of OTHER sellers who do NOT visit the forums know that they may have emails sitting in their SPAM folders due to a change in the Etsy Notification Of Convos address....

pony-lo said...

my etsy mail is headed straight to spam all of a sudden.
next it'll be my monthly bill, which i wont see immediately, and then i will get a reminder.